Minecraft: Here’s How To Get Looting II Enchantment Fast

MC Looting II

Getting the perfect enchantment on your tools and weapons in Minecraft can be challenging if you’re faced with the enchanting table and enchantments altogether for the first time in Minecraft. Even if it’s not your first rodeo with them, it can still be daunting. Arguably one of the best enchantments you can get is the Looting enchantment, so how do you get the Looting II enchantment in Minecraft fast?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The fastest way to get the Looting II enchantment is through the enchanting table.
  • If you don’t want to go through the tedious process of getting that enchantment, your second best option is to trade it with a librarian.
  • They’ll likely offer the enchantment as part of their trades but will want emeralds in return.

Enchanting table mechanics

With enchantments you get in the enchanting table, it’s often a matter of trial and error to get the best ones. The enchantments you get aren’t entirely random, but even if all conditions are met to ensure you get the best enchantment possible, you can still get a lousy enchantment.

The conditions you have to meet to make the most out of an enchanting table are the number of bookshelves and how high of a level you are. You need to place 15 bookshelves in total to get the level 30 enchantments to appear on your enchanting table. The bookshelves connect to the table when separated by one air block.

If you decide to place even something like a torch in between the enchanting table and the bookshelf, the two will not connect. That does not mean that you can’t make your enchanting table look any other way.


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It seems easy enough to acquire bookshelves, right? You only need two logs, nine sugar cane, and three leather to do so but multiply it by 15, and you got yourself a problem. The biggest problem is the sugar cane that grows incredibly slowly. Three sugar cane produces three pieces of paper, which will be enough for you to craft one book.

For a bookshelf, you need three books meaning that to get 15 bookshelves; you’ll need 135 sugar cane of roughly two stacks. The best advice I can give you is to make a sugar cane farm as soon as you settle into your new world and survive the first few days. You can find sugar cane anywhere where there’s water. It’ll be adjacent to it on at least one side.

Getting XP

Obtaining XP in Minecraft starts from the very first coal ore you mine out. It can take a while for the player to reach level 30, even though defeating mobs, breeding them, trading, fishing, and completing advancements all give you XP. The best way to gather XP fast is to make a mob farm when you find a mob spawner while caving.

These farms utilize water to bring the mobs directly to a certain area from which you can kill them, but they can’t see or harm you. You want to get to level 30 as soon as possible if you want good enchantments, but it would be even better to go beyond level 30 because of the grindstone you’ll use to help get the Looting II enchantment eventually.


The grindstone can help you disenchant an item and retrieve some of the XP you lost while enchanting an item in Minecraft if you start enchanting when you’re level 30, one wrong enchantment. You’ll have to go back to gathering XP to get back to level 30, so it’s best to grind it out to level 35 or 40 to get a few more chances of getting the Looting II or any other enchantment.

Looting enchantment mechanics

The Looting enchantment is simple in terms of mechanics. Each level increases the chance of mobs dropping more items than they usually drop. It’s worth noting that the looting enchantment can only be applied to swords, whereas the pickaxe equivalent for mining ores would be the Fortune enchantment.

You can reset your enchantment options by enchanting a worthless sword with a minor enchantment and then running it through the grindstone. This will make it much cheaper to reset the available enchantment and get that Looting II enchantment you’re after.

How to get cheaper enchantments in Minecraft?

Through trial and error, it’s easy to get the desired enchantment. You only need to have a bit of patience. Trading with villagers can also help you get the desired enchantments. To do so, find a librarian you haven’t traded with yet and check out what they offer as part of their trades. If they offer the Looting II enchantment, you’re good to go, but if not, you can destroy their job site block (the lectern), place it back, and reset the trade.

You can do this for as long as you want; you need to ensure you don’t trade with the librarian since the trade will reset otherwise. The librarian will likely sell emeralds for enchanted books.



To get emeralds, you can go mining for them or trade them with other villagers. Some villagers will have ridiculous trades where they offer one emerald for something like paper. You can use this to your advantage and get cheap enchantment in the long run.

Note that you can’t exhaust these trades forever, though. Players should trade the item with villagers until there’s one item left so that the villager doesn’t make the item more expensive once it restocks(this will happen twice a day when they go to their job site block and work). Leaving one item in stock will prevent the price increase.


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Taking the enchantment to the anvil

Without the anvil, it’s impossible to enchant a weapon or tool with an enchantment book. The biggest spender of your levels in Minecraft is an anvil. To get perfect enchantments on a sword, you might pay 129 levels total, which is a lot and not worth it in the end. The solution to the problem is how you make these enchantments in the anvil.

The anvil works with a thing called an anvil uses. The more times something has gone through the anvil, the more expensive it’ll be. It’s also worth mentioning that the first slot item gets added to the second slot item so if you have an enchantment book with three anvil uses and one with zero, this will yield you an enchantment book with three anvil uses because 3+0=3. If you don’t want to bother with this, make sure you always switch up your sword or enchantment to see which one yields the lower price.

How rare is Looting III in Minecraft?

If you go into your enchanting table and try to get the Looting III enchantment, you might spend a while trying to do so. The easier way to do it is to get 2 Looting II enchantments and combine them in the anvil to get the Looting III enchantment. Although looting III is rare, it’s not as difficult to obtain. The same logic can be used to get the Looting II enchantment but with 2 Looting I swords.

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