Who Is The White Worm in House of the Dragon? Meet Sonoya Mizuno’s Mysaria

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Episode 9 of House of the Dragon allowed us to see the return to the spotlight of one of the characters that have been around since the beginning of the series. This time, however, she had a different role compared to when she was first introduced, as she is now in control of one of the most powerful networks of spies in the Seven Kingdoms. As such, she is often called the White Worm by those who know her. So, who is the White Worm in House of the Dragon?

Portrayed by Sonoya Mizuno, the White Worm is actually Mysaria, who used to be the lover of Prince Daemon Targaryen when she was still working in the brothels of King’s Landing. She has since elevated herself and has become the leader of a network of spies that operate in the capital.

The White Worm in House of the Dragon represents the common people’s interests in a series that revolves around kings and other nobles. In that regard, she is the one who allows us to see what the smallfolk of King’s Landing experience in the middle of all of the politicking going on in the Seven Kingdoms. Now, let’s get to know more about the White Worm in House of the Dragon.

Who Is The White Worm In House Of The Dragon?

It was in episode 9 of House of the Dragon that we felt the most tension, as it was too thick that you could basically cut the tension in the air with a knife. That was because there was a mad scramble for power after the death of King Viserys, as the Greens were looking to install Prince Aegon on the Iron Throne. And because Aegon was not in the Red Keep during the time when they wanted to plot how they would take over the Seven Kingdoms, the Greens went out looking for him all over King’s Landing.


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Otto Hightower had other ideas on how he wanted to proceed with Aegon’s coronation, and that was why he sent the Cargyll twins, Erryk and Arryk, to go looking for the prince in secret. Meanwhile, Queen Alicent sent her own men in the form of Ser Criston and Prince Aemond to go out looking for the prince in King’s Landing, as the queen and her father both wanted to be in control of the situation regarding Aegon.

The search of Erryk and Arryk took them to a fighting pit that involved children, as grown men and women were cheering on while kids were brutally beating each other up. That was when Erryk allowed Arryk to see what kind of a man Aegon was, as this led Arryk to question why Erryk was able to look past the prince’s depravity for years. While they were talking, a woman approached them and was looking to give them information regarding the prince’s whereabouts.

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This very same woman told the twins that her mistress, the White Worm, was not going to talk to anyone other than the Hand of the King, as the Cargyll brothers eventually complied with the request. That was when they took Otto Hightower to a secret meeting involving the White Worm, who had information regarding Prince Aegon’s whereabouts. But who exactly is the White Worm?

The White Worm is not a new character in the storyline because we’ve met her before, as she has been in the series since the very beginning. We are talking about Mysaria, who used to be Daemon Targaryen’s lover when he was still in King’s Landing. At that time, Mysaria was still working as a whore in the brothels of King’s Landing, and that was how she became Daemon’s preferred lover.

Mysaria is said to be from the Free City of Lys but somehow ended up in King’s Landing during her younger years. And that was what forced her to work in the brothels of the capital, as she eventually became Daemon’s lover.

She was also the exact same person that Daemon took to Dragonstone in episode 2 when he took over the ancestral seat of House Targaryen and announced his wedding to Mysaria. But we all know that this wedding never happened because Princess Rhaenyra intervened and forced her uncle (now husband) to vacate Dragonstone and return the dragon egg that he stole.


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The next time we saw Mysaria was when Daemon was too drunk after a night out with Rhaenyra in King’s Landing. She was the one who took the drunk Daemon and kept him safe, as she had already elevated her status among the smallfolk of King’s Landing.

What Happens To Mysaria In House Of The Dragon?

It took a while for us to see the White Worm again as the next time we saw her was during episode 8 when she was seen meeting with Talya, who we know is the lady-in-waiting of Queen Alicent Hightower. This meeting happened just shortly after the incident involving Alicent and the maid Dyana, who Prince Aegon sexually assaulted. It was suggested that Talya worked under Mysaria as a spy.

Meanwhile, in episode 9, the White Worm met up with Otto Hightower and the Cargyll twins in King’s Landing to reveal what she knows about the location of Prince Aegon. That was when she revealed that she already knew about the passing of King Viserys, as it is possible that it was Talya, who we saw lighting some candles in the opening scene of the episode, was the one who signaled the death of the king to Mysaria.

Otto was surprised when he found out about how the White Worm knew that the king was already dead, as Mysaria was clearly using this as a bargaining chip. That was when she said that the prince was safely hidden in Flea Bottom and was once again her bargaining chip to get what she wanted from Otto. She demanded that he look into the fighting pits involving children because this was a barbaric practice that the gold cloaks of the City Watch had been overlooking for years because of the bribes they were receiving.


The Hand said that he was going to look into this, as Mysaria told him that he owes her a debt of gratitude because she was the one who allowed Aegon to become king when she could have just easily killed him when she had the chance to do so.

After that, there was a scene involving Alicent and Larys, who was sharing information with her regarding the network of spies that her father had been using to his advantage. That was when it was revealed that the one that was in control of this network of spies was none other than Mysaria herself, as Larys suggested to the queen that he could have her killed so that Otto won’t be able to stay one step ahead of her at all times.

However, in the book, Mysaria ends up becoming one of the allies of the Blacks, as it is possible that she will survive the upcoming attempt on her life. Her importance was highlighted when Daemon wanted to take revenge for the death of Lucerys Velaryon, who was killed by Aemond. He asked the help of the White Worm, who sent assassins in the form of Blood and Cheese to kill Jaehaerys Targaryen, the son, and heir of Aegon II. That means that she still has a role to play in the upcoming Targaryen civil war.

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