How Old Is The Bad Batch? Every Member’s Age

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The members of the Bad Batch, which was formerly known as Clone Force 99, are the most unique out of all of the clones in Star Wars because they were created with specific mutations that give them abilities that some of the clones don’t have. Of course, like most other clones, they were created to age faster than any normal human being, as it was important for the Republic to have an army quickly. So, how old is the Bad Batch?

Clone Force 99 is somewhere around 11 to 12 years old, as they were created right after the first few batches of clones were created. Echo was born earlier and could be around 12 to 13 years old. Meanwhile, Omega is the oldest and is around 13 to 14 during the events of The Batch. 

The fact that Omega is the oldest clone among the members of the Bad batch is quite interesting because she is physically younger than anyone else. Nevertheless, unlike the standard clones, Omega wasn’t created to age quickly, and that’s why she is still a girl in her early teens during the events of the storyline. Now, let’s look at what we know about the age of the Bad Batch.

How Old Is the Original Clone Force 99?

Clone Force 99 Bad Batch

The Bad Batch’s original members, formerly known as Clone Force 99, were created on Kamino by Nala Se and the other Kaminoans while they were still creating the grand army that the Republic allegedly ordered years before the start of the Clone Wars. In that regard, they were created after the first few batches of clones created by the Kaminoans on 32 BBY, which was ten years before the events of the Clone Wars broke out.

According to the Kaminoans, the clones needed around ten years to mature, although that could vary. That’s because the clones based on the Mandalorian bounty hunter named Jango Fett were given genes that allowed them to mature faster than any other regular human being. That’s why a 10-year-old clone would already be an adult.

So, with that said, the Clone Force 99, specifically created to have mutations that make them different from the other clones, were born later than the first few batches of clones. That’s because Nala Se and the other Kaminoans would have needed enough time to create the Bad Batch by isolating and altering certain genes that gave them desirable traits.


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Of course, it was never mentioned in the Star Wars canon when exactly the Bad Batch was created. But there’s a possibility that they were created around a year or two after the first batch of clones was created. This would mean that they should have been created on 30 BBY. Considering that The Bad Batch’s events occur between 19 and 18 BBY, that would mean that Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Crosshair are around 11 to 12 years old. 

How Old Is Echo?


Unlike the original members of Clone Force 99, Echo was created separately from them. He only became a member of the Bad Batch when he became an entirely different type of clone after the Separatists captured him and turned him into a cyborg-like clone to take advantage of his knowledge regarding the tactics and strategies of the Republic. After being rescued, Echo joined the Bad Batch because he felt he had become a “freak” and had no place among the regular clones.

Echo was born later than the first batch of clones, and that means that it is possible that he was created somewhere between 31 and 30 BBY. While he may be younger than the first batch of clones, he wasn’t much younger than them because he saw his first action on 22 BBY. This was seen in the first season of Star Wars: Clone Wars when Echo and his squad had just graduated from training and were still called “shinies” because their armor was still shiny and they had yet to see the battle.

As such, if Echo was born somewhere between 31 and 30 BBY, that would mean that he should be around 12 to 13 years old because the events of The Bad Batch take place around 19 or 18 BBY. This would mean that Echo is older than the members of Clone Force 99.

How Old Is Omega?


Omega was first introduced as the first female Jango Fett clone. However, unlike all of the other clones that saw action during the Clone Wars, Omega stayed on Kamino to work as the lab assistant of Nala Se. That’s why she never saw action during the Clone Wars and only started fighting during the events of The Bad Batch when she started traveling together with Clone Force 99.

But the one thing that makes Omega unique is that she has no other genetic alterations besides being born female. In that regard, she is a lot like Boba Fett because she wasn’t given any other gene alterations and did not age faster than regular humans.


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The fact that Omega doesn’t age at a rate that’s faster than regular humans was why she was still just a young girl when she was introduced. However, there’s a good reason to believe that Omega was born around the same time as Boba Fett was born, around 32 BBY.

So, if Omega was born on 32 BBY, that would mean that she should be around 13 to 14 during the events of The Bad Batch. That would make her the oldest member of the Bad Batch, as she is likely older than the other clones. So, despite being a child in terms of her biological appearance, she is chronologically older than any of her older brothers. 

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