Minecraft vs. Fortnite: Which Game is Better and Has More Players?

Minecraft vs. Fortnite: Which Game is Better and Has More Players?

Are you familiar with the battle between the top “games”? One corner shows Minecraft, which Mojang developed. Minecraft has been the #1 app/ game since its release. The game was top-rated on all video and streaming sites. However, Fortnite, an online shooting game, was released soon after. It was well-known and enjoyed huge popularity. So the main question that popped up: Minecraft vs. Fortnite: which game is better and has more players?

Minecraft is a survival and adventure game that begins with nothing but your fists. The game’s goal is to beat the Ender Dragon and reach the end. However, it never ends. You can also switch to Creative Mode and get unlimited resources. Fortnite, Minecraft, and other games have excited many. Let’s get to know which game is better and why.

Minecraft: Who Is It For?

Minecraft vs. Fortnite: Which Game is Better and Has More Players?

Minecraft is a videogame that allows players to create and destroy different types of blocks in three-dimensional environments. Survival and Creativity are the main modes. Survival requires players to build their own supplies and find food. They can interact with mobs of block-like creatures or other moving creatures. Creative allows players to be provided with supplies but do not need to eat to survive.

Minecraft is likely something you have heard of if you are a grandparent or parent of children older than six. It may even be a prominent item on their Christmas lists. They may not have the game, as they already have it. But a variety of items from the wide range of merchandise like books, clothing, and toys. The Minecraft project has been born.

Because it isn’t violent or difficult to use, Minecraft is recommended for children aged 8 and above. Many children found it to be one of their first online video games.

Although you don’t need to provide proof of age for setting up an Account, you will be asked for your birthday. If you register that you are younger than 13, certain elements will be locked. This includes making an in-game purchase.

It is possible for a child not to be aware of the restrictions and choose to have full access to all features.

You can adjust certain settings to make your child’s experience more comfortable. These include changing the difficulty of stopping monsters from creating in the world and turning off the health bar to prevent you from dying.

Fortnite: Who is it for?

Fortnite is a survival video game in which 100 players battle each other in player-versus-player combat to become the last man standing.

Fortnite has one large map per season, which is a departure from traditional multiplayer games. It’s unlikely that you will encounter so many players at the beginning of the game. As the game progresses, a ring slowly closes towards a central point of the map. Your character will be dead if you are caught outside the ring.

Players jump onto a small island equipped with an axe. They must find more weapons while avoiding an electrical storm. Players are placed closer together as the field becomes smaller as they are eliminated. You will see updates on the screen describing how another player was killed. Epic Games requires you to create an Epic Games account to play the game for free.

Epic Games allows users to log in using their Facebook or Google accounts. Users can also create new accounts. Epic Games is required to get the game up and running. Each time you play the game, an avatar is randomly assigned to you. This applies regardless of gender. 

Gamers have the option to choose which mode they’d like to play. Solo? Duo Mode or in a Squad. Add friends to your team, and you can play together. Once you’re ready, click on play to begin the game.

Minecraft vs Fortnite: Which Game is Better?

Fortnite and Minecraft have been ranked as the best video games on the market since 2019 and are highly coveted by gamers all over the globe. Both video games have been ranked at the top by users. This has led to the debate, which video game is best?

So, let’s find out the better one.

Age Range

Minecraft vs. Fortnite: Which Game is Better and Has More Players?

Both Minecraft and Fortnite have very different audiences. While almost everyone can play both games, it is clear that Fortnite targets a large number of teenagers and children. Minecraft does not have a specific target audience, as everyone can enjoy the game.

Minecraft is a game that’s more accessible to all, and people of all ages enjoy it. While there are many Minecraft players, there are also many adults who play the game. My point is that once you leave Fortnite’s target demo, the numbers drop quickly.


Epic Games is in serious trouble right now. They’re constantly in trouble with the community. Since their push for Epic Games Store and all their poorly received moves, the company is in serious financial difficulties. This shows in their products. Epic Game Store is a disaster. Fortnite is in constant trouble with bugs, glitches, and server stability. It has a reputation for being unstable.

Microsoft is not a perfect company. They’ve made many bad decisions in the past. They are also more respected and have a long history with it. They are all much more efficient in fixing their products and keeping them technically stable.

When you put Microsoft against epic games in a battle for reputation, it is pretty obvious who the winner is, regardless of your feelings about the business decisions made by either company.

Competitive Aspect

There is a Minecraft Monday competition, but it’s more for entertainment than anything else. Fortnite claims to be a casual game, but everyone knows it isn’t.

It would be easy to compare the creative elements of Minecraft and Fortnite. Minecraft would still win because it was built with Creativity in mind, while Fortnite was created to be a battle royale and a creative tool later on. Although they are very different games, if you don’t enjoy competitive gaming, Fortnite might not be for you. This is a huge sign that Minecraft is taking the lead.


Fortnite is almost always in a bugged state, or the servers are not working correctly. What about Minecraft? Consider all the years Minecraft has been around and how long you’ve had it. What was the last time that you noticed a significant bug in Minecraft? I don’t claim Minecraft is perfect as a game. But it does have some technical issues. It’s much more stable than Fortnite, and that makes a difference. If you were looking for something creative and fun, and one of your games felt inconsistent or had features that kept changing, you would most likely choose the second one.

Minecraft isn’t Pandering

Minecraft vs. Fortnite: Which Game is Better and Has More Players?

People can tell when they are being pandered, and Fortnite is a prime example of this. Fortnite merchandise, clothing, ads, and dances are all self-indulgent. Fortnite culture and its promotional materials can be very aggressive to people who don’t play the game.

A person who didn’t know much about Minecraft would be interested in the promotional material. If they didn’t know much about Fortnite but saw the promotional material from the fans. They would likely back away from it. They wouldn’t be interested in trying it. That’s because it’s a hype Culture and Fortnite’s hiking culture. It is a popular game and many of your fans love it. They want to be a part of it. However, those who don’t belong to that community feel uninterested and alienated.


I don’t have a problem with Fortnite Microtransactions. I believe that the Fortnite business model is solid. It doesn’t change that microtransactions are prominent. You have character skins and weapon skins. All of them are displayed during gameplay.

Let’s see how that compares to Minecraft microtransactions. Not everyone loves the Minecraft system. We can all agree that they are much more intrusive than the Fortnite system. You won’t be able to buy Minecraft if you don’t want to. It’s impossible to play Fortnite if you don’t want to spend money.


Minecraft offers a lot more possibilities for creating things. Fortnite is a battle royale video game that includes creative tools. I think the creative mode of Fortnite is quite amazing. While it is certainly the best available on the market, if anything, it’s not as customizable as Minecraft’s.

Amazing things can be made by Minecraft. You won’t find Minecraft interesting if you are interested in shooting things. Minecraft is the best tool for Creativity.


Mods can have a huge impact on the game’s longevity. Look at GTA 5, Skyrim Witcher 3, and other games. These games have a very short shelf life. These games have remained the most loved on the platform until today. Minecraft has a large Modding community, and it seems like there is new content added daily via modding. Mods are amazing and have added a lot of shelf life to Minecraft. The modding community is growing at an incredible rate. Fortnite could do a favor by adding mods.

More Laid-Back Gameplay

Fortnite is becoming more difficult to play casually. Some even believe casual Fortnite has become obsolete. This is something that I have mixed feelings about. I’m stating that while many people enjoy competitive multiplayer games, the vast majority of gamers don’t. If you look at the top-selling games of all time, while there may be millions playing Fortnite, you will see that far more people are playing other games. All of them are multiplayer competitive games, even though competitive games are promoted and advertised a lot. These games make up a small percentage of the market compared to casual games. Single-player games as well as creativity tools such Roblox and Minecraft. There are plenty of games that allow you to compete in a game like Fortnite. Fortnite is a more relaxing game. Minecraft is likely to be the most popular game for many.

Promotional Aspect

Fortnite’s marketing is highly energetic, colorful, explosive, and loud to capitalize upon the hype culture surrounding it.

On the other hand, Minecraft’s promotion is very relaxed, just like the game. What if you are an average person looking for a fun and creative game? Which one would you choose to purchase just because of the promotion? Minecraft because gamers hate hearing that they have to be excited about something. Minecraft lets you create your excitement.

Fortnite will capitalize on the hype culture for as much time as possible. However, you need to wonder what Epic Games will do when it runs out of hype. What is Epic Games’ backup plan? What is the roadmap? What would happen to Fortnite if high culture disintegrated? This is where Minecraft Shines. Minecraft’s longevity has remained on top without any huge hype culture. Players aren’t told to get excited about future updates. They only host the game to get the word out, and then let the players have a lot of fun.


Minecraft vs. Fortnite: Which Game is Better and Has More Players?

Players looking for something affordable when looking for a gaming console. They don’t want to spend a lot playing a videogame. Fortnite is a great option because the game is completely free. This is also a major reason Fortnite enjoyed such success in such a short time.

Minecraft is a bit costly for a player. Later, players will need to buy a server. Fortnite also offers some paid in-game goods, but they’re all cosmetics that won’t alter the gameplay.

Minecraft vs Fortnite: Which Game has More Players?

Epic Games stated that they now have 15.3 million active users concurrently, up from 12.3million in April 2020. Fortnite was home to more than 350 million registered users as of May 2020. The impact of the ongoing lawsuit with Apple on these numbers is not clear. As many players are almost certain to be Apple users, it is difficult to know how this has affected them. Fortnite remains massive even with this.

Minecraft had revenue of $415 million in 2020 and more than 130 million users playing at least once per month in 2020. This is quite remarkable for a game created in less than one week. Minecraft does not allow concurrent users to play the game in the same manner as Fortnite.

What Came First Fortnite or Minecraft?

Fortnite was released on July 21, 2017. On the other hand, Minecraft was created on May 17, 2009. So yeah, Minecraft came first.

Is Fortnite More Addictive than Minecraft?

Not really. According to a study, Minecraft is one of the most addictive games right now. The study looked at a variety of games and ranked each one in terms of addictiveness. This study followed over 1,500 gamers and their daily habits. The study measured addictiveness by analyzing gamers’ behaviors. While it’s impossible to quantify how addictive a videogame is, there are some clues.