GTA Online: Here’s How To Get Nightblade Clothing

How to Get Nightblade Clothing in ‘GTA Online

The Grand Theft Auto saga features a range of interesting extras for avid players, particularly regarding GTA Online. Players often get the chance to obtain some unique or exclusive clothing items in-game, but many fans still wonder how certain players got the Nightblade clothing in GTA Online.

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  • GTA Online players who purchased the Western Nightblade motorbike for $100,000 were given the Nightblade clothing for free prior to October 10th, 2016.
  • However, the Nighblade clothing is actually just a black T-shirt, completed with the Western Motorcycle Company logo, and it can be found by opening the “Tops” tab, navigating to “Special Tops,” selecting “Manufacturer Logos,” and finding the T-shirt listed as “Western Logo Black tee.”

The Western Nightblade Motorbike in GTA Online

GTA Online players were allowed to purchase the Western Nightblade motorbike in-game, initially released as part of the Bikers update. This motorbike is an amazing vehicle for any player who adores two-wheelers alongside their collection of four-wheeled vehicles manufactured by the Liberty Chop Shop (The Lost and Damned) and by Western Motorcycle Company (Grand Theft Auto Online).

western nihgtblade

This civilian motorcycle has a cruiser/ power cruiser body that can carry two persons, including the driver and one passenger. Players can purchase this incredible motorbike for a whopping $100,000 via the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website.

In GTA Online, the Western Nightblade bike received a nearly complete redesign, inspired by the Harley Davidson Night Rod Special, now with a more robust body shape while maintaining its long and sleek frame.

Like other vehicles in GTA Online, whether they be stolen cars or purchased personal vehicles, players have the option to add mods or customize the Western Nightblade as well. Primary colors apply to the main components, and secondary colors apply to the Nightblade’s frames.

Western Nightblade Performance

There are minor differences between how the Western Nightblade performs when comparing The Lost and Damned to the Nightblade featured in GTA Online. However, it performs surprisingly well for its type, flaunting a relatively high top speed and some pretty good acceleration.

Many fans adore how smooth the driving experience is with the Western Nightblade, as it’s powered by a push-rod V-Twin engine and coupled to a 5-speed manual gearbox – evident by the foot-actuated shifter. The Nightblade’s engine produces a distinctively low-revving sound as well, complemented by a loud engine sound, and the feel is slightly smoother compared to many other chopper bikes in GTA Online.

Its handling is also nippy compared to many other vehicles of a similar type in GTA Online. Its heavier weight does not significantly restrict the player’s ability to maneuver around through oncoming traffic – or cop cars. However, the overall structure and frame of the Nightblade do stop the player from being able to perform certain stunts, such as wheelies.

The only major downfall of the Nightblade is that it has relatively low durability. This motorbike is pretty weak against harsh collisions and hard landings after high jumps, and the bike can only take a couple of blows before it begins emitting smoke – after which it will likely catch on fire and explode.

How to Get the Nightblade Clothing in GTA Online

Unlike many of the exclusive clothing items and cosmetics in GTA Online, the Nightblade clothing cannot be purchased independently. Although there have been a couple of reported cases where players received the Nighblade clothing for free from the start, seemingly due to a bug at the time, players would generally have to obtain the clothing as a bonus purchase gift.

exclusive gift western nightblade

Players who purchased the Western Nightblade motorbike were given the “Nightblade clothing” for free as a bonus for buying the Nightblade before October 10th, 2016. While browsing on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website, many GTA Online players were met with a notification that promoted the idea of getting “exclusive clothing” if they purchased the Nightblade within a limited timeframe.

As a result, many fans were eager to find out how to get the Nightblade clothing well after the bike was released, only to be disappointed that it was no longer available. However, the “exclusive Nightblade clothing” is definitely not what many players expected – this clothing item is actually more of a “freebie,” and most fans thought it was quite underwhelming.


Many GTA Online players believed that the Nightblade clothing would comprise an outfit or something unique and stylish that would fit the term “exclusive.” This was especially true considering that it cost $100,000 to purchase the bike, and the term “Nightblade” is generally associated with some incredible cosmetic items in many other gaming titles, such as the case in Skyrim.

However, when it comes to the Nightblade clothing in GTA Online, it’s actually just a free T-shirt. The Western Nightblade T-shirt is black, topped off with the Western Motorcycle Company logo – it’s very similar to the white T-shirt players got for free by simply logging into GTA Online during the same timeframe.

western t shirt

Fans who expected more bang for their buck were frustrated and disappointed, while most fans saw this clothing item as a free gift. Either way, the general consensus was that obtaining the Western Nightblade motorbike was the primary benefit. It would only have been worthwhile if players wanted the vehicle to begin with.

How to Find the Nightblade Clothing in GTA Online

Players who purchased the Nightblade during the designated timeframe and received the Nightblade clothing can find their T-shirt in the wardrobe section. However, quite a few players have struggled to find it, as the clothing item is not listed under any variation of “Nightblade.”

To find the Nightblade T-shirt, players will need to navigate to their unlocked T-shirts. Simply locate the “Tops” tab, navigate to “Special Tops,” select “Manufacturer Logos,” and find the T-shirt listed as “Western Logo Black tee.”

That’s everything there is to know about the Nightblade clothing in GTA Online. Although some fans may have been disappointed to find that the Nightblade clothing is actually just a simple T-shirt, it’s still a free cosmetic item that can be fun to wear while riding the esteemed Nightblade two-wheeler.

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