How to Play Old Fortnite Seasons & Events in 2023 (PC, Xbox, Mobile)

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Fortnite has been around for years, bringing a range of exciting activities for players through interesting events and unique seasons. With so much new content being pumped out frequently, many Fortnite players wonder if it’s possible to indulge in old Fortnite seasons and events.

Players can experience old Fortnite seasons and events thanks to Project Rift, which enables you to explore old maps, build, edit, spawn weapons or vehicles, and even trigger live events. Epic Games is aware of Project Rift and seems to be fine with it unless players use Project Rift to manipulate Battle Passes or in-store items and cosmetics.

While getting your hands on old Fortnite seasons and events can be somewhat tricky, it is still possible with the right steps and approaches. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about playing old Fortnite seasons and events on different platforms.

Editor’s Note: This guide has been updated to reflect the current state of the game. This is still the best approach when it comes to playing older content in Fortnite.

Can You Play Old Fortnite Seasons & Events?

There has been a wide range of fantastic Fortnite events released over the past few years, and some have been more well-received than others. Apart from the in-game events that revolved around Fortnite’s storyline overall, the developers have also released some really fun and unique events in collaboration with iconic names and real-world events.

But, since many Fortnite players have only been around for the later part of the game’s running, many are keen to get a taste of what the old Fortnite seasons had to offer. Fortunately, players can experience old Fortnite seasons and events thanks to the community and innovative modding projects.


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However, these allowances will only allow you to either watch old Fortnite seasons and events or enable you to play and experience them by exploring the maps and places from the relevant chapters. The new version allows players to build, edit, and spawn weapons or vehicles. Players will also be able to trigger live events and enjoy unique areas that were released at the time.

Old Fortnite Seasons & Events (Limitations)

While it is possible to play old Fortnite seasons and events, it needs to be noted that there are a couple of limitations. For example, things in old seasons that involve premium purchases, limited edition items, Fortnite skins, and so forth are not to be messed with.

Having access to old Fortnite seasons and events will not give you access to absolutely everything that may have been included with the event and season’s official release, and some things (like the Battle Passes and in-store cosmetics or items) are not allowed to be manipulated. In addition, some Fortnite events may not work correctly and might need some extra steps to get up and running.

How To Play Old Fortnite Seasons & Events

Players will need to make use of mods in order to play old Fortnite seasons and events, and there is no way to do it in-game without using external mods. The best option for playing old Fortnite seasons and events on PC at the time of writing is Project Rift. Project Rift was developed for PC and Mobile by two talented members of the community, Mix and Makks, and essentially allows players to experience old Fortnite content by setting up a private server.

Similar mods have been incredibly common within the gaming world, especially MMORPGs, since private servers can really change the entire experience. Private servers allow hosts to have way more flexibility concerning the amount and type of content they can access in the game, in addition to the room for tweaking various game mechanics and much more.


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It needs to be made clear that there is no simple download link for the Project Rift mod. Players will need to go through a series of steps before gaining access to Project Rift, primarily since it is only given out to members within their Discord server.


Players will also need to get their hands on some software before going ahead. Follow the steps below to get Project Rift in order to play old Fortnite seasons and events on PC:

  1. Download the latest version of .NET (dotnet).
  2. Download the latest version of EasyInstaller.
  3. Join the Project Rift Discord Server.
  4. Download the Rift Launcher from the downloads tab.
  5. Once you get the Rift zip file, you will need to extract it using WinRAR, which will need to be downloaded if you don’t already have it. This will give you a normal Rift folder, and the main client, named Rift.exe can be found inside this folder. This client will need to be loaded each time you want to play an old Fortnite season.
  6. The very first time you load Rift, you may be asked to make an account.
  7. Players may also receive a Virus notification since it is an offline mod and will be recognized as a virus to Fortnite. It is always up to each individual if they wish to ignore these types of notifications. Players who choose to trust the mod can temporarily turn off their Antivirus software.
  8. Launch Rift.exe. This may not always work, and you may need to repeat the extraction process and try again.
  9. To gain access to installing old Fortnite seasons, you will need to use EasyInstaller.
  10. Create a new folder to use for the following steps. Copy the file path.
  11. Launch EasyInstaller and navigate to the season you want to install. Make sure you select the correct Windows option and find the corresponding number.
  12. Type in the number and press Enter.
  13. Paste in the game file location. EasyInstaller will begin installing everything. You can only close it once it reaches 100% progress.
  14. Launch Rift.exe to start playing old Fortnite seasons.
  15. Select the “Add another build” button. Name the build and paste in the correct game path.

Find more information about each build in the #event-builds channel in the Project Rift Discord. For a detailed guide on each of the steps mentioned above topped with gameplay footage and previews of Project Rift’s features, check out the video below posted by OrangeGuy:

If you want a quick overview of the basic steps with guidance and tips, check out the video below posted by Retali8:

The process for mobile will vary depending on numerous factors, but the mod itself is said to be supportive of mobile as well. Unfortunately, Fortnite players on Xbox will not be able to run Project Rift in the same way.

How To Play Old Fortnite Maps (Official)

If you are just looking for a way to enjoy your favorite old Fortnite maps in-game without any of the extras, there may be a really simple alternative that can work on any platform you prefer. Epic Games has released a unique “For Old Map Lovers” Playlist, which enables players to enjoy old map locations in one place using the steps below:

  1. Add the island to your playlist from this page.
  2. Navigate to Discover by changing game modes in the Lobby.
  3. Launch the game. Your playlist will show any games that you’ve recently added.

Will Playing Old Fortnite Seasons & Events Get You Banned?

The mod used to play old Fortnite seasons and events is run locally, meaning you will not be connected to the official Epic Games servers. Epic Games seems to be fine with it unless players use the mod to manipulate Battle Passes or Items in the shop. As a result, players will be able to get the most out of old seasons without getting banned – but, caution is still advised and the steps should be followed carefully.

Mods have been complete and literal game-changers for countless enthusiasts worldwide, and Project Rift is no exception. Although there are some limitations as to what exactly players can experience with old Fortnite seasons and events, there’s definitely tons of room for all the fun and action you could ask for.

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