When Was Kawaki Introduced in Boruto? (Chapter, Episode, Season)

When Was Kawaki Introduced in Boruto? (Chapter, Episode, Season)

Kawaki is a young boy redeemed and raised by the leader of Kara, with the sole purpose of being the future receptacle of Isshiki Ôtsutsuki, thus becoming the key to their project. After being brought to Konoha by Team 7, he was taken in by Naruto Uzumaki who raises him as his own son, during which he develops a brotherly bond with Boruto Uzumaki to solve the mystery of Kama. In this article, we are going to tell you when Kawaki was actually introduced in Boruto, both the manga and the anime.

Kawaki actually debuted at the very beginning of both the Boruti anime and the manga. He made his debut in Episode 1 of the Boruto anime, titled “Boruto Uzumaki!!”; the episode premiered on April 5, 2017. As for the manga, he also debuted in Chapter 1 of the Boruto manga, also titled “Boruto Uzumaki!!”; the chapter was released on May 23, 2016.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the events that surrounded Kawaki’s first appearance in the manga and the anime. Kawaki is, as we have said, a pretty important character in the series and he has very close ties to Boruto, which is why it is essential for us to explain everything. There are going to be spoilers in this article, so be ready.

When was Kawaki introduced in Boruto?

As we have said above, Kawaki is an essential character in the story of Boruto and his connection to Boruto Uzumaki makes him a character that definitely has to be talked about. Now, his story is still a large mystery but we have seen his grim future – seemingly at least – in the very first episode of Boruto, which started off with a bang and then took us back on a historical journey that will, eventually, end with that final clash. This means that Kawaki made his debut in Episode 1 of the Boruto anime, titled “Boruto Uzumaki!!”; the episode premiered on April 5, 2017.

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As for the manga, although it started much later than the anime, it actually follows the same general plot idea, so it also started with the same scene where Boruto has to defeat Kawaki in order to save the world. This means that in the manga, Kawaki also debuted in Chapter 1 of the Boruto manga, also titled “Boruto Uzumaki!!”; the chapter was released on May 23, 2016. Now that we have answered the basic questions, we shall tell you a bit about Kawaki’s story.

What is Kawaki’s story in Boruto?

After Konoha was destroyed at some point, Kawaki and Boruto Uzumaki met at the Hokage Monument where Kawaki swore to defeat Boruto and told him that the shinobi era was over. This is how Kawaki was introduced to the story and it was one of the most explosive introductions ever. Now, at that point, of course, the battle was cut short and we went back in time to find out who Kawaki is and how he got there. The story is still in progress, so we don’t know what exactly happened and how the fight is going to end, which is why we are going to tell you what we know.


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Jigen wanted to test Kawaki’s abilities on the surface after advancing to Phase 3 as a tool for Kara’s schemes. Victor offered to carry him using his sophisticated stealth airship after overhearing Jigen and Amado talking about it. Some of Kara’s self-contained puppets chased after Kawaki when the airship carrying him crashed in the Land of Fire close to the boundary. He fought all the puppets pursuing him after leaving the accident site and continued a good way before passing out. The shinobi noted that he shared a mark with Boruto Uzumaki when Team 7 discovered him.

Kawaki dreamed of his first meeting with Jigen, which drove him to abruptly awaken and demolish the location he was in as both of their markings started to hurt them. Konohamaru asked who the team in front of him was, introduced himself, and inquired about the crash. Kawaki became convinced that they were Kara’s assailants when the youngster refused to give them any information and only asked to be left alone. Boruto then disclosed that he also had a kama.

As they were attempting to clarify that he had misunderstood, Garo showed up and declared his desire to reclaim Kawaki. Despite being worn out, Kawaki launched another assault, evaded it, and started to battle by altering his physique. When Gar was finally able to control Kawaki, his Kama awakened and empowered him, causing Kawaki to obliterate Garo’s artificial arm. The External was killed by a shockwave after Kawaki pierced Garou with his modified arm while approaching him and consuming his breath. Boruto unexpectedly activated his mark on instinct to deflect the shockwave and safeguard his team. Kawaki was now more certain than ever that they were with Kara as a result of this.

Boruto is instructed by Kawaki to warn Jigen that there would be more corpses if he pursues him. Kawaki collapsed and was examined by the shinobi as their talk was interrupted by smoke rising from his body. The Konoha ninjas ultimately agreed to take him to see the Seventh Hokage. Kawaki was taken to Ryutan’s Advanced Research Facility in the anime, where he was detained until further notice. He attempted to flee and acquired some ninja science gadgets to help him, but Nue wounded him severely in the process.

Sumire Kakei pursued him as he ran to a village close by, and when she caught up with him, she recognized the significant traumas Kawaki was carrying since childhood and related to him. They were soon attacked by the police, which prompted Kawaki to run and struggle to get away. Naruto intervenes after learning from Sumire that Kawaki fears passing away. Kawaki was kept in check by Naruto until he passed out from tiredness. Kawaki found himself in Konoha Hospital and surrounded by Konoha shinobi when he awoke.

Kawaki tried to escape via the bedroom window after learning that he was in Konoha, but Shikamaru Nara stopped him. Naruto then identified himself as the Hokage. Later, Kawaki would continue to live freely in Konoha under Naruto’s supervision when the five Kage reached an agreement. Kawaki refused to be used, so Naruto escorted him away from the village and to his house. Unexpectedly, Naruto came up to him and blocked his path, forcing Kawaki to continue traveling toward the Hokage’s residence.


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There, he made another attempt to run but failed after breaking a vase, prompting Naruto to demonstrate his might and terrify Kawaki into preventing him from making another attempt. After learning that Kawaki would be moving in with them, Boruto grudgingly apologized and introduced himself. Later, when the angry lads had brawled among themselves, Kawaki tells him how he obtained his Kama and advises them to cooperate in order to remove their marks. Naruto took Boruto to acquire a new vase after promising to replace the old one. He ran across Sarada Uchiha as they traveled. They also ran into her and Chocho outside a bakery in the anime.

Kawaki was given a snack there and marveled at the flavors, which he had never before encountered. Kakawi was soon sent to the Yamanaka Flowers. Kawaki met Ino Yamanaka there, to who Naruto had assigned the duty of locating the adversaries that were pursuing him. But when Kawaki was reminded of his experiences with Jigen by the flower roots, he suffered a panic attack. Kawaki was so traumatized that Naruto comforted him with an embrace while reassuring him that everything was alright. In the anime, he insisted that sharing his experiences with others was a fantastic way to connect with others while inviting Kawaki to lunch. From that moment, Kawaki’s story became connected to that of Naruto and Boruto and this is how it all started, which makes it even more interesting that he ended up fighting Boruto in the end.