‘Invincible’: How Strong Is Allen the Alien? Compared to Omni-Man, Thragg, and Mark

how strong is allen the alien

Allen the Alien was introduced back in the first season of ‘Invincible,’ but only in season 2 was his story finally fleshed out. One of the things we saw about Allen was that he was the strongest out of all of his people, the Unopans, and that he was genetically engineered to be the strongest. Then again, power levels in ‘Invincible’ aren’t fleshed out. So, just how strong is Allen the Alien?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • At the start, Allen the Alien possessed superhuman strength, speed, and durability that was better than any other Unopan in the past.
  • However, Allen was still weaker than a regular Viltrumite, as he could not defeat even the weakest Viltrumite in the Viltrum Empire.
  • But when Allen survived his fatal injuries after getting attacked by Viltrumites, his body became strong enough to handle a single Viltrumite.

Allen’s strength continues to evolve

The early part of episode 3 of season 2 of ‘Invincible’ allowed us to see what led to Allen the Alien’s creation. Of course, his homeworld of Unopa was attacked by the Viltrumites as a few Unopans escaped the planet to join up with the Coalition of Planets. The surviving Unopans conducted genetic experiments on babies, and that was how Allen the Alien was created as the only Unopan baby to survive the experiments.

allen the alien

Due to the genetic procedure that he went through, Allen became the strongest Unopan in history as he obtained incredible abilities that allowed the Unopans to believe that he could be the secret weapon against the Viltrumites. He obtained superhuman strength, durability, and speed on top of the ability to fly. This allowed him to become a hero within the Coalition of Planets. However, Allen was still considered to be weaker than a standard Viltrumite.

It was shown that Allen always lost to Viltrumites whenever he went up against them, and this became clear when three Viltrumites attacked him just outside the Coalition of Planets’ homeworld. The Viltrumites’ scouting party completely brutalized Allen and tore him apart before delivering an attack that should have been fatal. However, Allen survived and was rushed to a stasis pod, where he was allowed to recover.


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While it is yet to be shown, Thaedus, the leader of the Coalition of Planets, decided to cut Allen the Alien’s life-support system in what was seemingly an effort to make him stronger as his body needed to heal naturally instead of relying on the stasis pod. After months of recuperating from the injuries he suffered against the powerful Viltrumites who attacked him, Allen the Alien came out stronger.

Thaedus told Allen that his power levels were now on par with a regular Viltrumite’s own power, and Allen was left wondering how Thaedus would know how strong a Viltrumite was. That was when Thaedus admitted that he was a Viltrumite all along and that he had defected from the Viltrum Empire a long time ago. The fact that Thaedus was a strong Viltrumite was proof of the fact that he knew just how strong a Viltrumite was and that Allen was now on par with Viltrumites.

thaedus allen

On top of his increased strength levels, Allen was able to retain all of his standard abilities. This includes the ability to telepathically communicate with other people. He is also able to read the minds of others.

In the comics, Allen also obtained enhanced regeneration after surviving another fatal attack. Instead of having to wait for months to regenerate his body to full health, he was able to regenerate all of his missing limbs in a matter of days.

So, in short, Allen is strong not because he was made to be strong but because the Unopans engineered his body to react and adapt. Whenever he survives attacks and injuries that are supposed to kill him, he becomes stronger. But there is seemingly a ceiling to this ability as his body is only able to adapt to the power level of the person who previously placed him in a near-death experience. 


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In that regard, because a powerful Viltrumite was the one responsible for nearly killing him, he became as strong as that Viltrumite as his body reacted and adapted to the attack delivered by that powerful Viltrumite soldier. Considering that there are no longer any characters (except for Thragg) stronger than a Viltrumite, Allen’s ability to become stronger had already reached its peak levels.

How Allen compares to other strong characters


In their first meeting, it was clear that Invincible was stronger than Allen the Alien, whom Cecil wasn’t too worried about. Mark could handle Allen well enough despite being weaker than a standard Viltrumite at that time.


Of course, both Invincible and Allen became stronger as time passed by. It is possible that Allen became stronger than Mark after recovering from his injuries. However, during the peak of the comics, Invincible eventually surpassed Allen and became stronger than him and even his own father.


When Allen first appeared, Cecil said that Omni-Man had repeatedly defeated him in the past despite the fact that Allen always tried to return to Earth. That means that Nolan was far stronger than him before Allen’s massive power-up.


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But after Allen received the power-up when he recovered from his fatal injuries, he became just as strong as any Viltrumite, including Omni-Man. In fact, they went toe-to-toe with one another again, as Allen showed that he was now strong enough to hold his own against Omni-Man. It is possible that he eventually became equal with Omni-Man in terms of strength level.


The truth is that Thragg seemingly has no equal in the world of ‘Invincible’ even though Allen the Alien became strong enough to kill two Viltrumites. In fact, the only character strong enough to actually match Thragg’s power was Battle Beast, who went toe-to-toe with the Viltrumite leader and nearly killed him.

In that regard, Allen the Alien was still no match for Thragg, as not even Omni-Man could defeat the strongest Viltrumite in the history of the Viltrum Empire. Thragg was still unrivaled even during the final parts of the ‘Invincible’ comics.

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