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Players would like to get their hands on many miscellaneous tools and weapons in Minecraft more easily, but the crown goes to the trident, a powerful weapon in Minecraft and real life that Poseidon, God of the seas, uses. You don’t become God without a struggle, but is there a way to get tridents fast and easily in Minecraft?

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  • As of 1.19, there is no other way to get tridents without killing drowned found in ocean and river biomes and the drowned holding the trident dropping it.
  • You could, however, make a drowned farm that will speed up the process of killing the drowned and them dropping the trident since there’s a slim chance they’ll drop it by traditional means.

What is the easiest way to get tridents in Minecraft?

Tridents are an uncraftable item in Minecraft and can only be picked up by a drown dropping one upon you, killing it. Drowned are undead mobs in Minecraft that spawn in ocean and river biomes. In oceans, they will spawn below Y level 58, while the rule doesn’t apply in rivers. In Java Edition, they spawn in groups of 1.

Not every Drowned will have a trident on them, though. In Bedrock Edition, 15% of Drowned have a trident, while in Java Edition, the percentage is only 6.25%. Make sure to carry a shield with you if you’re going on a Drowned hunt since they can shoot a trident every 1.5 seconds and do nine damage upon each hit.

The 15% in Bedrock and 6.25% don’t sound bad when you look at it. This is just the start of your problems. Within this percentage of Drowned that spawn with a trident in that hand, there’s only an 8.5% chance of the Drowned dropping the trident as an item.

Luckily for you, the chance increases with the looting enchantment. Still, sadly, the only weapon in Minecraft that can receive the looting enchantment is a sword, so if you want to increase your chances, you’ll have to get very close to a drowned with a trident. Luckily, the looting doesn’t increase your chances by much, so you can do without it.

History of drowned

Drowned are actually drowned zombies or zombie villagers, so players could make drowned farms by abusing this mechanic to get tons of rare resources and tridents. This mechanic doesn’t work anymore, so you’ll have to get your trident the traditional way, or you could make a drowned farm still.

There are plenty of farms in Minecraft that you can make to get every possible item that drowned drop. Downed, apart from tridents, drop nautilus shells and copper and give XP. With nautilus shells, you can make a conduit that will give you conduit powers when you come into contact with rain or water. The conduit powers include increased mining speed, restoring oxygen, underwater night vision, and damage mobs within a spherical range of 32 – 96 blocks.

Because conduits can be used to damage drowned, perhaps crafting one and placing it in a river biome will be beneficial in acquiring that trident without having to build a drowned farm; it’ll certainly help.


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Tridents use

So once you get your trident, what can you do with it, and how does it work? When you throw a trident without enchantments, you’ll have to pick it up by getting close to it, which is not practical when you’re in a sticky situation with hostile mobs. Tridents aren’t just used as ranged weapons; they can also be melee weapons.

If you press attack while holding it, it’ll perform a melee attack, and if you press use while holding it and charge it, it’ll perform a ranged attack.

Best enchantment for tridents

Riptide – It’s an enchantment that’s exclusive to tridents and acts sort of like elytra, but it’s not as op as you’d like it to be because it only works when you’re wet so you’ll only get to use it when it’s raining, or you’re in the water.

Loyalty – Loyalty will let the trident return to you once you throw it. This is the best enchantment a trident can have and has three levels. At max level, it’ll come back to you faster than with Loyalty II or Loyalty I, so it’s best to invest in this enchantment first.

Unbreaking – Unbreaking is an enchantment applicable to many tools in Minecraft, and luckily, tridents are one of them. It makes it so that the trident has less chance to take durability damage since it only has a durability of 250.

Mending – Mending will help you restore the durability of your trident by trading in experience points for it. Along with loyalty, it’s certainly the best enchantment to have, considering it’s so hard to obtain a trident. A trident won’t ever break, though, since you won’t be able to throw it once it reaches one durability.

Enchtments Trident

Are tridents the most powerful weapon in Minecraft?

If not the most powerful weapon, tridents are certainly the most useful weapon in Minecraft once you get the enchantments. It acts both as a melee and ranged weapon and can even be used as a transportation method if you’re wet. Another benefit of tridents is that they don’t slow down when thrown into water or lava.


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Interesting trident mods

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of acquiring a trident or want tridents to be improved, Minecraft is no stranger to modding, and many players have already made mods that make them better. Here are a few that I particularly like:

  1. Better Tridents by Fuzs – With this mod, your tridents will finally get a crafting recipe, and it will also bring some improvements to tridents, like the loyalty enchantment. Another cool feature is that each of the three Elder Guardians in an ocean monument will drop a trident fragment, which will give you a trident when combined.
  2. Thunder Trident – Did you know tridents can summon lighting only when it’s raining? Well, this all changes with this mod, and you are now able to summon lighting and be the God you always wanted to be without the rain. Also, the trident can be crafted now.

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