When Did Boruto Use Kāma for the First Time? (Episode & Chapter)

When Did Boruto Use Kāma for the First Time? (Episode & Chapter)

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Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise, including the Boruto sequel series, is a truly fascinating world with a lot of interesting concepts. Most of these concepts have been reworked from Oriental folklore and mythology, with Kishimoto adding some twists that made them more special. Now, we have already talked about Kāma in Boruto, and in this article, we are going to give you some additional details about it namely, what we are going to tell you when Boruto Uzumaki first activated his Kāma in the manga and in the anime series.

The first time that Boruto unconsciously activated his Kāma was in Episode 151 of the anime, titled “Boruto and Tentō”, which adapted Chapter 15 of the manga, titled “The Supporting Shadow…!!”. As for the first conscious activation, it happened in Episode 187 of the Boruto anime series, which was titled “Kāma”, just like Chapter 23, which it adapted.

In the rest of this article, we are going to provide you with more details on the concept of Kāma in the world of Naruto (or Boruto, to be more specific), especially in relation to Boruto. You’re going to find out what it is, how Boruto got it, and how it manifests itself. This is going to be your ultimate guide to Boruto’s use of Kāma in the world of Naruto, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know. Also, there might be some spoilers in this article.

First time Boruto activated Kāma

As far as Boruto’s relation to Momoshiki’s Kāma is concerned, there are two points of interest here. The first is his unconscious activation of Kāma, which happened a tad earlier, and later his first conscious activation of this technique, which happened some 30-ish episodes later. In this article, we will tell you about both of these instances.

As for the first instance, we know it happened in Episode 151 of the Boruto anime. The episode was titled “Boruto and Tentō,” and it premiered on April 5, 2020, as part of the Mujina Bandits Arc. The episode adapted Chapters 14 and 15 of the manga, but the activation happened in Chapter 15, whose official title was “The Supporting Shadow…!!”.

With Shojoji defeated, Boruto and Tentō high five their hands in victory; however, to the misfortune of both, the leader Mujina rises from the rubble and between gasps presumes that a jutsu from a genin will not affect him and absorb whatever they use, even so, Boruto tells his opponent that should give up as soon as possible and that he doesn’t want to hurt him anymore.

However, the blond ninja’s jutsu undoes before he can use it, and he falls to the ground. His right hand begins to ache, then he looks at his palm and notices a strange seal that is an extension of the diamond he had previously. Confused, he wonders what that is; Tentō then runs to help him. Shojoji, who also sees the mark on Boruto’s hand, asks him if, by chance he is from “that organization,” but Boruto, without understanding, tells him that he doesn’t know what is he talking about.


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The leader Mujina tells him that because of his appearance, he has some relationship with “them,” and that’s why he scared him. He presumes that he doesn’t need to try so hard and that he should surrender as soon as possible; seeing the situation, Boruto tells Tentō to run quickly, but he refuses and asks his friend to get up. Shojoji, who is about to attack them, tells them to stop acting like that, but unexpectedly something surrounds and immobilizes the criminal leader. It is Mitsuki and Sarada who have come to help.

Boruto asks his teammates how they got here, and Sarada replies that she got together with Mitsuki, and they went to meet Konohamaru; she was worried because he wasn’t there, so she thought that something had happened. Uzumaki explains that he came to finish the mission and apologizes to his teammates. Sarada accepts in exchange for buying her a caramel macchiato, and Mitsuki says that he wants a hot cappuccino.

Boruto’s attention soon goes back to his right hand, where he notices that the mark has returned to its original form and that it doesn’t hurt anymore. Wondering what that could have been and remembered the question that Shojoji asked him about “that organization.” This was the first time that Boruto experienced Kāma.

As for the second instance, the one where Boruto consciously activated his Kāma, it happened in Episode 187 of the anime series. The episode was simply titled “Kāma,” and it premiered on February 21, 2021; the scene was adapted from the manga’s Chapter 23, which was also titled “Kāma.” Both are part of the Ao Arc.

The first time that Momoshiki appeared was during the battle to save Naruto from Boro when Sarada destroys the core of Boro’s Shinobi Regenerative Implant. However, seconds before Boro could deliver the killing blow, Boruto instinctively awakened Momoshiki through his Kāma. Gaining control of Boruto’s body, Momoshiki remembered the name of Boruto’s favorite technique and released a massive Rasengan that destroyed Boro. With the threat removed, Momoshiki said that it was not yet time for Boruto to lose everything, and his personality weakened as Kāma began to regress. Coming to his senses, Boruto couldn’t remember what had happened.

Later, during the battle with Isshiki, Boruto was knocked unconscious. As the battle progressed, Naruto and Sasuke were pushed to their limits, and Isshiki managed to summon Kawaki to him to leave a new Kāma mark on him before his inevitable death. At that moment, Momoshiki awakens again. Momoshiki decides to go unnoticed until Isshiki finally truly dies and Naruto and Sasuke are badly injured. Momoshiki then surprises them by stabbing a kunai into Sasuke’s left eye, destroying his Rinnegan before anyone can react.


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Momoshiki was happy to neutralize Sasuke’s space-time ninjutsu and began to fight him and Kawaki. He noticed that the unpacking of Kāma Kawaki had progressed considerably, making him a suitable victim to cultivate the God Tree. Sasuke deduced that if Boruto’s chakra was replenished, his personality would return. Kawaki begins to deliberately burn himself, but Momoshiki reacts by taking in the fire, which is enough for Boruto to wake up and regain control of his body.

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