Minecraft 1.14: Here’s Why Your Chunks Aren’t Loading (& How To Fix It)

1.14 Chunk Bug Minecraft

Let’s face it, Minecraft is a buggy game, so when your blocks won’t break, or you keep getting back to a certain point without the ability to move freely, it’s not something that surprises you because it happens all the time. What doesn’t happen as often is chunks just not loading. Usually, it’s a sign of a faulty computer, but what if it isn’t? Why are chunks not loading in Minecraft 1.14, and how do you fix it?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The reason the chunks aren’t loading in 1.14 is that Mojang implemented a new engine that, of course, caused a bug.
  • The only way to fix the bug in 1.14 is to transfer to the prerelease or version 1.14.1. Another fix is to reload the chunks by pressing F3+A, but this is not a foolproof method, and it’s not guaranteed to work.

Don’t worry; it’s not your computer

I can without a doubt say that you have nothing to worry about and your computer is completely fine. Of course, if you experienced these issues before the update, you might want to consider checking up on your computer.

Another solution in case the problem really is your computer is to set the video settings to the lowest possible values. It’s hard for an old computer to handle a crazy render distance, like 30 chunks or more. I suggest lowering it to 10-12. If it keeps lagging, decrease it some more.

You should also decrease your simulation distance and switch your graphics to fast. Turning off and lowering all the settings you can find in the video section will reduce what your computer has to handle to run the game properly.

Shaders and the loading of chunks

Shaders have been a popular choice for making your Minecraft gameplay more enjoyable. Although part of the sale value of Minecraft is that it has subpar graphics, it’s hard to resist a good shader that gives you realistic blue skies, clear ocean blue waters, and so much more.

Shaders can also cause chunk-loading problems, though. Personally, I’ve had problems with shaders not loading textures and everything just appearing as grey blocks or even looking like static, as shown in the picture below.

Shaders and chunks Minecraft

Returning to the chunk loading problem, it might be that your shaders interact with a mod you might have also downloaded, and the two have run into a compatibility problem. If that’s not the case, the easiest fix to your problem might be to reload resource packs by pressing F3 + T.

Of course, suppose you’re running Minecraft version 1.14. In that case, it’s best to first switch to a different version, and if the problem persists, only then should you investigate further and consider other possible solutions.

The new engine

The new engine that Mojang introduced in 1.14 is Blaze3D. It’s a rendering engine, so it’s natural that if a problem occurs, it will relate to rendering game data. Introducing this new engine also caused Mojang to update the minimum system requirements for running Minecraft, so even though it might run similarly to the old rendering engine, it’s a lot stronger than its predecessor.

It was said that this new rendering engine would also affect Optifine, so there is a small chance that you have Optifine installed and they’re interacting with each other, messing with the loading of chunks. Of course, if we were still in Minecraft version 1.14, a possible solution would be to play without Optifine; since that is not the case, the only logical solution is to upgrade to a newer version of 1.14, where the bug is fixed.

Updating to 1.14.1: Why and how to do it

At the time of writing this article, it’s 2024, and people are still playing a Minecraft version released in 2019. There are plenty of reasons why someone might opt to play it out. Perhaps, they prefer the in-game mechanics of the world in the older version, or the version better interacts with the numerous mods they added.

Whatever the reason, if you’re skeptical about switching to version 1.14.1, it’s a minor update that barely adds anything to the game and focuses more on fixing some bugs that occur in 1.14.

In total, 60 issues were fixed, some textures were updated, village generation was tweaked slightly, and the only thing that really ”changed” is that flaming arrows can light a campfire.

Why is the bug Java Edition exclusive

Java Edition Minecraft was coded in Java, while for the Bedrock Edition, the programming language used was C++. The Ladder is a far more stable language than Java. Besides, Bedrock Edition was built from the ground up, so any potential mistakes within the game’s code were eliminated before the release.

Java Edition is the one that took the fall for Bedrock Edition to shine. Any change within the game is only added to the code, so Java Edition’s code is a mess. The engine was added only for Java Edition, so Bedrock Edition users weren’t affected.

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