Is Mysaria Dead in House of the Dragon? What Happened to White Worm?

mysaria the white worm

There are a lot of different supporting characters in House of the Dragon, and they all play their own roles in the series, especially in contributing to the flow of the storyline. One such character that has been operating under the radar but has had her own roles in the series is Mysaria, who seemed to be unimportant when she was introduced but is actually one of the more important supporting characters in the series. Of course, a lot of things have happened between her introduction and now. So, is Mysaria dead in House of the Dragon?

Mysaria is still alive in House of the Dragon as she has become the leader of a spy network in King’s Landing. However, it is possible that her life is currently threatened, especially if Larys Strong were to send assassins after her. But Mysaria still has a big role to play in the upcoming Targaryen civil war. 

The presence of Mysaria in House of the Dragon is a way for us to see the different things that happen in the eyes of the smallfolk of the Seven Kingdoms, as we often look at the politicking from the point of view of the ones in power. She also represents the fact that the smallfolk can be as powerful as the nobles as well. In that regard, let’s take a look at the White Worm’s story and role.

Who Is Mysaria In House Of The Dragon?

Even though there is no doubt that House of the Dragons will focus more on the storyline surrounding House Targaryen and the other lords and ladies that are looking to improve their standing in the Seven Kingdoms, we also know that the smallfolk are still part of the events. That’s because, at the end of it all, there wouldn’t be a king or a lord if there were no regular people to rule over.

In that regard, we met one of the smallfolk quite early in the series in the form of Mysaria, who was first seen together with Daemon. Mysaria was introduced as the preferred whore of Prince Daemon Targaryen while he was in King’s Landing. Eventually, Mysaria became his lover, as he even left King’s Landing with her and took over Dragonstone and intended to marry her to anger his brother, King Viserys. Daemon even lied about the fact that she was pregnant so that he could get the attention of the king.

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Mysaria, from what we’ve seen, is a foreigner from the Free Cities of Essos. She is said to be from Lys but ended up in King’s Landing quite early in her life. As such, she had no choice but to become a whore working in the brothels of the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. At one point, she became the favored whore of Daemon while he was still the commander of the City Watch during the early part of Viserys’s reign.

However, after Daemon was forced to vacate Dragonstone, Mysaria returned to King’s Landing. But the thing is that she never returned to her role as a whore because she steadily elevated her status among the smallfolk of King’s Landing. This was seen in episode 4 when she was the one who took Daemon from the streets when he became too drunk during a night out with Rhaenyra. Even he was surprised to see that Mysaria was still alive and had elevated her status.

Is Mysaria Dead In House Of The Dragon?

It took a while for us to once again see Mysaria in House of the Dragon. The next time we saw her was in episode 8 when she was seen meeting up with Talya, who worked as Queen Alicent Hightower’s lady-in-waiting. It was clear that Talya was quite possibly working for Mysaria, who had someone prominent among the smallfolk of King’s Landing.


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Meanwhile, in episode 8, Ser Erryk and Ser Arryk went out to King’s Landing to go looking for Prince Aegon, and they went to a fighting pit that involved children. While they were there, they met a woman that told them that she knew something about Aegon’s whereabouts. She said that her mistress was only willing to meet with Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King.

In that regard, the twin knights set up a meeting between Otto and the woman’s mistress, who happened to be Mysaria, who was now known all over King’s Landing as the White Snake. In that scene, Mysaria received ransom money from Otto, as it was clear that she knew that the king was dead and that she took Aegon to make sure that she had a bargaining chip against the crown. Mysaria wanted Otto to look into the fighting pits involving children and to put a stop to these activities, as the Hand agreed to the condition.

mysaria meeting

Erryk and Arryk used the information they obtained from Mysaria as they found Prince Aegon hidden in Flea Bottom. Nevertheless, Ser Criston Cole defeated Arryk and gained custody of the prince.

In a later scene, Larys Strong was seen together with Queen Alicent, as he provided her information regarding the spy network that her father was using. He revealed that the Hand was using Mysaria’s spy network, which included Talya, to his advantage as he was always several steps ahead of Alicent. That was when Alicent told Larys to do something about the leader of these spies, which was the White Worm herself.

What Happens To The White Worm?

As suggested by that scene involving Alicent and Larys, it is possible that the Clubfoot will use his network of assassins to try to kill Mysaria, who was supposedly on the side of Otto Hightower. However, there is a chance that she will survive this attempt on her life and will use it as a reason to switch her allegiance to the Blacks. That’s because she still has a big role to play in the storyline of the Dance of the Dragons.


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During the Targaryen civil war, Prince Aemond will kill Prince Lucerys, and this will devastate Rhaenyra to the point that she became inconsolable. As such, Prince Daemon will use this opportunity to take revenge on the Greens, as he sent a message saying: “An eye for an eye, a son for a son.”

In that regard, Daemon contacted Mysaria, whose network of spies and assassins became invaluable for the Blacks. She hired Blood and Cheese, a butcher and ratcatcher duo, to kill Jaehaerys Targaryen, the only son of King Aegon II. In that regard, she was the one that took revenge on behalf of Daemon by hiring the people that killed Aegon II’s son.

Mysaria became the unofficial mistress of whispers working under Rhaenyra when she took over King’s Landing. However, when Rhaenyra had to vacate the capital due to the riots that were happening, Mysaria was eventually killed.

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