‘Invincible’: Is Titan a Good or a Bad Guy? Are His Actions Justifiable?

titan takes over

The world of ‘Invincible’ is incredibly complex due to the fact that there are a lot of different characters with different personalities and goals in the storyline. Some of these characters may have stories that the common person can relate to, and one of them is a villain named Titan, who worked for Machine Head before taking over his criminal organization. So, is Titan a good or a bad guy, and are his actions actually justifiable?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Titan used to be a simple, low-level criminal who was only involved in crime because of his debt to Machine Head and so that he could make a living for his daughter.
  • However, after tricking Invincible into helping him take down Machine Head, Titan secretly took over the criminal organization, becoming its new boss.
  • Titan isn’t necessarily evil but is willing to do evil acts to make the city a “better place.”

Titan represents the low-level criminals

Even though we all know that the world of comic books and superheroes is full of supervillains, there are still those who are just into petty crime, even though they are powerful themselves. The storyline of ‘Invincible’ has its version of such characters. One such person is Titan, who was introduced as a character who didn’t seem very important in the storyline but ended up playing a big role.

Titan was a low-level criminal who faced Mark Grayson, who had just awakened his Viltrumite powers and abilities and was still trying to learn how to become a superhero. In fact, Titan was more like a goon who worked for a much more powerful crime boss. And while Titan was just a goon, he was still very much strong himself as he could encase his entire body in rock to become physically stronger and more durable.

invincible vs titan

Nevertheless, Titan was nowhere near Mark’s powers as Invincible defeated him. He was Mark’s first supervillain opponent before he came up with his superhero name. But one of the things that were clear during the earlier part of the storyline was the fact that Titan wasn’t seemingly that evil despite the fact that he was working as a criminal.

In one of the earlier scenes involving Titan, he held up a man who owed money to Titan’s boss and threatened him with death if he couldn’t pay his debt. But upon seeing a photo of this man and his daughter, Titan spared him instead of killing him. As such, it was clear that Titan had a soft heart.


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It turned out that Titan himself had a daughter named Fiona, who wasn’t aware of what his father was doing. Nevertheless, Vanessa, Titan’s wife, knew that he was still working for his boss. And it turned out that Titan had no choice but to work for his villainous boss.

Later in the storyline, Titan meets up with Invincible to try to convince him to help him. While Mark called him a criminal, Titan told him that he only became one because he needed a bit of money and had a debt that he needed to pay to his boss, who was secretly running the city as a criminal leader. This boss was Machine Head, who had money and goons at his disposal.

titan machine head

Titan wanted to work together with Invincible to take down Machine Head so that both he and the city could be free from this criminal. So, in a sense, Titan was seemingly a good man who was only working for Machine Head to pay off his outstanding debts and to make sure that he had enough to provide for his family. 

It appeared that he was only doing bad things because he believed that the ends justified the means in the sense that it was okay for him to engage in criminal activities for the sake of providing for his family. But that wasn’t exactly the case.

Titan turned greedy

Titan and Invincible went on to invade Machine Head, who, with the help of a villain named Isotope, could teleport from one place to another and was difficult to catch. Nevertheless, Titan and Invincible were able to get to Machine Head, who had a trick up his sleeve, as he was able to employ the help of different supervillains, including Battle Beast, to take care of his enemies.

The supervillains overwhelmed Titan and Invincible. However, the arrival of the Guardians of the Globe was able to help shift the tide toward the heroes. But Battle Beast singlehandedly defeated Monster Girl and Invincible. Machine Head tried to leave the premises, only for him to notice that Isotope wasn’t responding.

titan and mark

As Mark fainted after suffering a fatal wound that almost killed him, Titan apologized to him because he never meant for things to turn out that way. Invincible was promptly given medical attention.

However, Isotope returned to Machine Head’s office to congratulate his real boss, who happened to be Titan. It turned out that Titan and Isotope had been working together to bring down Machine Head. Titan took over as the new head of this criminal organization as he brought his family along with him.

Titan said that he meant it when he told Invincible that he wanted to make the city a better place. But it turned out that what he meant was for him to actually take over Machine Head’s criminal organization so that he could be the new boss.


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Of course, we don’t know what Titan had been planning for the organization, but it was clear that he wasn’t done living the life of a criminal. This time, however, he was now the boss of a big organization instead of a low-level criminal.

In a way, greed took over Titan’s heart. Instead of simply walking away from the life of a criminal so that he could be with his family, he decided to take over the organization to become just as rich and powerful as Machine Head was. Only this time, he believed that he was going to make the city a better place under his leadership as the one running the city behind the shadows.

Even if Titan had plans that would help the city become a better place, his actions were inexcusable because he manipulated Mark into helping him take down Machine Head, only for him to take over as the new boss. After all, no matter how good his intentions may have been, making a city a “better place” using a criminal organization’s assets is kind of counterproductive. So, while Titan may believe that the ends justify the means, there is still no excuse for his actions, especially because he turned into the very thing that he hated—a crime boss.

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