Here’s How Many GB Is Fortnite (PS5, Xbox, Switch & PC File Size Explained)

how big is fortnite ps5 xbox pc switch

Games today are becoming increasingly bigger in size. This is due to massive advancements in graphic departments both on consoles, handheld gaming devices, and PCs. If you’re not playing on PC, chances are that you can’t just download and hoard games as you like. You need to be economical in terms of your storage because it’s not exactly unlimited, and the process of expanding is sometimes expensive and a real hassle. Luckily, Fortnite is not a game you will download and forget about, but still, many players are interested in the exact size of the game. Let’s see how big Fortnite is on all platforms.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Fortnite is around 27GB on PC, and this doesn’t include various other downloads such as Fortnite Save the World and High-Resolution Textures. With all other additional downloads, the size quickly goes up to 72.04 GB.
  • On PS5 (and PS4), Fortnite installation can be anywhere between 18 GB and 35 GB, depending on updates and download options.
  • On Xbox, Fornite size depends on your device. It generally takes up between 28 and 31 GB of space.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October, 2023 and has up-to-date information regarding Fortnite’s size, this information might vary however due to future updates.

How big is Fortnite on PC?

If you’re playing Fortnite on PC, you’ve probably noticed by our summary that the game has the potential to be absolutely massive on PC when compared to other platforms. This is due to several reasons. You can fine-tune all other additional assets and choose between several other language packs or texture packs that make the game more beautiful but also quite big on your hard drive or SSD.

The initial installation on a PC takes up 26.75 Gigabytes, and I agree this is quite small when it comes to most multiplayer games today. But there’s a catch: to install Fortnite Save the World, you need to make space for an additional 3.82 GB, High-Resolution Texture Pack takes up an additional 9.75 GB of space, and DirectX 12 Shaders take up 4.63 GB, and if you want to disable cosmetic streaming you’re going to have to account for an additional 27.09 GB of space.

All of this amounts to an amazing 72.04 GB of space on the PC. Naturally, you don’t have to install most of this stuff, but for accuracy’s sake, Fortnite on PC takes up between 27 and 72 GB rounded.


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How Big is Fortnite on PS5?

Fortnite is available on both PS4 and PS5. and we don’t even have to mention that the game is considerably larger in size on PS5. This is due to better models, textures, and overall smoother performance. Still, just because the game is larger, it doesn’t mean that you will feel any impact of it- The PS5’s SSD (Solid State Drive) significantly improves loading times compared to the traditional HDD on the PS4.

On PS4 and PS5, it takes anywhere between 18 GB and 35 GB of space, and this does not take into account possible updates that can be 10+ GB in size at any given time. Most of that is compressed during download, so you will actually download a lot less GB than the game actually takes up once it’s decompressed on your hard drive or SSD.

The average size on PS4 is around 28.5 GB, not taking updates into account.

How Big is Fortnite on Xbox Series X/S

Fortnite’s size on Xbox changes depending on the version you’re getting. For Xbox One, the game takes up about 28.5 GB, and on the Xbox Series X|S, it’s around 31 GB. This is once again due to the Xbox Series X/S offering a better performance overall than the last-gen console, and that kind of models and textures require a lot more space once decompressed on your drive.

Overall, the size of Fortnite on Xbox matches the size on PS approximately.

How Big is Fortnite on Mobile and Switch?

This is where it gets a bit complicated. When it comes to Fortnite size on Android and apple devices, the initial download doesn’t match the exact size of the game.

On both Android phones and iPhones, the initial “launcher” of the game takes up a few hundred MB at the most. For example, the size on Android, you will have to download 120 MB initially. Once that initial download is complete, the game will start downloading again.


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To download Fortnite on iPhone, you will have to set aside around 9GB of space, while on Android, the game runs a bit smaller at around 6GB. Please take note that not all Android devices can run Fortnite.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch has a more compact file size compared to other platforms, sitting at approximately 12.2 GB—smaller than its PC, Xbox, and PlayStation counterparts. But once again, this doesn’t include all future possible updates that might balloon the size of the game further.

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