Hunter X Hunter: Here’s When Killua Uses Godspeed for the First Time

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Killua Zoldyck is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter. He is an assassin from a family of well-known and renowned assassins, the Zoldyck Family. Killua grew up in an isolated environment and had difficulty making friends due to his upbringing until he eventually met Gon Freecss and became best friends. Killua is incredibly strong for his age, potentially being one of the strongest characters in the series. Killua has a wide array of Nen abilities that he unlocks only after meeting Gon, Godspeed being one of them. However, Killua doesn’t use Godspeed frequently. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Godspeed is the culmination of Killua’s Nen skills, so he uses it sparingly.
  • It uses Killua’s electrical aura to allow him to transcend the physical restrictions that limit his speed.
  • Killua first uses Godspeed in the Chimera Ant arc, season 5 of the 2011 Hunter x Hunter series, episode 119. KIllua has only used Godspeed twice so far.

What arc does Killua use Godspeed in? 

King Komugi

Killua uses Godspeed in the Chimera Ant arc, one of the most well-known but brutal arcs in Hunter x Hunter. The Chimera Ant arc is the longest Hunter x Hunter arc to date, but that’s because it has some of the best character development we’ve seen in Hunter x Hunter

This arc is all about the titular Chimera Ants, a voracious species of ants that feast on humans. By consuming more and more humans, the next generations of born ants continue to look more humanoid. 

Gon and Killua, led by Kite, travel to the Neo-Green Life Autonomous Region to investigate this matter further. They encounter the super-powered “ants” and have to fight for their lives to stop the ant colony from expanding. 

Chimera Ants are well-known for hunting their preferred food species to extinction, and they’ve taken a liking to attacking villages and consuming increasingly more people. 


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What season does Killua use Godspeed in? 

Killua uses Godspeed in season 5 of the Hunter x Hunter anime. The 2011 version of the Hunter x Hunter anime, which most people watch, has adapted each arc into one season. Because of this, what happens in season 5 and what happens in the Chimera Ant arc are the same. 

The hunt against the Chimera Ants continues as Gon and Killua try to stop the colony from expanding and wiping out humanity. 

What episode does Killua use Godspeed in?

killua godspeed

Killua uses Godspeed in episode 119 of the anime, also known as episode 44 of season 5. While one of the Royal Guards, Youpi, is distracted, Killua decides to attack him. This is when he activates Godspeed. 

To understand this fight, we must know how Godspeed works. Killua’s Godspeed is the fusion of his electric Nen, Whirlwind, and Speed of Lightning abilities. Killua’s Whirlwind makes his movements automatic. Normally, when we perceive a stimulus, it travels through our nerves to our brains, and then we decide what to do about it, send an impulse back, and that impulse reaches our muscles, causing them to move. 

Our nervous system can only convey electrical signals to other body parts so fast, but Killua’s Godspeed covers him in electricity. This allows Killua’s thoughts and impulses to be transmitted much more quickly. 

Whirlwind automates this process, cutting down his reaction time significantly. Killua can instantly react to a threat without thinking about it by programming his aura to send an electric shock to his muscles when there’s a threat. The condition that must be met can be an evil aura, physical contact, or whatever he wants it to be. His response is also preprogrammed. 

Speed of Lightning is the failsafe that allows Killua to still be in control of his body. When there’s a threat that Killua didn’t account for, Speed of Lightning will enable him to take back the reigns and turn off the autopilot. 

When Killua confronted Youpi, he could land several blows on him without Youpi even realizing what was happening. Youpi himself admits that he was powerless to stop the attack. Although it didn’t actually hurt him, Killua could paralyze Youpi for a few moments. 


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Then, Killua’s electricity suddenly ran out, forcing him to escape. This shows us that Killua can’t estimate how long Godspeed will last, making it the most significant weak point of his ability. 

How many times does Killua use Godspeed?

killus godspeed 2

Killua has only used Godspeed twice so far, though he might use it more times as Hunter x Hunter is updated. The first was in his fight against Youpi, and the second was when he was carrying his sister Alluka to the Hunter Association Building. 

Killua has been working on Godspeed for a while, but he hasn’t had much time to use it in battle. Godspeed will surely be used many more times in the future and eventually refined to perfection. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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