Hunter × Hunter: Is Killua a Boy or a Girl?

Hunter × Hunter: Is Killua a Boy or a Girl?

Killua Zoldyck is one of the protagonists of Hunter × Hunter. And while the story is definitely focused on Gon Freecs, the protagonist, Killua, has, over the years, become so popular that he managed to overshadow Gon in the eyes of many fans. Of all the Hunter × Hunter characters, Killua is definitely one of the more interesting, and he genuinely has one of the best stories in the manga. But, due to his feminine appearance, people are unsure whether Killua is a boy or a girl in the series, and we will answer the question for you.

Kilua Zoldyck is undoubtedly a boy in Hunter × Hunter. Killua has absolutely nothing girl-like on him except for his somewhat feminine face and silver hair. He does have a somewhat feminine voice, but he doesn’t have female bodily features. He refers to himself using male personal pronouns, which is usually very important in an anime series to determine whether a character is a boy or a girl.

In the rest of this article, we will tell you what you need to know about the issue of Killua and his gender. It is now clear that he is a boy, but we will explain how the issue arose and why some people thought that Killua was actually a girl. If you’re not fully up to date with Hunter × Hunter, there might be some spoilers ahead.

Killua’s appearance

Killua has blue eyes and white or silver hair that is always spiky in appearance. His eyes adjust to his mood, becoming sharper and narrower as he shifts into assassin mode. He is often in good physical form, but in the Chimera Ant arc, it is shown that his body muscles, particularly his pectorals and abs, are extremely toned. Killua’s eyes in the Nippon Animation version of the manga are changed to green for the released OVA episodes.

Killua often dresses in loose attire, with his go-to ensemble being long-sleeved, dark-colored shirts. His shirts tend to have turtlenecks. In the Madhouse manga and animated version, Killua usually has long, baggy pants, but Nippon Animation’s version only extends to the tops of his knees. In the Nippon Animation adaptation, Killua also dons black, brown, and blue boots, depending on the situation.


Here Is When Hunter × Hunter Gets Good!

On a general note, Killua is a twelve-year-old boy with blue eyes and silver hair, typical characteristics of his family members destined to become the main heirs. He is intelligent, smart, and able to come up with excellent strategies quickly. From a behavioral point of view, he seems to have a sort of double personality: generally, in fact, he is good, kind, and light-hearted, but in cases of extreme danger or anger, he lets himself be overwhelmed by sinister homicidal tendencies, violence, and bloodlust.

Killua Design

Also, like many of the Nen category of Transformation, he is capricious and a liar. Accustomed since birth to any kind of torture, he has developed an incredible resistance, which, together with his natural talent and his exceptional physical skills, make him able to kill the opponent in seconds. Until the clash with the chimera ants, however, Killua will tend, following the teachings of his brother Illumi, to be extremely cautious and to engage in battle only against opponents against whom he has an almost certain victory.

After discovering that his mental block derived from a brother’s Nen technique, he will be able to fight even against much stronger opponents: the needle that Illumi had implanted in his brain, in fact, not only pushed him to freeze or flee in front of opponents stronger but greatly limited his abilities. He is a great lover of sweets. In fact, he spends all the money he earns in his fights in the Celestial Arena on candies, chocolates, and other types of sweets.

Does Killua behave like a boy?

Killua is first introduced as a character who appears similar to Gon but is, at the same time, quite distinct and somewhat the opposite of his: cheeky, happy, and full of naughty ideas. Killua is known to detest red pepper. He is also one of the series’ characters with the quickest mind. Although he frequently displays humility while being confident in his own accomplishments, he is easily humiliated when someone compliments him, especially Gon. Killua is also renowned for his gluttony and love of all things sweet, as seen by the nearly 200 million Jenis he spent on confections while in the Celestial Tower.


Chocolate is her go-to snack, particularly chocolate balls. But, his ruthlessness and capacity for murder reveal his other, more lethal, aggressive, and bloodthirsty self. Killua was conditioned to have a high tolerance to all forms of pain and various toxins after being subjected to torture from infancy. Killua is a killing machine, thanks to his exceptional strength and agility. Disputes with Killua’s propensity for murder, his unwavering commitment to his companions, and his innate goodness. Killua frequently endured severe hardships while attempting to aid his pals, but he never once complained.

Killua always prioritizes others in front of himself, putting his life or even his health at risk. Until this point, Killua’s greatest flaw was his dread of people who were more powerful than he was (Irumi, his older brother, is one of them). Killua had received assassination training from his brother, who emphasized the need for extreme care and the necessity of only engaging in combat if victory was certain. He was affected by it. As Biscuit has repeatedly stated, victory is never guaranteed, and based on the circumstances of a situation, a person may be able to defeat a greater opponent.


Gon vs. Killua: Who Would Win & Why?

The majority of Killua’s conflict with these opposing ideas occurs in the second part of the series when he faces more formidable foes. Despite Biscuit’s prediction that he would one day be rejected by Gon due to it, he continued to hold his brother’s teachings dearly in his heart. Biscuit gives Killua an ultimatum: either defeat Shot to earn the opportunity to accompany Gon and battle the Chimera Ants or, if Killua loses, decide to abandon Gon and look after him while he recovers.

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