How Much Can Darkseid Lift? Compared to Real-Life Records


Darkseid is one of the most prominent characters in the history of DC because he has always been at the top of the list when it came to the big bad villains that often butted heads with Superman and the Justice League. Of course, to be able to contend with the entire Justice League, Darkseid has to be incredibly strong because the Justice League has a lot of incredibly strong members. So, how much can Darkseid lift, and how does he compare to real-life records?

In almost all of his incarnations, Darkseid was stronger than Superman, who is said to be able to lift around 2 billion tons. As such, it is safe to say that Darkseid is sufficiently capable of lifting more than 2 billion tons because his physical strength surpasses even that of Superman.

The fact that Darkseid is stronger than Superman means that he is one of the strongest villains in the history of comic books and that he is an incredibly powerful entity that has always been able to threaten the Justice League and the other heroes in the DC universe. Now, with that said, let’s take a good look at how strong Darkseid is and how much he can lift.

How Much Can Darkseid Lift?

Fans of the comic book universe would know for a fact that DC has some of the most incredibly powerful and strong characters that have strength levels that are far beyond what anyone could ever imagine. Of course, that’s because DC is the home of Superman, who is one of the most prominent superheroes of all time and is often quite popular due to the fact that he is incredible strength.

To be able to find someone that could contend with a being as strong as Superman, a villain needed to be just as strong or even stronger than the Man of Steel himself. That’s why Darkseid has become one of the most prominent villains in the history of DC and is probably the most popular universal villain that Superman and the Justice League have constantly faced.

Of course, due to the fact that he is often butting heads not only with Superman but also with the entire Justice League core, Darkseid had to be incredibly powerful because the Man of Steel himself is already a handful. Add the fact that Darkseid also had to fight the likes of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Shazam often all at once, it was clear that this villain was strong enough to be able to match the strength of the entire Justice League core combined.

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While we already know how strong Darkseid is, what we don’t know is the true measure of his strength. That’s because the numbers aren’t always there when it comes to how strong DC characters are, as the numbers may often fluctuate depending on the situation and the incarnation of the character. This is where it becomes difficult to tell how much Darkseid could lift because, other than the fact that he isn’t always someone who would use his physical strength to match his opponent in a battle, we never saw him showing the same feats of strength that Superman has shown.

Nevertheless, as a New God and as someone who has always been strong enough to match the combined strength of the Justice League, Darkseid is incredibly strong. In fact, in most of the incarnations of the character, he was stronger than Superman. There are even versions of Darkseid that are effortlessly strong and are so strong that not even Superman could match his strength.


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We previously wrote about how strong Superman is and found out that he has enough strength to lift around 2 billion tons. Of course, there is a science behind the findings that Superman is capable of lifting 2 billion tons, as he has been able to showcase his incredible strength in the comics.

So, considering that Darkseid has almost always been stronger than Superman, it is safe to assume that he could also lift at least 2 billion tons and could possibly exceed that number because, as mentioned, he is stronger than the Man of Steel. We cannot put an exact number on how strong Darkseid is, but what we can only say is that he is stronger than Superman and can lift whatever Clark Kent can lift.

How Strong Is Darkseid Compared to Real-Life Records?

The thing about the DC characters is that they have feats that are well beyond what is normal as far as real-life records are concerned. As such, comparing Darkseid’s strength to real-life characters will only blow your mind in relation to how far the gap is between him and the regular human being.

Retired Strongman competitor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who played the role of Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the Game of Thrones series, is so incredibly strong that he owns the Strongman record for deadlifting, which is often said to be the true measure of a person’s strength. Björnsson was able to lift 501 kg or 1,104.5 lbs.

Often regarded as the true measure of a person’s upper-body strength, the bench press is one of the most essential lifts in terms of measuring the strength level of a person. Julius Maddox, in 2021, bench pressed 355 kg or 783 lbs. raw and without the use of a bench shirt.

So, when you compare the real-life lifting records that we have in today’s world, they pale in comparison to the 2 billion tons that Darkseid could lift. Translated into pounds, that’s around 440,924,5243,698 lbs. And the 2 billion pounds that Darkseid could lift isn’t even his maximum output as he is stronger than Superman, whose max output is that number.

The fact that Darkseid is exponentially stronger than the strongest men we have in real life simply means that he and most of the other DC superheroes are simply incredibly strong. And this also explains why Darkseid has always been a threat not only to Superman himself but to the Justice League as well.

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