How Powerful Is Lady Nagant? Compared to Other MHA Characters?

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Now that the Paranormal Liberation War arc is over, we are now proceeding to the next arc in My Hero Academia, which is the Tartarus Escapees arc. This storyline will follow how All For One will escape from the maximum-security prison for villains called Tartarus. It also has its own main arc villain in the form of Lady Nagant, who is set to make her anime debut in the next few episodes. But how powerful is Lady Nagant?

Lady Nagant is the best sniper in the entire country and is capable of striking fear into the heart of Hawks, who is often called the fastest pro hero. She is also a skilled long-range combatant and was able to keep up with Deku’s speed despite the boost from One For All and the precognition from Danger Sense.

There is a reason why Lady Nagant is a feared villain in Japan, as she was a legend in the hero world before she ended up in Tartarus. Of course, her story is one that is quite relatable in the sense that she had her own reasons for turning into a villain. There is also a reason why she was recruited by All For One, as that is how strong she is. Now, let’s look at how powerful Lady Nagant is.

How Powerful Is Lady Nagant?

With the Paranormal Liberation War over, it’s now time to move on to the next important arc in My Hero Academia. We are talking about the Tartarus Escapees arc, which will focus on how All For One escapes from Tartarus using the Nomus that he has at his disposal. Of course, the storyline will also allow us to meet a new villain that the arc will focus heavily on.

The villain is Kaina Tsutsumi, who is known by her hero/villain name Lady Nagant. She used to be a hero that worked with the Hero Public Safety Commission and was the top assassin that worked for the president of this organization. However, after she became disillusioned by the many different murders she was committing for the sake of “peace,” she ended up killing the former president of the Hero Public Safety Commissioned and was incarcerated in Tartarus.

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As the arc villain of the Tartarus Escapees arc, Lady Nagant should be able to handle Deku, who will be featured heavily in this storyline. So, with that said, just how strong is Lady Nagant in My Hero Academia?

Even without relying on her Quirk, Lady Nagant was already a well-known combatant with enhanced physical abilities that she improved through training and experience. Her specialty is her long-ranged sniping ability because she has the ability to snipe someone from over three kilometers away without relying on a scope. In fact, she was able to snipe and hit Deku from over a kilometer away despite how dark and rainy it was.

As the best sniper in the entire country, Lady Nagant is a feared combatant that could strike fear into the hearts of her opponent by simply relying on her ability to use a sniper rifle. This is what makes her so dangerous, as her abilities are not entirely based on her Quirk.


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Kaina’s Quirk is her ability to extend a rifle from her right elbow. Called Rifle, the Quirk allows her to use her sniper rifle at any given moment, and this is why she was a known assassin for the HPSC during her time as a hero, as she could kill anyone at any given moment without having to carry around a rifle.

The fact that Lady Nagant’s Quirk allows her to create a rifle means that her powers are not even related to her ability to snipe. This implies that her sniping abilities were honed and trained, and that means that she never had to rely on a Quirk for her to be able to snipe and gun her enemies down.

Of course, she also relies on her Quirk a lot because of how it allows her to create special bullets that can be used during different situations. Examples of such bullets include a hollow-point bullet and a curving bullet. 

After she was chosen by All For One to go after Deku, Lady Nagant was granted the Air Walk Quirk, which allows her to levitate in mid-air. This was the payment she received from the powerful villain for her services. However, unknown to her, All For One gave her a self-destruct Quirk that allowed him to remotely detonate her. This served as a backup plan for him in case Deku defeated her.

Overall, Lady Nagant is the perfect example of how dangerous a hero or villain can be without relying on their Quirk. While she uses her Rifle Quirk to perfection, she is just as effective without it because she is capable of using any kind of rifle due to her advanced skills. It was her skill as a marksman that made her a tough matchup for Deku.

How Does Lady Nagant Compare To Other My Hero Academia Characters?

To truly tell just how strong Lady Nagant is, let’s compare her to the other characters in My Hero Academia.



Snipe is a pro hero that works as one of the teachers for UA High School. His Quirk allows him to improve his sniping range and hone in on his opponents from up to 600 meters. But, despite the fact that his Quirk improves his range and gives him a distinct advantage from long range, he himself admitted that he was no match for Lady Nagant’s sniping abilities. He said that he could not hope to compete with her ability as a long-range specialist, and that means that Kaina’s sniping abilities are indeed the best in the country.


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Hawks is the number 2 pro hero behind only Endeavor. While Hawks doesn’t have the raw firepower and destructive capability of Endeavor, he is known as the fastest pro hero in the country, as he is capable of moving at speeds that are nearly blinding. However, even Hawks feared Lady Nagant because he knew what she was capable of and what kind of sniping skills she possessed. Lady Nagant was also his senior when they were working for the HPSC, and that means that he is privy to the type of training that she received as he quite possibly received the same kind of training.


faux 100

The highlight of the Tartarus Escapees arc was the battle between Deku and Lady Nagant, as this showdown improved Izuku Midoriya’s overall prowess with One For All and the other Quirks that came with it. In that battle, Lady Nagant was able to snipe down Deku from over a kilometer away despite it raining hard during nighttime. Take note that Deku has enhanced speed due to One For All and is capable of sensing danger due to his Danger Sense Quirk.

Deku, of course, won the showdown against Lady Nagant because he was able to master using his Faux 100% One For All by combining the abilities of his Quirks. At the end of the battle, Deku told her that he knew that she held back on that first shot as he believed that Lady Nagant could have ended the fight right then and there but chose to let the battle drag on. That means that Lady Nagant was indeed a powerful opponent that held back against Deku in that fight.

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