‘Invincible’ Season 2 Episode 4 Summary and Ending Explained: The War Is About To Begin

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Episode 4 of season 2 of ‘Invincible’ is the final episode of the first half of the season before the series will go on a short hiatus. But while we may have to wait a few months for the second half of the season to see its release date, the first half left us with a lot of great moments, especially in episode 4, where we saw Nolan and Mark finally getting to talk about what happened between them on Earth at the end of season 1.

Then again, a lot of other things happened in episode 4, as Omni-Man and Invincible needed to work together to protect the Thraxans from an existential threat. So, with that said, let’s talk more about what happened in episode 4 of ‘Invincible’ season 2 so that we would know what to expect in the events of the second half of the season.

Nolan explains the situation

Back in episode 3, we saw Nuolzot taking Mark Grayson to Thraxa after lying to him about meteors threatening the Thraxans. But the truth was that Nolan Grayson, who was now the leader of the Thraxans, was the one who ordered Nuolzot to go to Earth to retrieve Invincible. As such, we saw a reunion between the father and son duo after Omni-Man basically tried to kill his son back in season 1.

In this episode, Nolan explains to Mark what happened to him after he left Earth months ago. He was in the middle of a state of depression while traveling through the stars. Omni-Man even contemplated killing himself by allowing a black hole to take him. However, a chance encounter with a Thraxan ship changed his mindset as he decided to rescue the Thraxans onboard that ship. And on Thraxa, he found a new purpose in life as he was now the leader of the Thraxans.

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While Mark did indeed hug his father after not seeing him for months, he still lashed out at him for not saying sorry for the things that he did on Earth and for lying to them for years. But Nolan tried to explain things to his son by showing him that he had a brother to Andressa, Nolan’s new wife on Thraxa. While Mark was still confused by what was happening, it became apparent that his father called him to Thraxa to ask for his help, as he knew that he couldn’t keep his new son safe without Invincible’s help.

Drama back on Earth

Meanwhile, back on Earth, a lot of things were also happening in relation to the people close to Mark. Debbie was still upset that Nolan had lied to her for years and that he was a cruel man. Nevertheless, Art, who was also close to Omni-Man, made Debbie realize that she was strong with or without her husband and that her inner strength made her stronger than Nolan.

Amber and William were enjoying the first week of college life when Eve paid them a visit on campus. It was clear that something was bothering Eve as she was confused about what she needed to do as a hero, especially with what happened back in the previous episodes. Eve seemingly needed someone to talk to, and she couldn’t reach Mark because he was in space.


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Donald was also going through his own problems as he was wondering why Debbie reacted differently when she saw him back in the previous episodes. He started investigating the ruins of the house just in front of the Grayson home, and that was when he eventually looked at the security footage of the GDA to see that he was supposed to be dead. Donald eventually discovers that he might not be human after all, as his original self is already dead.

Meanwhile, Debbie was finally able to find her inner strength after rejecting the money Cecil was giving her family in his effort to make amends for what Omni-Man did to them. It was clear that Debbie no longer wanted anything to do with Cecil or the GDA.

art and debbie

On the other hand, Eve got in trouble with a villain named Killcanon, who became the unlucky victim of her emotional problems. While Eve was able to take care of the villain, she quickly understood that being a hero also meant caring about the damage her powers were causing. As such, her story in the first half of season 2 ends with her returning home to her parents’ home.

The Viltrumites attack

On Thraxa, Omni-Man reveals to Mark that he wanted his help in protecting his younger brother and the Thraxans because the Viltrumites would eventually attack the planet and kill Mark’s brother for impure. Mark was confused because he knew that he needed to help the Thraxans but was still very angry at his father.

nolan and mark 1

However, there was no time for arguing because the three Thraxans (Thula, Lucan, and Vidor) who attacked Allen the Alien invaded Thraxa.

Nolan tells Mark to keep Andressa and Mark’s younger brother safe while he deals with the Viltrumite invaders. While alone with Andressa, Mark was able to learn about the short lifespans of the Thraxans and how Nolan and Andressa fell for one another even before Andressa learned of the existence of Mark and his mother. The conversation was cut short when Lucan arrived to try to kill Andressa and Mark’s brother.

Mark tried his best to stand up to Lucan, who was far too overpowering for him. Nolan arrives to take on Lucan as he opens the Viltrumite invader’s guts and impales him with a jagged rock. Mark and Nolan head back to the city, where they see countless Thraxan corpses lying, as it is clear that the Viltrumites have killed almost all of the citizens of Thraxa.


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Nolan takes on Vidor, while Mark takes on Thula. While Nolan was more than a match for Vidor, Mark struggled against Thula due to his inexperience and because he didn’t want to fight to kill. Thula is able to gain the upper hand until Nolan tells Mark that he shouldn’t be holding back because holding back would result in the deaths of everyone on that planet.

Mark finally found a way to gain the upper hand against the much more experienced Viltrumite warrior. However, he hesitated at the last second because he didn’t want to kill Thula. This allowed Thula to stab Mark as she was about to kill him before Omni-Man came to the aid of his son after defeating and nearly crushing Vidor’s head.

War is coming

With Thula and Vidor defeated, Lucan attacks Nolan from behind, seemingly crushing his spine. Meanwhile, Mark passes out due to his injuries as he last saw a Viltrumite ship carrying his father’s injured body.

lucan nolan

Before completely passing out, Mark hears the voice of a Viltrumite talking to him. General Kregg tells him that Nolan will be returned to Viltrum for execution, while Mark is supposed to return to Earth. Kregg spared Mark because he could return to Earth and assume Nolan’s mission of forcing the planet to bow down to the Viltrumites.

Mark eventually passes out due to his injuries as he is still in a state of confusion after what happened to Thraxa. He now has to decide between helping the people of Earth against the Viltrumites or assuming the mission that his father had abandoned.

mark kregg

The war against the Viltrumites is now nearing its opening act as Mark now has a reason to fight the Viltrumites, realizing that these people are real threats to him and the people of Earth. And he will likely find allies in the form of the Coalition of Planets.


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As the episode ends, a post-credit scene involving the Maulers is shown. The surviving Mauler had previously cloned himself but was now able to tell who between him and the clone was the actual clone, considering that Mauler had a permanent scar from the explosion that happened three episodes ago. In the post-credit scene, however, the clone poisons the other Mauler as he assumes the place of the original Mauler.

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