Is Boruto Dead in the Manga?

Is Boruto Dead in the Manga?

Boruto Uzumaki is the principal protagonist of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series. He is the son of Naruto and Hinata, as well as Himawari’s older brother. He is an exceptionally skilled shinobi who is the focus of the sequel to Naruto, especially since, from the series’ first scene, he seems to be fighting his adopted brother, Kawaki, for the future of the shinobi era. The relationship between Kawaki and Boruto can be described as close or even brotherly but also quite complex. In Chapter 66 of the Boruto manga, Kawaki seemingly killed Boruto, and in this article, you’re going to find out whether Boruto died in the manga.

Despite Kawaki actually punching a fatal hole through Boruto’s chest in Chapter 66 of the Boruto manga, it is shown in Chapter 67 that Boruto survives. This is because Momoshiki uses Boruto as a vessel, and as such, he values him too highly to allow him to pass away. This is the reason Momoshiki utilized his abilities to resuscitate and heal Boruto in the manga.

The rest of this article is going to give you additional details on the fight between Kawaki and Boruto, as well as the answer to all the questions related to Boruto’s apparent death in the manga. We now know that Boruto did not die in this fight, so we can confirm that we will tell you more details about the events that led to Boruto’s apparent death.

Kawaki almost killed Boruto in the manga

At the beginning of Chapter 66, Kawaki remembers Amado’s suggestion to acquire a new Kāma. Ada thinks that Amado never gave Kawaki a choice and that he restored the kāma while he recovered his right arm because he anticipated that Kawaki would yearn for more power. Code deduces that Amado chose him as a target to activate Kawaki’s power. Shikamaru pays attention to Code’s responses and ascertains that he has a supporter.

Momoshiki is taken aback and blames Amado’s intentions for the new kama. Until he is given to the Ten-Tails, he will be utilized by others. He teases Kawaki. Naruto and Code notice that Kawaki is using Isshiki’s jutsu to assault Momoshiki, and Code wonders what Amado is trying to accomplish. Kawaki starts to realize something.

While Kawaki does not much care, he interrupts Naruto as he expresses concern for him and reminds him that Shikamaru is still a hostage. He promises to take care of Naruto’s requirements. When Momoshiki attacks Kawaki, the two take each other’s ninjutsu into account. Sukunahikona and Daikokuten are still being used by Kawaki to combat Momoshiki.

Boruto’s personality suddenly emerges. Naruto protects Boruto as Kawaki attempts to smash Momoshiki with cubes after piercing him with chakra rods. According to Code, Naruto has advanced and no longer considers killing Shikamaru worthwhile. After enough, Naruto questions whether killing Boruto is really what he wants to do. If Boruto is Naruto’s son, Momoshiki is a demon who wants to kill Naruto, according to Kawaki, so it is the appropriate thing to do.


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He is charged with behaving demonically by Naruto. Kawaki dismisses him and says that since Naruto cannot complete the task on his own, he will. Kawaki responds that he needs to confront reality when Naruto tells him to calm down. Momoshiki is surprised when Boruto wakes up and tells him to go back to sleep. He claims that Amado’s medication helped a little, but given that he nearly murdered Naruto, he acknowledges that it is not a permanent fix. When Kawaki asks him if he remembers what he said earlier, Boruto responds in the affirmative. Kawaki considers it sad that Boruto agrees that they must implement their last-ditch strategy.

Boruto apologizes and answers Naruto’s question with “What is it?” while fending him off with Wind Release: Gale Palm. When he can still keep Momoshiki back, Boruto asks Kawaki to perform the task. Everyone is startled as Kawaki kicks Boruto in the chest after twisting his arm. Screaming for Boruto, Naruto.

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At this moment, it seemed that Boruto was dead. It was a truly shocking moment for all fans, but luckily for everyone, the upcoming Chapter 67 revealed Boruto’s fate and what happened to him. The chapter is a direct continuation of the events from Chapter 66. Boruto moves quickly, followed by Naruto. Ada cautions Code that she will not permit him to sacrifice Kawaki while he examines his options. He releases Shikamaru and warns Kawaki that someone will always try to control him as he gets ready to go.

Kawaki continues to do this while Code makes more scratch marks so that he cannot flee. He questions him as to why he allowed Boruto to flee, stating that he will kill anyone who threatens Naruto. When Kawaki overwhelms Code after he successfully avoids his strike and attempts to counter with Taijutsu, Code feels concerned.

Shikamaru joins Naruto, who is in such a state of shock that he cannot keep Sage Mode up and tries to take him out of it. He screams at Naruto that Boruto picked this to protect them and insists that they should assist Kawaki in handling the code. Kawaki is ready to blow up Code while threatening to show no mercy if his ally turns on Naruto. While Kawaki is crushing him, Code notices the gaping scratch on his cheek.

Shikamaru is shocked to witness Kawaki being hurled back when the smoke clears. Code has awoken Daemon so that he can reflect Kawaki’s strike. Daemon is eager to engage in battle, but Code sends him back to Ada. He checks on Kawaki and informs Ada that he is alive after Ada issues a warning.

If he wasn’t, she would send Daemon to have him killed, she claims. Code grudgingly acknowledges that he cannot defeat Kawaki, chooses to allow Amado to free him, and then departs. Shikamaru informs Naruto that they must determine how to deal with Kawaki, who instantly kills his colleague.

Shikamaru is determined to take action despite Naruto’s claims that it wasn’t all his fault. He emphasizes that they should consider the other villages and that, given the reaction to Kawaki, they should also prepare for a backlash in Konoha. Shikamaru questions whether Naruto can really accept Kawaki if he has become a member of their family after killing his kid.


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Turning to face Naruto, Boruto quips that it would be impolite to dismiss him before asking who was slain. While crying and holding Boruto, Naruto shocks Shikamaru. Shikamaru observes that Boruto’s chest hole has fully recovered. After revealing itself to Boruto, Momoshiki’s spirit informs him that losing the vessel would mean losing his soul, making him too valuable for Momoshiki to lose.

In order for the remaining compressed data to construct Boruto’s tissues and heal him, he rewrites it with Boruto’s data after using a portion of the kāma to resurrect Boruto. To Boruto, this is a win because it keeps Momoshiki from being resurrected in his body. Whether it is rewritten or not, all the kma data was Ōtsutsuki, which means Boruto is now a complete Ōtsutsuki and is therefore entitled to offer himself as a sacrifice to the Ten-Tails, as the code will soon learn. Momoshiki advises him not to be unhappy about this.

Boruto thinks this will buy him some time to search for the Code, but Momoshiki cautions him that he won’t be raised from the dead the next time. He inquires whether the woman’s demise was what Momoshiki had in mind when she initially appeared to him in a vision. Momoshiki laughs it off and replies that it has nothing to do with that because he does not know why it would occur, but he is certain that it will do so soon.