Minecraft: Here Is How To Repair an Enchanted Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod Minecraft

It may not seem like fishing rods can have a greater purpose than just for fishing, but if you dive deeper into the item, you might discover a new favorite among a sea of items. To ensure your favorite fishing rod lasts a lifetime, you will have to perform maintenance, but how do you repair an enchanted fishing rod in Minecraft?

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  • To repair an enchanted fishing rod, all you have to do is combine the fishing rod you want to repair with a regular fishing rod in an anvil.
  • This will cost you experience, and every time you repair, it’ll cost more to repair it next time, so it will be much cheaper to get a brand-new enchanted fishing rod every once in a while.

How Rare Are Enchanted Fishing Rods?

Since you can easily craft a fishing rod on a crafting table and enchant it with enchanting books, it’s easy to see that fishing rods aren’t exactly rare in Minecraft. Still, we all know that crafting something isn’t the only way to acquire items in Minecraft and the same rule applies to enchanted fishing rods.

The only place you can find enchanted fishing rods in Minecraft is to look for them in underwater ruins. If you want to get the rod from a small ruins chest, you’ll have a 41.1% chance to acquire one, while in a big ruins chest, the percentage drops all the way down to 21.7%.

If you compare these percentages to other items in Minecraft, it’s easy to conclude that enchanted fishing rods aren’t exactly rare. The enchanted fishing rod doesn’t discriminate in terms of which enchantment you can get because all are equally probable.


5 Best Fishing Rods in Minecraft

If you’re hunting down rare items in Minecraft, you might want to grab a fishing rod and start fishing. There is only a 0.8% chance that you’ll catch an enchanted fishing rod considered a treasure item. Its unenchanted counterpart is considered a junk item and is much easier to catch.

Fishing rods as mob loot

If you want to talk about rarity in terms of mob drops upon a player killing them, we can turn to the fishing rod to see some truly rare occasions where that will happen. In the Java edition, for example, Drowned have a 3.75% chance of spawning with a fishing rod in hand. In Bedrock Edition, the chance is even lower, coming in at 0.85 chance. If the drowned didn’t spawn naturally and is converted, then they have a 1% chance of spawning with one.

Upon killing a drowned, you only have an 8.5% chance of dropping the fishing rod as loot. With these odds, it would be much more useful to try and acquire a trident instead of a fishing rod. Of course, the chances of getting a fishing rod as mob loot increase with different levels of the Looting enchantment, up to a cap of 11.5%.


Fishing rod: Uses

It’s very easy to conclude that fishing rods can be used for fishing and nothing else, but as is often the case in Minecraft, fishing rods can be used for much more. One way of putting fishing rods to good use is to use them on stubborn villagers that won’t move. Even though getting them into minecarts is the preferred method, fishing rods can be a great way of moving them short distances.

Carrots and wrapped fungus on a stick are other fishing rods. With them, you can ride cows and pigs. I say that carrots and wrapped fungus on a stick are fishing rods because after losing all of their durability, they will go back to being fishing rods.

To craft a carrot or warped fungus on a stick, you must first craft a fishing rod using three sticks placed diagonally and two strings placed downwards from the last stick at the top. It’s also worth noting that you can repair an unenchanted fishing rod by combining two, adding an additional 5% durability to the remaining durability.

Available Enchantments

Fishing rods can receive a total of 5 enchantments. They are Luck of the Sea, Mending, Unbreaking, Curse of Vanishing, and Lure. Luck of the Sea is exclusive to fishing rods as well as Lure. Luck of the Sea increases your luck while fishing, meaning there’s a higher chance of getting treasure items instead of junk items.

Lure helps shorten the period for a fish, junk, or treasure item to bite. The wait time isn’t so long without it, but it still takes some patience to wait through it. Mending is essential if you want to be able to repair your fishing rod, and unbreaking will increase its durability, so you don’t have to mend it as often.

Mending and unbreaking are a must simply because unbreaking will help you save on experience points when trying to mend the fishing rod. Last but not least is the Curse of Vanishing, which makes an item disappear upon death which is more of a PvP enchantment than anything else.


Minecraft: Here’s How to Repair a Fishing Rod

Fishing rod specialty

Another reason why unbreaking is so important to acquire on a fishing rod is that a fishing rod can virtually be unbreakable if you put mending and Unbreaking on it. The Unbreaking III enchantment almost guarantees that the item won’t ever break unless it’s already at low durability. In contrast, the mending enchantment ensures that the fishing rod never loses any durability.

This is made possible because a fishing rod can constantly repair itself using the experience you gain from capturing fish, even if you start with nearly 0 durabilities. Of course, this rule only applies if you use the fishing rod for fishing and nothing else. Unbreaking III will almost guarantee that the item never breaks, so the item is definitely worth adding to your roster.

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