Minecraft: Here’s Why You Can’t Tame Ender Dragon

Heres Why You Cant Tame Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The Ender Dragon in Minecraft is one of the best mobs in the game. Fans have been impressed with her for years, and many say that killing it produces the best sound in the game after she implodes into oblivion. You can still enjoy the sound of victory and want to tame Jean, though. How about it, then? Is it possible to tame the Ender Dragon in Minecraft??

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In vanilla Minecraft, it’s not possible to tame the Ender Dragon.
  • The Whole purpose of the mob is for you to kill it, and no amount of effort will ever equal you having a dragon pet.
  • This is simple: the game is coded so that the Ender Dragon can never become a passive or natural mob and is only considered hostile.

Why can’t you tame the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

It would be fantastic if you could tame the Ender Dragon in Minecraft but think of it this way and on a smaller scale: you can’t tame other hostile mobs either. You can name them, trap them, and make them utterly useless and unable to harm you, but they will always want to do just that. It’s a sad life when your sole purpose in life is to harm no matter what.

Could this be changed? Could you perhaps hatch the egg given to you when you defeat the Ender Dragon to spawn a baby dragon that you can then forcefully tame without it ever knowing what you did to its mother? How do you even pick up the egg that spawns, and will it reappear when you respawn the Ender Dragon?

The useless egg problem

As the title of the subheading suggests, the dragon egg in Minecraft is utterly and completely useless. You can’t even mine it to pick it up as an item using traditional means. Not even a silk touch pickaxe will help, so how can players still obtain it as an item? The only way to obtain the dragon egg as an item is to make it drop on a non-solid block like a torch. Then, it’ll drop itself as an item, and you can pick it up just like any other item.

If you even try to damage it, it’ll teleport to a random location elsewhere in the End. The only thing that makes sense with this egg and is a constant no matter the world you’re playing in is that it first spawns at the top of the End fountain. This is a problem for one simple reason, if the egg falls into the fountain, it’s gone forever, so how do you pick it up?

How to pick up the dragon egg

To pick up the dragon egg in Minecraft as an item, follow these steps:

  1. The things you’ll need to obtain the egg are building blocks (end stone work best since it’s abundant in the End), a piston, and a lever. You’ll create a piston using three wooden blocks, one redstone dust, four pieces of cobblestone, and one iron ingot. The lever is made using one stick and one cobblestone.
  2. Use the building blocks to make a ring with the egg and bedrock in the center. You should aim to cover the exit portal fully, and a 4×4 platform will suffice. Make sure not to fall into the exit portal, though.
  3. Next, put a right next to the dragon egg. It should face it. You should also ensure that the piston will push it on your created platform when you activate it.
  4. Place a lever right next to the piston. It should send a signal and push the egg onto the next block.
  5. The egg will then drop itself as an item, and you can pick it up. If you decide to place it somewhere, you’ll have to repeat this whole process again, but likely without the platform.

When you’ve gone through all that trouble to obtain the dragon egg, you can put it someplace and look at it because you can’t do anything with it other than to have a trophy and a reminder that you did indeed defeat the Ender Dragon. Remember that you also don’t need the egg to respawn the Ender Dragon, and if you decide to place it in the End while you’re respawning Jean, you won’t be able to obtain the egg anymore.

Hold on for just a minute, though; you don’t have to lose hope because of a wonderful thing called mods. So get working cause you’ll need the egg.

dragon egg

Mods to the rescue

Mods in Minecraft are a different breed, for sure. Almost no other game lets you completely overhaul the game in the way that Minecraft mods do. At most, you can change some textures to get some exciting creatures to attack you in other games, but Minecraft allows you to do that and so much more.

It lets you completely overhaul mobs, introduce new ones, change how they behave, and even change how the game looks and acts. Dare I say; there’s no limit to what you can do in Minecraft regarding modding, so let’s take a look at some of the best dragon mods that the community members created.

Best dragon mods for Minecraft

1. Dragon Mounts: Legacy

Although the Dragon Mounts: Legacy mod doesn’t actually allow you to tame the Ender Dragon, it does introduce eight different dragon species to Minecraft, one of which has the texture and looks of the Ender Dragon. The dragons won’t be able to breathe fire, but you can tame them and ride them. To find these dragon eggs, you’ll have to go adventuring and find them in chest loot of dungeons and mineshafts

2. Wyrmroost

Although the Wyrmroost is similar to the Dragon Mounts: Legacy, its distinct feature is that not all dragons are tameable. When you find those who are, they’ll help you with some tasks in your world. Each dragon has a distinct and unique ability. Some can even breathe fire if that’s more your forte.

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