‘Invincible’: How Strong Is General Kregg and How Does He Compare To Other Characters?


The events of season 2 of ‘Invincible’ introduced a lot of different Viltrumites who are set to play important roles in the future of the storyline. One such Viltrumite introduced at the end of episode 4 was General Kregg, who seemed incredibly loyal to the cause of the Viltrumites and was not entirely willing to kill any enemy in front of him, going as far as ordering Mark to colonize Earth for the Viltrum Empire. So, how strong is General Kregg, and how does he compare to other characters?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • General Kregg is strong enough that he was able to survive the Great Purge and even the Scourge Virus, which killed almost all of the Viltrumites in the universe.
  • Shortly after Thragg rose to become the Grand Regent of the Viltrum Empire, Kregg became a high-ranking officer due to his loyalty to Thragg and the cause of the Viltrumites.
  • He is somewhere around Omni-Man’s level of strength and is just about as strong as any other Viltrumite, except for Thragg.

Kregg is Thragg’s most loyal general

One of the things that we know about the storyline of ‘Invincible’ is that the Viltrumites are the most important characters. That’s because two of the main characters are Viltrumites. Of course, the main enemies of the storyline are also Viltrumites. In fact, in season 2 of the animated series, we started seeing more and more Viltrumites getting introduced into the storyline as the Viltrumite War is getting closer.


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During the events of episode 4, the trio of Thula, Vidor, and Lucan went to Thraxa to defeat Nolan, who left his post as a Viltrumite and killed all of the Thraxans. Nolan and Mark fought off the Viltrumites trio, although both were left severely injured. Omni-Man, of course, was injured by Lucan, who mounted a surprise attack on Nolan.

More Viltrumites came to the planet to take Nolan, as General Kregg was seen standing beside an injured Mark Grayson. Instead of killing Mark, Kregg simply told him that Nolan was going to get taken back to Viltrum, where he would be executed for his crimes against the Viltrum Empire. Meanwhile, Kregg ordered Mark to assume Omni-Man’s mission on Earth.

kregg mark

That means that Kregg was basically telling Mark to weaken Earth’s defenses and force the planet to join the Viltrum Empire, as Nolan had abandoned this mission when he realized that he was a changed man. The fact that Kregg was able to assign this mission to Mark is a sign of his high position within the Viltrum Empire.

In the comics, it was explained that Kregg was one of the few Viltrumites who were able to survive the Scourge Virus, which decimated the Viltrumite population. The same virus took one of his eyes. However, Kregg survived and eventually saw Thragg’s rise to power as the Grand Regent of the Viltrum Empire. Meanwhile, Kregg eventually earned a high rank within Thragg’s Empire, suggesting that he was not only strong but extremely loyal to the cause of the Viltrumites.

The events of the comics show that Kregg was one of the most active Viltrumites during the Viltrumite War as he battled the likes of Thaedus and Allen the Alien. He was also one of the few Viltrumites who survived the Viltrumite War. Kregg remained a loyal follower of Thragg after the Viltrumite War.


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However, the time on Earth also changed Kregg as he and the Viltrumites stayed on the planet after the war. Kregg started developing feelings for the many different women he procreated with, and that was when it became clear that he was changing into a better version of himself. Eventually, he and some of the other Viltrumites betrayed Thragg upon learning that Nolan was actually the son of the last known Viltrumite Emperor.

How Kregg compares to other strong characters


Just like Omni-Man, Kregg was a product of harsh training on Viltrum, and he eventually became one of the most competent soldiers of the Viltrum Empire. That means that they are both two of the strongest Viltrumites.

Of course, while there was never an instance wherein either of them could show that they are stronger than the other, we can presume that Kregg is just as strong as Nolan or is somewhere near his power levels. Most of the Viltrumites who survived the Great Purge and the Scourge Virus were at the same power levels, including both Omni-Man and Kregg.

Allen the Alien

Allen the Alien started out as a being who was stronger than most other beings in the universe but was still weaker than a Viltrumite. However, after Thula and two other Viltrumites brutalized Allen and almost killed him, the recovery period allowed Allen’s genetic composition to adapt to the strength of the Viltrumites, causing Allen to become just as strong as a Viltrumite.

allen the alien

In the comics, Allen and Kregg fight a few times and are shown to be on par. It was only when backup arrived that Kregg could defeat Allen the Alien.


While we all know that most Viltrumites are basically at the same level of strength and durability, Thragg is different because he was a product of much harsher training.


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As such, Thragg ultimately became stronger than any other Viltrumite, proving that he could easily defeat his fellow Viltrumites in single combat. That means that Kregg is inferior to Thragg’s strength. In fact, no Viltrumite can actually match Thragg in single combat.

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