Who Are Bad Batch Members? Meet the Crew of Clone Force 99


Star Wars: The Bad Batch is one of the most popular animated Star Wars released on Disney+ as it tells the story of a different group of characters that aren’t normally talked about in the Star Wars lore. Of course, we are talking about the clones of Clone Force 99, which is otherwise known as the bad batch, as these characters have their own story to tell during the early part of the Galactic Empire’s reign.

The bad batch was first introduced during the events of Star Wars: Clone Wars as a team of modified clones that worked together with Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex to rescue Echo. However, they were already successful clones during the time of their introduction because of their 100% success rate. That’s because all of the members of Clone Force 99 had special abilities and traits unique to them. So, with that said, let’s look at the members of the bad batch.

What Is Clone Force 99?

Throughout the entire Clone Wars era of Star Wars, we saw the fact that the clones were successful at serving as the main force of the Republic in the war against the droids of the Separatists. They often worked together under Jedi generals. But the thing about the clones was that they were more or less similar to one another in terms of their traits and abilities, although some of them were designed to be better than the other clones.

Of course, the introduction of Clone Force 99 changed things for the clones. That’s because Clone Force 99 consisted of clones that had mutations and were genetically modified to have special traits and abilities that were specific to them. Named after 99, who was a malformed maintenance droid that defended Kamino from the Separatists, Clone Force 99 was created to undertake special missions that the Jedi and the other clones were not able to take part in.


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Known as the “bad batch” due to how they are so different from the other clones, Clone Force 99 served as some sort of a special force that had a different way of doing things. In that regard, they didn’t perform their missions and tasks in a manner that’s similar to the other clones due to how different their personalities are and how their abilities allow them to do things that some of the other clones are not capable of doing. Hence, while they may have a success rate of 100%, the bad batch was often seen in a different light by the other clones due to how they often do things in a different and unorthodox way that may or may not be in line with the regular and normal way of doing things.

Unlike the regular clones, Clone Force 99 didn’t report to any particular authority. Meanwhile, most of the other clones were under the direct supervision of Jedi Knights that served as generals for the Grand Army of the Republic. Of course, due to the effects of their mutation, they were much more resistant to the effects of the inhibitor chips that were installed in their heads. That is the reason why the members of the bad batch were more likely to resist Order 66. And during the events of the Imperial era, Clone Force 99 was forced to defect from the Empire.

Who Are The Members Of Clone Force 99?


Clone Sergeant Hunter is the leader of Clone Force 99 and was the one that was created to possess leadership abilities that allowed him to utilize the different abilities of the other members of the bad batch to good use. Hunter was created to have special sensory abilities and heightened senses that allowed him to detect threats and sense things that other people or clones were unable to detect or sense. He could even sense the electromagnetic fields given off by droids, and that was the reason why he was often the one scouting the premises or sent on special and dangerous missions. 


The member known as Tech was created to be the genius of Clone Force 99, and that’s why he was made to be smarter than the other members. Of course, his enhanced intellectual abilities came at a cost because he is physically the weakest member of the bad batch. Despite the fact that he doesn’t have the raw abilities of some of the other members, he is great at solving problems and is an expert slicer. He is also skilled in tactics, improvisation, and language.


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As the resident muscle of the group, Wrecker is physically the strongest and most durable out of all of the members of the bad batch. He was created to be a lot bigger and stronger than most of the other clones, and that’s why he is often used in close-combat situations and when it comes to handling heavy artillery. Despite being the strongest member of the bad batch, he isn’t the smartest and is quite impulsive due to his desire to pummel and destroy his enemies. Nevertheless, he is a softhearted man that acted like a big brother to Omega.


Corporal CT-1409 is one of the “regs” or the regular clones as he wasn’t even created to be part of the bad batch. However, in one of the missions he undertook as part of the regular clones, he ended up getting captured by the enemy and was mechanically modified so that the droids could use his brain to come up with useful military tactics that could counter the tactics utilized by the clones. Due to his modifications, he is capable of easily hacking into computers, similar to how astromech droids functioned. After he was rescued by Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, and Clone Force 99, he decided to join the bad batch because he felt that he had no place among the regs.


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Omega is the newest member of Clone Force 99 and is actually the oldest of the clones due to the fact that she aged normally. She was created by Nala Se on Kamino to be similar to Boba Fett in the sense that, other than her gender, she did not have any genetic modifications whatsoever. As such, her DNA is pure and was closer to Jango Fett than any of the other clones. She joined the bad batch without their knowledge and eventually became a permanent member of Clone Force 99 when the bad batch decided to side with her instead of giving her up to the Empire.


Crosshair was the resident sniper of Clone Force 99 and was far superior to any of the other clones in terms of his vision and marksmanship. As such, he was often used in missions that were able to make full use of his range, vision, and excellent shooting abilities. The fact that he was created to be a sniper that shouldn’t hesitate to shoot someone from a distance made Crosshair much more cold-hearted than all of the other clones. He was dedicated to his comrades in Clone Force 99 but sided with the Empire as a result of his inhibitor chip and because of his rather cold nature.

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