How Much Does Baki Weigh? & What Is His Height?

baki hanma

If there’s one thing that we know about the world of ‘Baki,’ it’s that this series is full of different characters that are superhuman when it comes to their martial arts abilities. In that regard, they have strength and speed feats that are seemingly impossible for humans to achieve, and they even have incredible physiques that make them look like they are bigger and stronger than anyone else in the world. Then, there’s Baki Hanma, who is stronger than almost anyone but isn’t the biggest character around. So, how much does Baki weigh, and what is his height?

Baki Hanma weighs around 168 lbs. (76 kg) and stands around 5’6” (168 cm). Those numbers are pretty average when compared to a regular human being, but Baki is capable of strength feats that can only be achieved by characters that are much bigger and taller than he is.

Baki continues the usual manga and anime trope of the main characters being shorter and smaller than the other characters in the storyline. However, Baki’s strength and abilities are so superhuman that his weight and height don’t even matter regarding his fighting ability. So, in that regard, let’s look at Baki Hanma’s weight and height.

Baki’s weight

As the star of the entire ‘Baki’ storyline, Baki Hanma is a character that underwent strict training as a fighter since he was just a young boy. Though he doesn’t have the bloodlust of his father and the other fighters in the storyline, he was born with the mindset of a fighter and is out to prove himself as someone that could match his father’s power. In that regard, he went through different training routines that allowed him to master almost all forms of martial arts while building a strong body.

baki body

While not necessarily big or bulky, Baki forged his body to become an effective and powerful weapon of pure and lean muscle. He weighs around 168 lbs. (76 kg) and can use his entire body as a weapon against some of the strongest fighters in the world.

If you look at it, Baki’s weight isn’t too impressive, especially when you consider the fact that there are more muscular fighters that are bigger and bulkier than Baki. For example, his father is around 265 lbs. of pure muscle. And Biscuit Oliva, who is often said to be the most muscular man in the world of ‘Baki,’ is around 330 lbs.

But what needs to be considered here is that Baki’s entire body is made out of muscle, as his weight has little to no fat. On top of that, he trained his muscles to be incredibly efficient to the point that they allowed him to move fast while still giving him the strength he needed to fight the most powerful fighters in the world.


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For example, while Oliva may be bigger and more muscular than Baki, the smaller Baki could match his strength in their fight. In that regard, Baki’s strength is superhuman compared to the fact that he doesn’t have the pure muscle mass that some other characters have. His muscles are insanely strong for someone who is barely 170 lbs. He is much smaller than most other martial artists in the storyline. 

Baki’s height

On top of the fact that Baki Hanma doesn’t have the sheer body mass and muscular bodies that the other characters in ‘Baki’ have, he is also much shorter than most. In fact, only a handful of characters are smaller than Baki, and most are already elderly men. Meanwhile, the other fighters who are just about as old or older than him are much taller.

Baki is just around 5’6” or 168 cm. That means he is just a tad shorter than the average Japanese man, who should be around 5’7”. And when compared to the other fighters in ‘Baki,’ he seems to be much smaller than they are, especially when most of the fighters tend to have sizes that make them look superhuman.

pickle and baki

Of course, his short stature always made Baki Hanma one of the most incredible fighters in the entire storyline. He surprised many of his rivals by proving that he could be stronger than they were, even though he was much shorter. And his lack of height has even allowed him to gain an advantage against some of his enemies, especially when you consider that he can move much more efficiently because he is shorter.

Baki is a lot smaller than other fighters

Now that you see that Baki’s weight and height are nothing impressive, even when compared to an average MMA fighter in today’s modern world, it is important to consider that he follows the usual manga and anime trope of protagonists being shorter than the other characters in the storyline. Of course, this has a lot to do with the fact that it is easier to draw smaller characters. But manga authors also want to use shorter characters to make them more relatable to fans.

Baki is much smaller than most of his rivals in the ‘Baki’ storyline. For instance, his father stands 6’3” and is over 260 pounds. His brother, Jack Hanma, was naturally 6’4” but was able to undergo procedures that turned him into a freak standing eight feet tall. Other characters are so big and strong that they stand over six feet tall and weigh close to or over 300 pounds of lean muscle.


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Pickle, who stands eight feet tall and is over 400 lbs. of pure prehistoric muscle, was even surprised that a much smaller man in Baki had the power and strength of the dinosaurs he hunted down during his era millions of years ago.

As such, the fact that Baki is smaller than almost everyone in the ‘Baki’ manga and anime storyline makes him that much more impressive. That’s because he has displayed feats of strength that are seemingly impossible for someone his size. He can even match the strength of characters that are supposed to be so much stronger than him because they are bigger and more muscular. And this goes to show that Baki is superhuman in many different aspects as he used his martial arts and training to bridge the gap between him and the freakishly huge men in the ‘Baki’ manga and anime.

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