Were There Any Female Clones in Star Wars?


There is no doubt that the clones were some of the most important characters during the events of the prequel trilogy of the Star Wars universe, as they were used as the foot soldiers of the Republic in the war against the Separatists. Of course, we know for a fact that the clones that were used in the war against the Separatists and their droids were male. But were there any female clones in Star Wars?

In the world of Star Wars, there were female Jango Fett clones that were created. The most popular of all of them is Omega, who was introduced as one of the protagonists of The Bad Batch. Meanwhile, author E.K. Johnston added a trans-female clone named Sister, who is a character in the Queen’s Hope novel.

The fact that there are female clones of Jango Fett in Star Wars makes this fictional universe more inclusive. Of course, Omega is the only clone created to be female in canon, all while Sister actually chose her gender and became a transwoman. So, with that said, let’s talk more about the female clones that we know of in the Star Wars universe.

Were There Any Female Clones In Star Wars?

One of the things that we know about the Star Wars universe is that it wouldn’t be complete without the clones that played some of the biggest roles during the Clone Wars period in the history of Star Wars. That’s because the clones were created to counter the mass-produced droids that the Separatists had at their disposal when they were ready to wage war against the Galactic Republic. And before the creation of the clones, the Jedi were the only true protectors of the Republic.


However, in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the clone troopers were introduced as part of what was believed to be the initiative of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas (but was actually part of the plans of Palpatine and Dooku). The clones allowed the Republic to have a grand army that could counter the sheer numbers of the Separatist droids. Of course, the clones were created from the genetic material provided by the male bounty hunter named Jango Fett, who was the best bounty hunter that the galaxy could offer at that time.

Of course, it only follows that the clones that were created using Jango Fett’s DNA would be male. The clones were altered to make sure that they matured faster and were much more obedient than Fett. But they still carried the same natural abilities that allowed Jango Fett to become the greatest bounty hunter of his time.


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Considering that the clones were supposed to be male due to the fact that their “father” was male, it was only right to think that all of the clones that the cloners of Kamino created were male. But were there actually female clones in the Star Wars universe?

We were all surprised by the events of Star Wars: The Bad Batch when we met a female clone. By saying “we,” we are referring to not only the viewers but the characters of Star Wars as well because they didn’t know that a female version of Jango Fett’s clone existed. We are talking about a clone named Omega.

Omega was created quite possibly during the early portion of the time when the Kaminoan cloners were creating the Jango Fett clones that would be used for the Republic army. That’s because Omega is like Boba Fett in the sense that she was created with no alterations to her DNA whatsoever, and that means that she is simply just a female genetic copy of Jango Fett. This means that she was created without the rapid aging that clones have in their DNA, and that implies that she is older than almost all of the clones.

It was only during the time of The Bad Batch that Omega was able to show her face to other clones that returned home to Kamino for the first time in a long time because the Clone Wars were now over. Unlike the other clones, Omega had spent her entire life on Kamino working as Nala Se’s lab assistant.

However, it was the fact that she was the only other pure genetic copy of Jango Fett that made her a hot commodity during the events of The Bad Batch, as it was important for the Empire to get its hands on her as her genetic material could produce more clones of the legendary bounty hunter.

Is Omega The Only Female Clone?

While we do know that Omega is a rarity among the clones due to the fact that she was created to be female, the thing is that she isn’t the only female clone of Jango Fett in the world of Star Wars. That’s because there is another female canon clone that appeared in a Star Wars book.

Created by E.K. Johnston, who is one of the best Star Wars book authors around, Sister is a female canon clone that appears in the Star Wars novel entitled Queens Hope. But the difference between Omega and Sister is their natural sexuality.

sister clone

Like all of the other regular clones, Sister was created to be a male clone of Jango Fett, and that means that he was born male. However, due to the fact that clones normally have free will and are able to choose their own paths in life, Sister chose to be female instead because that was her gender identity. As such, she was given the nickname “Sister” by the male clones so that she wouldn’t feel left out despite the fact that she is the only trans-female clone in Star Wars.

“Sister doesn’t have a huge part in the book Queen’s Hope, so we didn’t want to use her existence as promo,” Johnston said. “I made her to be shared, not just with readers, but with other SW writers as well.” 


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As such, the introduction of Sister into the Star Wars canon is a welcome step in the openness of Star Wars. That’s because trans-people also exist in a galaxy far, far away. And in Sister’s case, she chose to be female even though she was created male.

In that regard, while Sister chose to be female, Omega was created to be female. That means that, as far as we are concerned, Omega was the only clone that was created to be female. While we aren’t taking away Sister’s identity as a female clone, the fact is that Omega was the only one that the Kaminoans actually intended to be female.

Why Was Omega Created Female?

At this point, we aren’t really sure why Omega was created as female. But we do have a theory regarding her status as a female clone in the Star Wars universe, and it could be tied to the fact that her DNA is largely unchanged.

As mentioned, Nala Se and the Kaminoan cloners didn’t alter Omega’s DNA when she was created. Save for the fact that she was born female, Omega was created to be an exact copy of Jango Fett’s genetic material, just like how Boba was created unaltered as well.

bad batch star wars nala se 1

Nala Se probably wanted to keep a copy of Jango’s DNA in case she needed it, and that’s why she created Omega to be female so that she would have a reason to keep her in Kamino instead of sending her out to fight together with the other clones. As such, Omega had spent her entire life working as Nala Se’s lab assistant instead of training to fight.

Had Omega been male, there would have been a good chance that she would have been trained to be a fighter as well, just like her male clone brothers. Or she might have pursued the same path that Boba chose. As such, creating her to be female allowed Nala Se to have an exact genetic copy of Jango without the natural aggression and the need to fight that males often have.

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