How Old Is Ichigo in The Thousand-Year Blood War?

How Old Is Ichigo in The Thousand-Year Blood War?

Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist of Bleach. He was first introduced in the first chapter of the manga and since then, we have seen him evolve from a high school student to a father, with a lot of adventure in between those two points. Ichigo is currently back on the screens as well, as The Thousand-Year Blood War will finally adapt Kubo’s last manga arc. In order to clarify the whole chronology, we are going to tell you just how old Ichigo was during the Thousand-Year Blood War against the Quincies.

The Quincy War took place in 2003, which means that Ichigo was 17 at the time. He was 15 when the manga started and was 17 when it originally ended. He was later portrayed as being 27 in 2013 and 29 in 2015, during the events of the “NO BREATHES FROM HELL” chapter, which might lead to the start of the Echoing Jaws of Hell arc.

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Ichigo Kurosaki’s evolution as a character in the series, as well as answers to some important questions regarding Ichigo’s age at some of the most important moments in his life. The article is, of course, going to contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

How old is Ichigo during the Arrancar Saga?

53Ichigo arrives

Ichigo’s age during the Arrancar Saga: 15 years

When we first meet Ichigo, he is a 15-year-old high schooler who suddenly turns into a Shinigami. He remains the same age during the whole Arrancar Saga, fighting off Aizen and his Arracnars just before his 16th birthday, which is when the time skip kicks in. So, what happened to Ichigo during that time?

After returning from Soul Society with his friends but without Rukia, Ichigo’s life briefly resumes its usual peaceful course. With the arrival of new student Shinji Hirako, that serenity is broken because Shinji reveals himself to Ichigo as a recruiter for the Visored and wants to convince Ichigo to join them. Ichigo steadfastly refuses, even after Shinji tells him that one day his inner Hollow will take control and destroy everything in a large area.

Shortly thereafter, Ulquiorra and Yammy, two Espada from Aizen’s army, are sent to Karakura Town to locate Ichigo and assess his strength. Yammy uses his Gonzui to drain the spiritual energy from many creatures around him. When Ichigo sees Chad injured, he activates his Bankai and is able to cut off the right arm of the Décima Espada.

However, his inner Hollow now interferes, paralyzing him and giving Yammy the chance to wound Ichigo and Orihime. The arrival of Yoruichi Shihōin and Kisuke Urahara forces Ulquiorra and Yammy to retreat. Thinking he can’t protect his friends, Ichigo loses his will as a Shinigami and falls into a depression. This mood continues until the arrival of the Gotei 13 expedition team.

Rukia, who is among the six shinigami led by Tōshirō Hitsugaya, forces Ichigo to fight a Hollow, all the while scolding him. This causes Ichigo’s will to protect his friends to return and be strengthened. Later that day, Ichigo discusses the Arrancar threat with the rest of the Shinigami, learning what they really are in the process of preparing for war.


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That night, six Arrancar invade Karakura Town, planning to accomplish what they believe Ulquiorra failed to do. They split up to seek spiritual energy targets. Sometime later, Aizen orders Ulquiorra to kidnap Orihime, after which Ichigo and his friends go to Hueco Mundo to save her. At the same time, they are preparing for the ultimate confrontation against Aizen.

How old is Ichigo during the Thousand-Year Blood War?

518Ichigo is told

Ichigo’s age during the Thousand-Year Blood War: 17 years

The Quincy War takes place not long after Ichigo regained his powers after the time skip, which means that he is 17 years old at the time, and with the war ending while he was still 17, this is how old he was after defeating Yhwach. The epilogue shows him ten years later when he is 27. So, what happened during this period?

In the last arc, Ichigo is seen for the first time when he saves the two Shinigami Shino and Ryūnosuke Yuki from a Hollow. When he wants to talk to the two in his room in the presence of his friends, they are surprisingly attacked by an Arrancar named Asguirao Ebern. Ichigo starts fighting him and is at first surprised when he starts a fight with Quincy weapons.

He provokes Ichigo into using his Bankai. However, Ebern is amazed that he cannot steal it and retreats. Shortly thereafter, Nel suddenly appears to ask Ichigo to free her two friends who are said to be in the hands of Quincy’s. Ichigo then decides to go to Hueco Mundo with his friends, but Uryū refuses, to which Ichigo replied that everything was fine.


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Upon arriving in Hueco Mundo, they first explored the area, after which they discovered that Quilge Opie of Wandenreich was forcibly recruiting the hollows and Arrancars. Ichigo intervenes, to which Quilge replies that he had orders from “Her Majesty” to stop Ichigo, revealing and removing his Sanrei Gauntlet.

After the fight with Opie, Ichigo gathers new strength along with the remaining members of the Gotei 13. All of them are now preparing for an all-out war with the Quincies led by Yhwach, with Ichigo training to unlock new powers so he could face the Quincy threat. Eventually, Ichigo managed to defeat Yhwach with the help of his allies. Less than ten years later, Ichigo marries Orihime and they have a son named Kazui Kurosaki.

How old is Ichigo in the Echoing Jaws of Hell arc?

NBFHIchigo and lieutenants gather

Ichigo’s age in the Echoing Jaws of Hell arc: 29 years old

This mini-arc (so far) takes place in 2015, which means that Ichigo is now 29 years old and is the father of his son and Orihime’s husband, while still being a Substitute Shinigami. What happened during this period?

Three hours before Ukitake’s Konsō Reisai, Renji contacts Ichigo over a video call and tells him about the ceremony, which he deems unethical, after which he is invited to attend by Shunsui and Rukia, who join Renji and marvels at new technology. When Ichigo reveals that Orihime does laundry at home instead of going to Keigo’s ramen shop with him, he is surprised when Rukia assumes that means their marriage is falling apart, which he angrily denies.

That night, Ichigo reunites with Renji and the other human world Lieutenants for the Jogimen Reibaku ceremony, during which he questions the necessity of their presence. The 7th Division Lieutenant Atau Rindō and 8th Division Lieutenant Yuyu Yayahara are introduced during this. The latter immediately asks Ichigo for a selfie to post on social media, knowing that Ichigo is the hero of Quincy’s Blood War. Despite Ichigo’s confusion and protests. However, as Ichigo continues to talk to Renji, he doesn’t realize that a Jigoku no Gaki appears behind them before attacking Renji and crushing him into the ground below.


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After Ichigo slashes the Jigoku no Gaki into pieces with a single swing of his sword, Ichigo intervenes in Renji’s confrontation with Szayelaporro Granz after the latter comes out of Hell to free Renji and confront Szayelaporro himself. , where he found the real Konsō Reisai’s goal is to send dead captains to Hell, leaving Ichigo horrified. When Ukitake impales Szayelaporro back to Hell, Ichigo wonders why the Jigokuchō has the word “Hell” in their names.

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