‘Invincible’: Does Omni Man Get Back with Debbie?

debbie and nolan

The storyline of ‘Invincible’ is one that’s full of different drama along with the many different action scenes present in the series. One of the most dramatic storylines involves Debbie Grayson and her relationship with her husband, Nolan Grayson, as things between them became almost irreparable after Nolan revealed that his role as Omni-Man involved killing the superheroes of Earth and weakening the planet’s defenses for a Viltrumite takeover. While Nolan tried to become a better person, Debbie was still very much heartbroken in season 2. So, does Omni-Man get back with Debbie?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Nolan eventually changed his ways and became a better person after realizing his mistakes and faults on Earth.
  • Eventually, Omni-Man returns to Earth to try to repair his relationship with Debbie after he and Mark successfully end the Viltrumite War.
  • Debbie reluctantly allows Nolan to re-enter her life, but they have to try to repair the broken trust all over again.

Debbie was undoubtedly heartbroken

Back in season 1 of ‘Invincible,’ one of the things we saw was the fact that Nolan “Omni-Man” Grayson was the planet’s strongest and greatest superhero and was very much the hero that everyone else in the world looked up to. However, he was the one who killed the Guardians of the Globe for a reason that was unknown to everyone, and this led Cecil Stedman to investigate the matter.

While the investigations were ongoing, Nolan tried to continue to live his “normal” life with his wife, Debbie, and his son, Mark, who had just awakened his Viltrumite powers. As such, Nolan focused a lot of his time and energy on preparing Mark so that he could eventually convince him to join his side in taking over the entire planet for the Viltrum Empire. After all, Nolan’s mission was to weaken Earth’s defenses and force it to join the Viltrumites.

grayson family

Nolan eventually tries to force Mark into joining him after it becomes apparent that he was the one who killed the Guardians of the Globe and that he was trying to take over the planet. He fought his son and brutalized Mark so much while telling him that the people on the planet were insignificant to him and that Debbie was like a pet to him instead of a wife. Debbie saw and heard everything as she was heartbroken after learning the truth about her husband.

While Nolan eventually left the planet after Mark seemingly said the words that were able to get to his heart, Debbie was still left heartbroken because she never knew the truth about her husband. On top of that, she could never believe that Nolan would be capable of killing countless people like ants during his fight with Mark. He was also the one who killed the Guardians, who were friends with the entire Grayson family.

But the worst part was that Nolan was willing to kill Mark, and that was what hurt Debbie the most. She could never believe that her husband was willing to kill the son that they raised together for 18 years.


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As such, throughout the events of season 2, Debbie is grieving the loss of her husband while trying to make sense of her life without Nolan. While Omni-Man was still alive, Debbie was clearly so heartbroken that it was as if Nolan was dead to her as she couldn’t believe that he lied to her for years and even killed a lot of innocent people. Debbie thought that she never knew Nolan because he hid so much from her while they were married.

Nolan and Debbie fix their broken relationship

Of course, in season 2 of ‘Invincible,’ Nolan revealed that he was now a different man as Mark’s words during their fight made him realize that he truly loved his family and that his time on Earth changed him. He made Mark understand that he was now trying to protect the Thraxans and his new son from the wrath of the Viltrumites. Of course, Mark was still reluctant to trust his father, but it was clear that Nolan was willing to prove to his son that he was now different.

nolan and mark 1

In the comics, Nolan and Mark worked together with the Coalition of Planets during the Viltrumite War. The war ended in a stalemate and a truce as the other Viltrumites retreated and decided to live “normal” lives on Earth. Meanwhile, Mark and Nolan head back to their home to find Debbie there.

Of course, Debbie is still heartbroken about the things that happened before Nolan left Earth, and she begins crying after remembering old feelings. But Nolan tries to console her. Debbie tells him that the one thing she wishes is to go back to the way things used to be, and Nolan tells her that things will never be like the old days because he is no longer going to hide secrets from her.


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Even though Nolan tries to fix his relationship with Debbie, things are still rocky between the two after the Viltrumite War. Nolan and Debbie eventually go to Talescria, the capital of the Coalition of Planets, so that they can spend more time together while Nolan is away from Earth. On the way to Talescria, they try to fix their relationship and have several intimate moments with one another.

nolan and debbie comics

As such, Debbie does indeed get back with Nolan despite the horrible things that Omni-Man did on Earth. The feelings were just too strong, and she eventually decided to forgive the man who killed a lot of innocent people. Still, we know that Nolan did indeed try to change his ways. It’s just a bit odd for Debbie to get back with her husband even after everything he did in the past.

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