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Mining in Minecraft is a tedious process. It can take hours and even days to mine out an area that is part of your plans for the future. It’s one of the essential things you must do in Minecraft to advance. Mining gets you resources which is also a tedious process, so to make it easier, people started building quarries. If you don’t have all the time in this world, you’ll indeed find them useful, but how do you make a quarry in Minecraft?

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  • There are numerous ways to make a quarry in Minecraft, and the designs differ significantly in how efficient they are, how big of an area they mine out, and how many resources you need to make them.
  • In a nutshell, all you need to make a quarry is a lot of TNT and a few other materials. The machine will dispense TNT and blow up the area.

Why do you need a quarry in Minecraft?

It’s not like you need a quarry in Minecraft, but it’s a worthwhile investment if it fits your building plans. It’s worth noting that people don’t usually make quarries for mining out ores. You would need a huge quarry to make it worth your while, and even then, it’s not useful given the time it would take to build such a large quarry and gather the resources needed for it.

People have been playing with quarries for years, and they’ve made great strides to destroy vast areas of land to create bases in the middle of nowhere, to find items their friends have hidden from them, and for many other things. Quarries, I do have to note, are not the same as TNT duppers.

TNT duppers use a bug implemented into the game on accident to trick the game into thinking that there is more TNT than there actually is. That way, you don’t need a ton of TNT, just a few blocks, and it’ll keep going, saving you time and resources. This mechanic has been removed from the game several times and is considered cheating.

If you need a lot of resources fast and don’t have the time or will to try and make a beacon and to get an efficiency V pickaxe, quarries are an excellent substitute for that.


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How many blocks does it mine out?

The number of blocks the quarry mines out depends on how low you go and how many chunks are included in the area mine. You’ll mine approximately 15.000 thousand blocks if you go all the way down to bedrock level, which is a lot, but if you need a specific block, it’s better just to make a farm. If you need stone, you can also make a cobblestone generator using lava and water.

Quarry problems

The biggest problem with quarries is that they need a lot of resources to work. Specifically, TNT. Another common resource that makes them work are slime blocks which can be hard to obtain if you haven’t found a slime chunk in your world yet. You could go to a website like chunkbase.com that’ll let you know where these chunks are located if you type in your world seed, but that’s considered cheating.

Luckily for you, some quarries don’t require you to use slime blocks to make them, but you’ll still need TNT, so let’s first figure out how you can get a lot of TNT fast. TNT is made using sand and gunpowder. Sand should be easy enough to obtain, but the same can’t be said about gunpowder. Gunpowder can be obtained by killing creepers, witches, and ghasts. If you’re lucky, you can also trade them for emeralds with wandering traders.

The easiest route to go with it is to kill creepers, believe it or not. You could make an automatic creeper farm that’s relatively easy to make.

How do you make a quarry in Minecraft Java?

The most accessible quarry you can make in Minecraft Java consists of 3 main things: a hopper connecting to a dispenser and followed by an entire block that has a detector rail on it. The way it works is that the hopper will suck in one element from the Minecraft, in this case, TNT, and the detector rail will then power and trigger the dispenser that should be facing down towards the area that you want to mine.

A few problems will occur with the quarry: one is that it won’t blow up the area evenly since each TNT block drops separately and not at the same time, and it’s how TNT works generally. Another issue you will run into is lava and water. This is a problem in any quarry you make faces because lava will vanish the TNT while water will prevent it from exploding any blocks.

That’s why it’s best just to clean out the area once you run into water and lava. You also won’t be able to gather any resources since TNT will destroy the dropped resources. You could, however, let the quarry run once, clean up the resources, and then let it run again. Follow these steps if you wish to build this quarry:

  1. Make a 13-block tall tower and start building your quarry from that height.
  2. The size of the quarry will depend on the area you want to mine out so if you want to clear out a 16×16 area, your quarry should be 16 blocks long and 16 blocks wide.
  3. The important thing to remember is that your dispensers should always be 5 blocks apart from each other. Then start placing blocks.
  4. First, place 2 or 3 blocks above the tower you just built, it can be any full block.
  5. Then make a turn to the left or right, depending on where you want to start clearing the area out, and place blocks in this order: any building block, hopper, dispenser facing down(make sure the hopper is connected to the dispenser), any building block, redstone block, any building block, hopper, dispenser, any building block. The block after the dispense will hold the detector rail, and every redstone block will hold a powered rail.
  6. Once you’ve made the full length of the area you want to clear, make a turn and place 6 blocks before you make another turn. This row should contain one redstone block and a powered rail above it.
  7. After you make the turn, repeat step five.
  8. Once you reach the final row, build one block further to connect everything so the Minecraft with a chest full of TNT can make a full circle and repeat the process.

If these instructions don’t make a lot of sense to you, here’s a visual of how it should look:

No Slime Block Quarry
Quarry design by: Gnembon

How do you make a quarry in Minecraft Bedrock?

The process of making a quarry in Minecraft Bedrock is the same as the one I gave a tutorial on in Minecraft Java since it doesn’t use any weird mechanics to work. Alas, you can always turn to the trusty beacon that will make mining faster and clear out an area by hand. To get a beacon, you’ll need a lot of iron blocks(iron farms are easy to make), and you’ll also need to summon and kill a Wither for the nether star. To summon a Wither, you’ll need soul sand, and 3 Wither skeleton skulls.


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