Is Crocodile Dead in One Piece? (& What Happened to Him?)

Is Crocodile Dead in One Piece? (& What Happened to Him?)

Sir Crocodile is one of the most iconic villains and characters in general from Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga and anime. He was Luffy’s first major antagonist and a character who defined a standard for many later One Piece villains. And while villains are usually stock characters that come and go, Crocodile has stuck with the series and is still a relevant part of the lore. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Crocodile is still alive and what actually happened to him.

After being defeated by Luffy during the Alabasta Arc, Crocodile was imprisoned in Impel Down, from where he ultimately escaped by allying himself with Luffy. He remained an ally of Luffy during the Marineford War, in which he also played a larger role, before ultimately escaping the Marines. He did not play a major role later, but we know that he is still alive and well.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Crocodile’s fate in the One Piece manga. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article is going to contain a lot of spoilers about the current events in the One Piece manga.

What happened to Crocodile in One Piece: Is he still alive?

Since we’ve already talked about the fight between Luffy and Crocodile, we continue the story of Crocodile after that moment, i.e., after he was imprisoned in Impel Down. After being arrested, Crocodile, along with Mr. 1 and the rest of the arrested agents, was imprisoned in a Marine base. There, Crocodile, Mr. 1 and Mr. 4 established themselves as the strongest in their cell.

After a while, they were visited by Miss Goldenweek and Mr. 5’s team. With the mission of freeing their imprisoned companions, Miss Goldenweek and her group infiltrated the Marine base and freed Crocodile and the others from their cells. Although he was offered his freedom, Crocodile, along with Mr. 1, decided to voluntarily stay in his cell.

While in their cell, Crocodile and Mr. 1 were affected by a hypnotic technique from Miss Goldenweek that materialized their deepest dreams. In Crocodile’s case, his dream of becoming the pirate king came true, something that irritated him. Sometime later, Mr.2 and Mr.3 were thrown into Crocodile and Mr.1’s cell after being captured by Hina.

Together, the four members of the Baroque Works were sent to Impel Down. Once transferred to Impel Down, Crocodile served time on Level 6, near Jinbe and Portgas D. Ace’s cell. There, and along with other prisoners, he expressed his desire to end Whitebeard’s life before the war broke out. When Luffy, Inazuma, and Ivankov were trapped in Level 6, Crocodile caught Luffy’s attention and offered to help him escape. At first, Luffy was reluctant to release his former enemy, despite being told that he was no longer interested in the kingdom, but in taking down Whitebeard.

Crocodile Rescues Jinbe

Finally, Ivankov managed to convince Luffy by revealing that he knew an intimate secret of Crocodile that would keep him true to his interests. Following this, Inazuma released both of them from their cells. Crocodile, for his part, knocked down the entrance of the level thanks to the powers of the Suna Suna fruit and faced, along with Luffy and Jinbe, a large group of guards that they defeated with extreme ease.

Already in the fourth level, Crocodile went to the cell of his old partner in Baroque Works, Daz Bonez, and invited him to accompany him. Bonez, who had nothing else to do, agreed immediately. While Luffy and Galdino fought Magellan, Crocodile, Jinbe, Buggy, Daz Bonez, and Bentham headed to the exit to get a ship. Once they all managed to escape from Impel Down, Crocodile helped defend the ship from the cannonballs the Marines hurled at it and ordered the escapees to fire the ship’s cannons.

After the escape, Crocodile explained that, once integrated into the Tarai stream, they could only go to two places: Marineford or Enies Lobby. After the beginning of the combat, the ship in which they were traveling was affected by a tidal wave caused by Whitebeard and frozen by Aokiji; standing on top of a wave.

At that time, they received a new communication from the Marines warning of the advancement of Ace’s execution. Luffy, in a panic, pressured the rest to help de-ice the ship and slide off the back of the hour. Ivankov’s involvement in the maneuver caused the ship to be knocked forward and everyone began to fall from the sky over Marineford in the midst of the battle.

Due to a stroke of luck, the Marine battleship landed on one of the few remaining unfrozen spots in the ocean. Although the impact split the ship in two, none of those on board were injured. Thus, the spectators were surprised to see how Crocodile and the rest of the prisoners broke into the middle of the war. After a few moments, Crocodile decided to make his first move: in a moment of confusion, he positioned himself behind Whitebeard with the intention of piercing his head with his hook.

Before he did, Luffy activated his Gear Second and intercepted Crocodile, who reminded him that they had a non-aggression pact. However, Luffy replied that Whitebeard was an important man to Ace, and that he would not let Crocodile get close to him. Following this, Crocodile was imprisoned by several of the Emperor’s minions, but managed to escape somehow.


Luffy vs Blackbeard: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win?

After the frustrating attempt to end Whitebeard’s life, Crocodile and Daz Bonez tried to get closer to him again. Unable to stop him, Jozu, commander of the third division, was forced to intervene, and managed to hit Crocodile with his diamond body. Jozu once again tried to hit Crocodile with his diamond body, but was stopped by Doflamingo, who rode on his back while he controlled his body.

Later, Crocodile showed up at the plaza and interrupted Ace’s first execution attempt by finishing off the guards. Sengoku, surprised at such an action, asked him for what reason he turned against them if his main objective was to take Whitebeard’s head, to which Crocodile replied that before finishing off Whitebeard he wanted to prevent the marines from getting away with it.

At that moment, Crocodile’s head was shot out of his body. Doflamingo, the causer, rebuked him for his alliance with Whitebeard and tried to kick him which Crocodile easily blocked with his grappling hook. During the last advance to the execution platform, Crocodile ordered Daz Bonez to protect Luffy.

After his subordinate was attacked by Dracule Mihawk, Crocodile intercepted the world’s greatest swordsman’s sword and warned him to be careful as he was in a bad mood. Later, the Blackbeard Pirates took Whitebeard’s life, and Crocodile could only observe the inert body of his former enemy. As Admiral Akainu cornered Jinbe and Luffy, Crocodile broke through the frozen floor of the bay and pierced the admiral’s body with a large sand saber. Following this, he used his sabers to throw Luffy and Jinbe out of Akainu’s reach.

The admiral’s attacks on Luffy, Jinbe, and Buggy were hampered by the top commanders of the Whitebeard and Crocodile Pirates, who were willing to risk their lives to protect Luffy. After some insults from Akainu, Crocodile and the rest began a bloody fight with the admiral. The outcome of the fight is unknown, but he was later found unharmed when Shanks stopped the war.

Crocodile Rescues Buggy27s Delivery

He and Daz Bonez slipped out of Marineford and escaped when Sengoku agreed to the ceasefire. About three weeks after the war ended, Crocodile and Daz Bonez found themselves on an unidentified island in the Grand Line. Over the past two years, Crocodile has managed to elude all the Marines sent to capture him and is currently hiding in the New World.

Crocodile first appears after the timeskip reading, at a port and near several pirates, the news of Doflamingo’s abandonment of his position as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Much later, Crocodile was in a palatial room with other pirates and read about Luffy’s exploits in Big Mom’s territory in the newspaper. Sometime after the abolition of the Seven Warlords of the Sea system, Crocodile contacted Dracule Mihawk to offer to join his new organization, which he accepted.

Following this, Crocodile and Daz Bonez went to Karai Bari Island and dealt with the Marine fleet that was besieging the island. Later he went to Buggy to demand payment of his debts, arguing that he needed him to start a new company. Unfortunately for him, Buggy was broke, so he offered to pay off the debt by giving him control of Buggy’s Delivery.

Already being Mihawk in the island Karai Bari, both asked him for explanations for the design of the Cross Guild posters and threatened to kill the pirate. After discussing the situation with Mihawk, they both agreed that Buggy would be the leader in the eyes of the world while they controlled the organization in the shadows, arguing to kill him if he became an inconvenience.

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