How Many Children Does Aegon Have? (& Who Are They)

aegons children

A good portion of episode 9 of House of the Dragon focused on Prince Aegon Targaryen because both Otto and Alicent sent their own men to go looking for him in King’s Landing because he didn’t want to be king. He wanted to escape his responsibilities, including the ones he had with his wife and his children. Of course, as the new king, he has to make sure that he has heirs that would carry his bloodline. So, how many children does King Aegon II have?

Aegon currently has two children in House of the Dragons. His children with Helaena are twins named Jaehaerys and Jaehaera, who were both obviously named after his great-grandfather, the Old King Jaehaerys. However, as seen in the episode, he has a lot of different bastards all over King’s Landing.

The fact that Aegon has a lot of bastards all over King’s Landing means that he was never suited for the Iron Throne, as he neglected his duties to both his wife and his kingdom. But the fact is that his children with Helaena are still going to be very important in the upcoming events of the Dance of the Dragons and even in the future of the entire realm.

How Many Children Does Aegon Have In House Of The Dragon?

Episode 9 of House of the Dragon allowed us to get to know more about Prince Aegon Targaryen during an episode that focused heavily on the Green faction in King’s Landing. We were able to see what kind of person Aegon was, as he was missing from the Red Keep because he opted to escape during the night so that he could have a fun time in King’s Landing. He also didn’t want to be found because he didn’t want to become king, as he never wanted the responsibility of being a ruler on his shoulders.


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However, he did become the new king of the Seven Kingdom, as he eventually succeeded his father to the applause of the people of King’s Landing. In that regard, one of the duties of the king was to leave behind heirs so that the bloodline of the Targaryen kings would continue for several more generations until the coming of the prophesized Prince that was Promised. So, with that said, how many children does Aegon have in House of the Dragon?

We know that King Aegon II has been married to his sister Helaena for quite a few years already. Of course, it was hinted in episode 8 that they already had children, as Helaena asked Alicent where the maid Dyana was because she was supposed to be dressing the children. And we confirmed in episode 8 that they did indeed have two children already.

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So, as far as his legitimate children with his legal wife are concerned, Aegon II already has two of them. Meanwhile, in the book, he is going to have a third child with Helaena. But the thing is that it is possible that he has more than just his legitimate children in House of the Dragon.

Back in episode 9, Ser Erryk and Ser Arryk Cargyll were looking for Prince Aegon all over King’s Landing on the orders of Ser Otto Hightower. That was when they went into a fighting pit with children as the fighters that people were cheering on for sport. Erryk expressed what kind of a man Aegon was, as his brother was surprised by how depraved the king-to-be was. But Erryk showed Arryk more as he pointed to one of the children in the corner.

This child, probably somewhere under the age of ten, had white hair. Arryk immediately recognized the child as quite possibly a bastard that belonged to Aegon. Erryk told him that that was merely one of what he believes is a lot of bastards born to the prince.

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As such, it is possible that while Aegon only has two children with his wife (possibly one more on the way), he has a lot more children with different women all over King’s Landing as he is spreading his seed among the various whores in the many different establishments and brothels in the city. This shows just how irresponsible of a man he is, as he has a lot of different bastards in King’s Landing and doesn’t even try to help them, just like how he hardly pays any attention to the children that he has with his sister. 

Who Are Aegon’s Children?

Before he became king, Aegon II already had twins with his sister Helaena. One was a boy, and the other was a girl. The boy’s name is Jaehaerys, and he was named after his great-grandfather. Meanwhile, the girl’s name is Jaehaera, which is also a name that was derived from the Old King’s own name.

Jaehaerys, in the book, was supposed to be Aegon II’s heir. However, after Aemond killed Jacaerys, Rhaenyra grieved so much that she was inconsolable. That was when Daemon vowed revenge against the Greens. He sent a letter to the Greens saying, “an eye for an eye, a son for a son.”


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In that regard, he commissioned the help of Mysaria, who hired two assassins that posed as rat catchers in the Red Keep. These rat catchers, Blood and Cheese, went on to murder Jaehaerys, as this was what pushed Helaena over to the edge.

Meanwhile, Maelor Targaryen, the youngest son of Aegon II, died during the fall of King’s Landing when Rhaenyra attacked the capital. In the books, there were plenty of different accounts in relation to Maelor’s death, but there were those that said that he was accidentally crushed or was even chopped to pieces by a butcher.

However, Jaehaera was spared as she was not Aegon II’s heir. She was kept in the Red Keep the entire time, as she eventually became Aegon the Younger’s friend while he was kept hostage by the Greens.

Upon King Aegon II’s death, Aegon the Younger became King Aegon III. However, the regents that sat on the Iron Throne during Aegon III’s early years decided to marry him with Jaehaera to unite the two Targaryen branches into one, as this effectively ended the war because both of the bloodlines that claimed the Iron Throne were already married. Aegon II’s bloodline ended with Aegon III’s children with Jaehaera.

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