Minecraft: Here’s How To Make a “Diamond Bow”

minecraft how to make diamond bow

Minecraft is home to tons of amazing gear, tools, and weapons, with many Minecraft players enjoying a ranged build using bows. Diamond-tier items have been a staple for many Minecraft players over the years, and with bows having fewer options compared to swords or tools, quite a few players wonder if there’s a way to make a diamond bow in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • There is no Diamond Bow in Minecraft vanilla, although players can improve bow appearance and functionality with enchantments.
  • Minecraft players can still craft a Diamond Bow using Minecraft mods, such as the NewBows Addon, V4.5 Extra Bows, and Archers’ Arsenal.

Is there a Diamond Bow in Minecraft?

The bow in Minecraft is a ranged weapon that shoots arrows, much like in other games. However, Minecraft bows can be enchanted to increase their effectiveness, while arrows can be adapted to have some really handy special attack effects during combat. Below is everything you need to know about bows in Minecraft as well as the forms they come in, with images and stats thanks to the Minecraft Wiki.

Bows can be obtained by looting mobs (primarily Illusioners, Skeletons, and Strays), but they can also be acquired by means of trading with villagers around the Minecraft overworld and through fishing if you’re lucky enough to get the drop. If hunting down bows seems like too much of a task, you’ll be happy to know that crafting bows is super simple as well, as the materials required are not too challenging to obtain on their own.

Players will only need to get their hands on 3 Sticks and 3 String in order to craft a brand new bow, while repairing bows will only require 2 damaged bows, as seen below.

minecraft bows 1

With that being said, this is the only way to craft a bow in the game – using sticks and string. Players will not be able to use any other material to craft a bow in Minecraft vanilla, meaning that bows only come in their classic wooden form and there is no official “Diamond Bow” in the game.

Although Minecraft is only a game, and bows could theoretically be made of absolutely anything, Mojang usually tries to make the game realistic where possible. Real bows are designed in a way so that they can shoot arrows using their natural flexibility, which can typically only be achieved by using wood in most cases.


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There are some instances where bows can be made of other materials in the real world – but diamonds are not exactly known for their pliability. Still, you may be able to get similar effects and appearances if that’s what you’re hoping to achieve by crafting a diamond bow.

minecraft bows

If durability is what you’re after, you can use an enchantment such as Unbreaking or Mending to increase your Minecraft vanilla bow’s longevity. If getting a bow with an amazing, shiny, and top-tier aesthetic is what you’re after, you’ll be happy to know that any enchantment will automatically give your wooden bow an amazing and magical glimmer.

How to get a Diamond Bow in Minecraft?

Since there is no such thing as a diamond bow in Minecraft vanilla, there is no meta way to craft one. However, many seemingly impossible things can be done in Minecraft – you might still be able to get the diamond bow you’re looking for, thanks to some incredibly creative Minecraft mods/add-ons. Below are the general steps for downloading Minecraft mods:

  1. Once you decide on a mod, click the name to open the mod page.
  2. Open the Files tab to view the versions, and press download – always download the latest recommended update for your Minecraft version.
  3. Head back to the mods page and check for the Relations tab.
  4. Download the dependencies where possible – otherwise, the mod will not function properly or can cause the game to crash.
  5. Make sure your Minecraft client is closed before installing any mods.
Press the Windows Key (Start)Click the Go tab and then “Go to Folder…”
Type in “%appdata%” and press enterType in “~/Library/Application Support/minecraft” and click Go
Open the .minecraft folder and then enter the mods folderEnter the mods folder and then drag in the mods
Drag in the mods that you wish to addOpen Minecraft and click Play
Open Minecraft again and click Play, and the mods should now be loadedThe mods should now be loaded

Players might experience minor differences when using different mods, depending on the creator and versions, but the overall steps involved should be relatively similar. Below are the best mods to try out in order to obtain a diamond bow in Minecraft, all of which support both Forge and Fabric:


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NewBows Addon

First up on the list is the NewBows Addon, which adds a new fletching table and a total of 22 incredible new bows to Minecraft Bedrock – each of which comes with unique skills for added fun and survival. It’s compatible with versions up to 1.19.22, can also be used in Minecraft multiplayer mode, and has been downloaded by nearly 73,000 Minecraft players so far.

diamond bow minecraft 1a

While this add-on was initially published on MCPEDL back in 2021, it’s been updated as recently as August 18th, 2022. Check out the video below by ForgeLogical for an overview of everything this Minecraft add-on has to offer:

The diamond bow included in this Minecraft add-on is stronger than the classic vanilla bow in Minecraft. It does way more damage than a wooden bow, in addition to other tough bows included in this add-on as well.

diamond bow minecraft 1

V4.5 Extra Bows

The V4.5 Extra Bows Minecraft mod adds a bunch of new bow types for players to enjoy, in addition to bow upgrades, a bow upgrade inventory, and an assortment of other ranged features. While this Minecraft Patch mod has received nearly 580,000 downloads so far, this mod was last updated on December 23rd, 2020 – so, it’s only compatible with versions up to 1.16.4 as a result.

diamond bow minecraft 2a

The diamond bow featured in this Minecraft mod has quite a unique crafting recipe. To craft a diamond bow, players will need to combine a diamond and a strong diamond with an “Iron Bow”, which is also featured in the mod.

diamond bow minecraft 2

Archers’ Arsenal

The last option on this list is Archers’ Arsenal, formerly known as “MK Bowery”, a Minecraft mod published on the infamous Curse Forge. This mod includes a range of new bows for players to wield, in addition to the highly sought-after diamond bow. It has nearly 46,000 downloads to date and was last updated as recently as April 25th, 2022. As a result, this mod is compatible with versions up to 1.18.2.

Getting your hands on some amazing yet unofficial bows is definitely exciting if you adore ranged attacks, especially considering that such weapons are not included in Minecraft vanilla. Although the functionality of a diamond bow might not be as expected, it’s still an amazing way to spice up your gameplay experiences.

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