How Did Shoto Todoroki Get His Scar? (& Who Gave Him the Scar)

shoto scar

Shoto Todoroki is no doubt one of the main characters of My Hero Academia, and it is his involvement with the entire drama surrounding the Todoroki family that placed him under the spotlight in the recent events of the series. But while there are a lot of things to talk about Shoto, the one thing that has always been his signature look is the scar on the left side of his face. So, how did Shoto Todoroki get his scar?

Shoto Todoroki got his scar when his mother, Rei Himura, poured boiling water on his face when he was just a little boy. Rei had already declined mentally and emotionally due to Endeavor’s abuses. She snapped at Shoto when she was reminded of Endeavor when she saw his red hair.

The entire storyline surrounding the Todoroki family is one that is tragic yet very intriguing due to the fact that it involves a history of emotional abuse and domestic problems. In that regard, Shoto is merely one of the characters that became a victim of the emotional turmoil surrounding the entire Todoroki family, as his scar was a product and a reminder of the drama focused on Endeavor and Dabi.

Was Shoto Born With His Scar?

Shoto Todoroki is no doubt one of the three main characters among the students of Class 1A. He is also one of the most interesting characters as far as his story is concerned due to the drama surrounding his family, especially after it was revealed that his older brother, Toya, has been Dabi the entire time. Of course, while that’s another story to tell, we know that Shoto comes with a rather prominent look because both halves of his face represent the sides of his parents. But the one part of his face that’s difficult to miss is his scar.

shoto child

While Shoto has had that scar for almost his entire life, he wasn’t born with it. In fact, he was born without that scar as he was an innocent yet clueless baby boy during his early childhood years revealed in the most recent episodes of My Hero Academia. That means this scar was something that he got during his younger years, as he already had it when he entered UA High School.

Is Shoto’s Scar A Frost Burn?

One of the things that we know about Shoto is that he has the power to use ice and fire from the two different sides of his body. Of course, this means that he also has a certain level of resistance to cold and heat.

The fact that Shoto’s left side, which is the one that’s capable of producing flames, has the scar is quite troubling due to the fact that this side is supposed to be the one that’s resistant to flames. So, is it possible that Shoto’s scar was produced by a frost burn?


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Shoto’s scar is produced by a regular burn from a pot of boiling water. While it certainly is true that he has the capability to resist burns on his left side, it is also true that he was still just a child when he suffered that burn. As such, his resistance was not as developed as it was during his teenage years.

How Did Shoto Get His Scar?

As established, Shoto Todoroki got his scar when a pot of boiling water was poured on his face. But how exactly did Shoto get that scar? Well, it happened during the time when he was just a child, as his family was still in the middle of one of the most difficult times in its history.

A happy Shoto approached his mother, who was not in the best state in terms of her mental health. That was when she saw Shoto’s red hair and was reminded of his father, Endeavor. Rei Todoroki, Shoto’s mother, poured boiling water on his face as a young Shoto Todoroki was scarred both physically and emotionally due to that incident.

Why Did Shoto’s Mom Burn Him?

Shoto Todoroki’s mother, Rei, is a kindhearted woman who lacks the same kind of aggression that we often see in Endeavor. However, she poured boiling water on Shoto due to her mental state at that time.

When Shoto was just a child, the Todoroki family was under a lot of stress as Endeavor was still trying to make sense of what to do with Toya Todoroki, who wouldn’t stop training despite the fact that his body wasn’t able to take the power of his flames. Of course, Shoto was the product of Endeavor’s obsession with producing an heir that could surpass All Might, and that meant that Rei wasn’t exactly agreeable with producing another child.


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Shoto was already the product of a stressful situation for Rei, and that meant that her mental health had been declining. Things became worse for her when she couldn’t stop Toya from using his Quirk. So, when Endeavor found out that Rei couldn’t keep Toya in line, he actually physically and emotionally abused her to the point that her mental health reached its breaking point.

shoto protects rei

So, while Rei may be a kindhearted woman, the problem is that he is already mentally scarred. When Shoto’s red hair reminded her of Endeavor, she snapped and poured boiling water on his face. However, she immediately realized what she had done, and that was when she used her ice Quirk to try to heal Shoto’s face.

What Age Did Shoto Get His Scar?

It was never mentioned in the anime or manga what age Shoto got his scar. However, it is quite possible that this happened before Toya’s “death,” as Rei was already in a mental institution before Toya supposedly died.

Toya is somewhere around seven to eight years older than Shoto. He supposedly died when he turned 14 and when Shoto was around six years old. This means that Shoto got his scar when he was just five or six years old.

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