Here’s What the Mark on Boruto’s Hand Is

mark on borutos hand

In the world of Boruto, a new phenomenon has taken hold — and it’s all over the fan-favorite protagonist’s hand. With the introduction of his cursed mark, known as the Kama, Boruto is now faced with a new set of potential consequences and questions. For fans, this new development raises many interesting points about what existing relationships — both with characters and plot points — could take on in an attempt to unravel Boruto’s mystery. What does the weird marking on his hand mean for Boruto’s future?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The mark on Boruto’s hand is called a Kama seal.
  • It greatly enhances the vessel’s abilities, but it ultimately works as a way for Otsutsuki clan members to reincarnate into their bodies.

What is a Kama seal? 

boruto karma powers explained otsutsuki anime

An Otsutsuki clan member can implant the Kama seal, a compressed replica of their biological data, in the body of a suitable host. The Kama gradually alters the genetic makeup of the vessel over time, changing them into the Otsutsuki, who implanted the Kama into them. 

If that Otsutsuki clan member is killed, their soul will move to one of their vessels, connecting to the living world. When the Kama is complete, meaning it’s 100% extracted, the Otsutsuki clan member will reincarnate through that vessel, replacing the original host. 

Meanwhile, the vessel can learn to use the Kama and some of the Otsutsuki member’s skills. The deceased Otsutsuki’s soul may even manifest and briefly take over their body if reincarnation hasn’t yet occurred. 

The ceremony will often result in the receiver having a deadly seizure if they are not a suitable recipient, and compatibility with an Otsutsuki is extremely uncommon and unexpected. But, on rare occasions, a bad vessel will make it through the process, giving birth to a special form of the seal known as the White Kama. 


When Did Boruto Use Kāma for the First Time? (Episode & Chapter)

These people can neither use the Otsutsuki’s space-time technique nor its absorption power because they cannot receive the Otsutsuki’s soul. Still, they maintain all of its other characteristics, giving them great power and even the ability to change into an entirely different Otsutsuki.

What abilities does a Kama seal give its vessel?

K3Fma Absorbing Ninjutsu

Kama can greatly increase a person’s physical strength, speed, Jutsu power, and ability to absorb chakra and chakra-based attacks like ninjutsu. In addition, Kama can be a medium for Space-Time Ninjutsu, changing the mark on their palm into a symbol mimicking their horn pattern and creating a rift in any location, including other dimensions. 

The fact that only Jigen could use this power alone and that initially, Boruto and Kawaki had to work together to use it suggests that it is a fairly sophisticated power. One can instantaneously become an experienced fighter by appropriately using their Kama to layer the collected Otsutsuki combat experience with their mind and body. 

The fundamental nature of Kama gives the user an exponential boost in combat strength that goes well beyond what would be possible with just improved physical capabilities. The user’s fingers appear to have rings around them as they employ this power.

With enough practice, the user can advance the Kama to a more powerful condition and obtain access to the Shinjutsu and other special abilities of the Otsutsuki. The user will start physically changing in this state, developing horns and awakening their Dojutsu. 

Boruto’s Kama 

Boruto27s Horn

As Boruto used a Parent and Child Rasengan to strike Momoshiki with a death blow, the latter embedded his Kama into the boy’s right palm. Upon activation, the Kama extends up to his right eye, forms geometric patterns across the right side of his body, and Boruto’s right eye lights up in blue. 

He also grows a horn resembling Momoshiki’s, and his right eye changes into a Byakugan. Momoshiki’s Kama in Boruto had gotten to an extraction level of 82% before facing Code. After Boruto’s failed suicide attempt, Momoshiki revived Boruto with the remaining 18% of his power, abandoning his plan to resurrect himself through Boruto.

The Otsutsuki biological data amassed in the Kama will eventually replace the vessel’s genetic data. The Otsutsuki will rise, assuming control of the vessel’s body and eliminating their personality, after which the Kama will vanish. The Otsutsuki may overcome death thanks to this, which is the true intent of Kama. 


Is Boruto Dead in the Manga?

As long as the vessel is alive and still carries the Kama, it will be possible for the Otsutsuki to reincarnate through them, in which case any damage it has endured will be repaired, even if the vessel’s body dies is highly damaged or not fully compatible with the Otsutsuki. The Otsutsuki are practically unchanged from their prior form, yet they have retained all of the vessel’s memories, abilities, and knowledge.

This is what Boruto fans ultimately fear will happen to Boruto. Although he’s the main character and nothing irreversible is likely to happen to him, something could still go wrong. Boruto has already had a close call with death because of the Kama seal, but it remains to be seen. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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