Here’s What the Average Minecraft Player Age Is in 2024

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Minecraft is a game that appeals to many, proven by how diverse its YouTube community is. With 35.000 active channels, you have children, adults, parents, and even senior players, so with all that taken into account, what is the average Minecraft player’s age then?

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  • The average Minecraft player is 24 years old.
  • This might come as a shock to some since it would seem that most of Minecraft’s player base are children, but it just shows how Minecraft is a diverse game that appeals to people of all age groups. Additionally, the average Minecraft player is male.

Why it’s hard to talk about demographics: Minecraft

Mojang does not collect or at least doesn’t reveal its user data publicly. Hence, any information you find online unless specifically stated by a Mojang employee or head of Minecraft is pure speculation. There’s very little statistically relevant data because focus groups are usually too small to give you a clear picture of player demographics.

This might be because Minecraft’s targeted audience is mostly children, so protecting the data surrounding them is important. Minecraft’s own Helen Chiang said that Microsoft needs to be careful with developing and marketing the game because so many of its users are children. This mostly doesn’t sit well with Minecraft’s grown-up player base because of a simple thing called nostalgia.

Minecraft demographics 11 years ago

The subreddit r/Minecraft has been around since the game first launched. 11 years ago, a Reddit user, captainporque, made an extensive analysis of the average Minecraft player. The pole had 4800 responses which is enough to tell you about the average Minecraft player. The only problem is that Reddit’s main demographic is male, so it’s safe to say that male Minecraft community members mostly answered the poll.

Gender demos

The data says that the average Minecraft player back then was an 18-year-old North American male who joined Alpha. A rare player would be a 9-year-old African female who started playing the game pre-index. Again, keep in mind that this is statistically inaccurate data, and it’s not conclusive of the real state of the Minecraft player 11 years ago.


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Minecraft demographics under 18

In this day and age, a lot of Minecraft’s player base is under 18 years old. It does appeal to everyone, and even 50+-year-olds play the game. YouTube, for instance, has 35000 active channels dedicated to making Minecraft content. The ones who monetize are mostly 20+-year-olds. But what about the kids, tweens, and adolescents? Let’s check out some interesting data.

Four main demographic segments:


Even though Minecraft is a game targeted at children aged ten and above, many kids much younger than that play it; nonetheless, we have players as young as three years old, which is impressive. What’s great about it is that Minecraft is an educational game proven by the release of Minecraft Education Edition, which was used by 10000 classrooms back in 2016. The number grew even larger when Covid-19 hit.


In the age range from 3-12, 54% of all Minecraft players are boys, while 44% are girls. These statistics don’t look half bad if you count on the fact that there’s a big gender gap in the gaming industry altogether. Still, if we took a magnifying glass and narrowed the age range to 6-8, you’d notice that the data is not balanced. Only 29% of girls in this age group play Minecraft compared to 68% of boys.

In the age range of 6-8, 53% of children play Minecraft, while in the age range of 9-12, 68% of children are active players, and of that 68%, 50% play more than once a week. The figures clearly show that Minecraft is no exception when it comes to boys playing more than girls.

Additionally, 80% of children play Minecraft with their friends and siblings, while only 11% of parents play Minecraft with them. Do parents hate Minecraft? I wouldn’t say they hate it; maybe they don’t understand it, and it takes a lot of creativity and spatial awareness to be good at it. Without a doubt, Minecraft is somewhat of a ”violent” game, so it’s understandable why some parents might not want their kids to play.


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If you’re curious about the countries children play Minecraft in the most, there’s no data on that, but 22% of boys who play games in the UK said Minecraft is their favorite game. In Sweden, 24% of children play Minecraft, while 6% play it weekly.


It would seem that Iceland likes Minecraft more than any other nation out there. Next is Ireland, where Minecraft is 1.7 times more popular than other countries, and then comes Finland and Kuwait, where Minecraft is 1.5 times more popular. Norway takes fifth place, where Minecraft is 1.4 times more popular than in other countries.

Interestingly, most Minecraft servers are in the US, with 3748 active servers. Ireland has only 7, Sweden, has 33 while Finland has 17. There’s no data on how many servers there are in Iceland and Kuwait.

Do Minecraft players have higher IQs?

We can’t talk about whether or not Minecraft players have higher IQs, but logically, the game appeals to people with higher ones. In 2022, a survey found that the average IQ of a Minecraft player is 116.3, which is above average. Minecraft came in third, while the game with the highest average IQ of its players was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, with an IQ of 120.3, and the 2nd one to follow was Among Us players, with an average IQ of 118.9.

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