Is Omega a Jedi in Star Wars: The Bad Batch? Explained

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One of the things that we know about Star Wars: The Bad Batch is that all of the members of the Bad Batch have something that makes them special. Of course, we already know that Omega is special due to the fact that she is an unaltered clone of Jango Fett. But some theories point to the possibility that she could also be special in the sense that she has a strong connection to the Force. So, could Omega be a Jedi in The Bad Batch?

It is unlikely that Omega is a Jedi or is Force-sensitive. This is due to the fact that neither Jango nor Boba has ever been hinted to be Force-sensitive. As Omega is a clone of Jango and is essentially a female version of Boba, she is a direct genetic match to them. And we know that neither Jango nor Boba had Jedi powers.

The best thing about The Bad Batch is that it has its way of diverting our attention to the other things that were happening during the rise of the Empire instead of making us focus on the Jedi vs. Sith narrative that has always been one of the driving forces of the Star Wars franchise. In that regard, Omega being a Jedi defeats that purpose. So, in a sense, Omega being unique in her own way without being a Jedi is what’s best for this series.

Could Omega Be Force-Sensitive?

Back in season 1 of The Bad Batch, one of the things that we learned about Omega was the fact that she was just like the members of Clone Force 99, otherwise known as the Bad Batch. We know that the members of the Bad Batch have mutations that make them different and special in their own right, as they are different from the regular clones. But Omega also had something about her that made her just as unique as her brothers.


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We learned that Omega was an unaltered clone of Jango Fett. That means that, other than the fact that she was created to be female, she had genetic material that was a direct match to Jango Fett and, by extension, Boba Fett. In that regard, she does not have the genetic alterations that the other clones have.

Of course, season 2 of The Bad Batch continued the story of Omega and her adventures with Clone Force 99. This was when they met more people, while the story of how the Empire eventually made clones obsolete to make way for Stormtroopers unfolded. And Omega also made several friends along the way, including a Jedi Padawan named Gungi.

omega and gungi

We already met Gungi back in the events of Star Wars: Clone Wars as he was a Wookiee Padawan that was featured in a few storylines in the Clone Wars. While we do know that most of the Jedi were killed during the events of Order 66, Gungi survived but ended up getting captured by droids. That was when Omega rescued him after sensing that there was something wrong in the ship, where they met the droids responsible for capturing Gungi.

This was the first time that Omega met a Jedi as she saw firsthand what Gungi could do with the Force and the lightsaber. But while Omega’s exposure to a Jedi was something new to her, there were fans that were quick to point out that this meeting with Gungi could have something deeper in line for her and her story. Yes, we are talking about her possible connection with the Jedi and the Force. So, does that mean that Omega could be Force-sensitive?

Throughout the entire events of The Bad Batch, one of the things that we notice about Omega is that she has her way of sensing things that could go wrong or bad. This is a trait that we’ve seen from Force-sensitive individuals as the Force seems to have its way of telling them whether or not something bad could happen. On top of that, Omega has a strong sense of morality and justice that we’ve seen from Jedi Knights.


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Nevertheless, besides those traits, Omega hasn’t shown anything remotely close to what the Jedi are capable of. It might be true that we’ve seen her meditating during the events of episode 8 of season 2 of The Bad Batch. But she admitted that this was something that she thought would work for her, just like how it worked for Gungi.

There’s also the fact that, as mentioned, Omega was created to be an unaltered clone of Jango Fett. Other than the fact that she is female, she is every bit as similar to Jango Fett as Boba Fett is in terms of their genetic makeup. Of course, there has never been any indication that either Jango or Boba could be sensitive to the Force.

So, if Omega is Force-sensitive, that would imply that both Jango and Boba also share the same trait. But there has never been anything remotely close about Jango or Boba being sensitive to the Force. In that regard, considering that Omega was created to be a perfect genetic copy of Jango, it would be hard to think that she became Force-sensitive despite the fact that the original version wasn’t.

In that regard, anything about Omega possibly being Force-sensitive is speculative at best, as there has never been anything that would indicate that she has been gifted with the Force. Still, that could change depending on how the writers of The Bad Batch would want to twist the storyline’s events.

Will Omega Become A Jedi?

At this point, while we do believe that Omega isn’t Force-sensitive, we aren’t dismissing the possibility that she could be sensitive to the Force, unlike Jango and Boba. So, does that mean that Omega could become a Jedi in the future?


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Of course, we all know that the Jedi Order has been destroyed and that the only remaining Jedi in the galaxy were the ones that survived the events of Order 66. Meanwhile, the other Force-sensitive individuals were either killed or captured by the Inquisitors during the purge of the Jedi. Some Force-sensitive people probably never learned how to use their powers because there was no Jedi to train them.

In that regard, it is unlikely that Omega will become a Jedi if it is even remotely true that she is sensitive to the Force. And Omega becoming a Jedi would change many things, not only in terms of the essence of The Bad Batch’s storyline but also in the continuity of the Star Wars lore.

First off, The Bad Batch has always focused on the story of the clones, who were forgotten people in the Star Wars timeline of events after Order 66. In that regard, the series seeks to tell the story of the clones and what happened to them when the Empire rose to power. Of course, we saw in Star Wars: Rebels that there were still a few clones alive, but The Bad Batch is probably looking to focus more on what happened to the clones, including Omega and the members of the Bad Batch.

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Second, there has never been an indication of a clone becoming a Jedi in between the events of the rise of the Empire and the victory of the Rebels. Of course, we know that the Inquisitors all but killed the remaining Jedi in the galaxy between the events of Episodes III and IV of the Star Wars movies. That would mean that inserting Omega in between those events to fit the narrative of her becoming a Jedi would change a lot of things.

So, with that said, it is likely that Omega will not be a Jedi or even display her sensitivity to the Force. And even if she is actually Force-sensitive, she might not actually become a Jedi. Still, she would only use her abilities to help the members of the Bad Batch get out of the different troubles that they find themselves in.

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