Minecraft: Here’s How To Go AFK Without Getting Kicked

How to go afk in Minecraft without getting kicked

Although you might not get kicked out of your game in a single-player world in Minecraft, if you want to join in on the fun with your friends and strangers, you’ll have to enter a server that likely has a kick mechanic. Sometimes you want to AFK because of farms you’ve set up, and sometimes you want to AFK because it took you a long time to get on the server, and now you want to stay. Whatever your reason, how do you go AFK in Minecraft without getting kicked?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Vanilla Minecraft has no kick mechanic even if you’re playing on a server, but many server owners will install mods and plugins to kick inactive players.
  • Getting around these kick measures depends on the plugin or mod the server owner has installed, so there’s no one true answer to how you can AFK without getting kicked.

How do you AFK click in Minecraft?

The easiest way to AFK-click in Minecraft was to make use of the F11 key. It was a bug in the game up until version 1.13 that allowed you to input a command, and once you pressed the F11 key, the game would register it as constantly repeating, which allowed you to go AFK while clicking for more extended periods of time.

It took some time to get the method right; luckily, it doesn’t exist anymore. Now, a newer approach has emerged, and it works in all versions of Minecraft, even 1.20, so to AFK-click in Minecraft, today, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the game and load up your world.
  2. Input the command you want to repeatedly be doing. For instance, if you want to constantly mine, hold down the right mouse button, and if you want to continuously mine and place down a new block, hold down both right and the left mouse buttons.
  3. While holding the mouse button and constantly inputting the command, press F3 + T.
  4. You’ll have little time before the game loads again. Before it does, make sure to press Alt + Tab which will get you out of the game while it is still running in the background.
  5. To make sure you’re AFK clicking, turn up your volume and you should hear repeating mining or block-placing sounds. then you can go about your merry day.


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Uses of AFK-clicking

Most players use AFK clicking to kill mobs or remove blocks in their automatic farms repeatedly. That way, players can go about their day and stay productive while farming for mob loot or other resources in the background without having to be glued to the computer. Minecraft can be redundant, and you’ll spend most of your days mining and gathering resources. This is an easy way to bypass it.

Note that you can’t move and AFK-click; I’ve tested it out, and it keeps you in place while you’re trying to mine the blocks around you, so if you thought you could strip mine while AFK, unfortunately, you can’t. Even if there was a way, destroying two blocks that allow you to keep moving forward is impossible.

The risks of AFK-ing

If you go AFK on a server, you risk getting banned from the server, apart from the possibility of getting kicked since your AFK-in didn’t work. Depending on the level of offense, server owners can ban you for a day or permanently, so if you really love the server you’re playing on, it’s ill-advised to try and go AFK without getting kicked out.

The best way to bypass that is to join servers that don’t frown upon AFK-ing. Most big servers frown upon it, so it’s best just to join a server your friends made

How do you set an AFK timer?

On the other hand, if you’re a server owner wanting to set an AFK timer, there are multiple ways to do this depending on the server hosting website you use. Vanilla Minecraft also has a built-in command for it but only works on Java Edition Minecraft. The command is /setidletimeout <enter minutes>. This will set the time when a player who’s been AFK for the set duration gets kicked out of the server.

Most servers use Minecraft’s internal AFK system, which is 10 minutes, including Aternos, but it’s not like they set this timer just for fun. If they didn’t kick idle players out of the server and close it after 2 minutes of nobody playing, they would have too long a queue time for other players to play on their servers.

How to AFK on servers

AFK Pool

If you’re someone who isn’t affected by the reasoning behind AFK timers and wants to stay on your server, there are several options, but the most trustworthy one is the AFK pool or the infinity pool. You only need 14-22 blocks to build it, and it will trick the server into thinking you’re moving when you’re actually AFK. To make the pool, follow these steps:


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You’ll need building blocks(cobblestone, for example), a sign, or a button, but buttons cost less to craft a stair, slab, or pressure plate, and a water bucket.

  1. Take your building blocks and make a 5×4 block area.
  2. Place another building block in the middle of the area.
  3. Choose one of the corners of the 5×4 block area and place three blocks on one side starting from the corner and then just one going from the other direction of the corner.
  4. Place a sign on the 3rd block of the second row.
  5. Place a bucket of water in the corner of the 2nd row of building blocks(two blocks away from where you placed the sign)
  6. Place a slab on the bottom of where the stream of water begins.
  7. Test out the machine. You should start circling in the pool endlessly without having to do anything.
  8. If you’re getting stuck where the slab is, replace it with another sign on the bottom wall and it should work as well.

I’ve tested the pool out in 1.20 and it works perfectly with the sign instead of a slab. For reference, if you can’t quite picture how it’s supposed to look, you can follow the steps in the photo which should yield you the same results.

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