‘Invincible’ Season 2: Is Allen the Alien Dead? Here’s What Happens to Him


The third episode of season 2 of ‘Invincible’ allowed us to get to know more about Allen the Alien, who is set to play a huge role in the storyline of this series. But while we know that Allen is strong, he eventually struggles against three Viltrumites in episode 3 as he is defeated and mortally wounded by these evil conquerors. What made things worse was that a familiar person seemingly decreased his chances of survival. So, is Allen the Alien dead?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Allen the Alien possesses powers and abilities that make him the strongest Unopan but not on par with Viltrumite.
  • After the three Viltrumites beat Allen to an inch of death, he was placed in a stasis pod but ended up getting the plug pulled on him by Thaedus.
  • In the comics, Allen survives in the stasis pod and comes back stronger than ever.

Allen was Unopa’s genetic masterpiece

We first met the Amazon Prime version of Allen the Alien at the end of season 1 of ‘Invincible’ when he and Mark Grayson had an encounter just outside of Earth. Mark told Allen all about what happened to him and his father, and Allen was able to find a possible ally for the Coalition of Planets. Episode 3 of season 2 introduced Allen’s story.


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Decades ago, the Unopans of the planet called Unopa fell under the Viltrum Empire’s wrath. But the Unopans rebelled against the conquerors, only for them to fail. A few Unopans managed to escape Unopa as they made their way to Talescria, where Thaedus invited them to become members of the Coalition of Planets.

Marvin the Unopan, the leader of the surviving Unopans, told the Coalition that they were genetically modifying new Unopans to find a way to defeat the Viltrumites. All of the experiments died, except for Allen, who became the strongest Unopan in history as he had super-strength, speed, durability, and powers that the other Unopans didn’t have. But the problem is that Allen was still a lot weaker than Viltrumites.

allen the alien

The fact that Allen was strong made him one of the most important members of the Coalition, as he could travel from one planet to another to survey possible allies against the Viltrum Empire. That was when he came across Mark Grayson as he mistakenly went to Earth, thinking it was Urath. He heard Mark’s story about Omni-Man and what happened on Earth.

Thaedus “kills” Allen

After Allen visited Earth, he returned to Talescria to tell the Coalition his discovery. He tells them the story of Mark Grayson and how he could be a possible ally to the Coalition. More importantly, he tells Thaedus and the Coalition that Omni-Man fought Mark and that Omni-Man abandoned his post. This was news to Thaedus because Viltrumites are not known to fight one another or abandon their missions.

To that end, Thaedus assigns Allen a new mission as he believes that a mole is hiding in the Coalition. But shortly after that, Allen was ambushed by an advanced scouting party of Viltrumites who were seemingly aware of what Allen had told the Coalition about Mark Grayson and Omni-Man.


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Allen was looking at Telia as the three Viltrumites were trying to pry information out of him. Realizing that he needed to keep the information about Mark a secret, Allen allowed the Viltrumites to brutalize him. Allen suffered serious injuries that would have killed him. The Viltrumites attacked him so hard that his eye popped out, and he even lost one of his arms.

allen death 1

Of course, the leader of the Viltrumite scouting party punched Allen so hard that his guts spilled out of a hole in his torso. Under normal circumstances, Allen should have died right then and there, as no other character should have been able to survive such wounds.

Nevertheless, Allen survived the attack and was placed in stasis back in Talescria, where Telia could be seen watching over him as he was recovering. Thaedus arrived to tell Telia to leave Allen to him.

Right after Telia left, Thaedus went to the controls of the stasis chamber and seemingly shut it down as it was clear that he intended to kill Allen. His current intentions are still unknown, but Thaedus obviously wanted Allen to die from the wounds that he suffered at the hands of the Viltrumites. 

Allen survives in the comics

We aren’t sure what Allen the Alien’s fate is at this point because some things were changed between the comics and the animated series. But we do know that, in the comics, Allen survived this encounter with the Viltrumites. 


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In the comics, Allen woke up from his injuries stronger than ever. He broke through the stasis chamber with ease as he wondered how he could do so. Thaedus goes to him to tell him that, for some reason, his genetic makeup allowed him to become just as strong as a Viltrumite after suffering from a near-death experience at the hands of the Viltrumite scouting party.

As such, Allen the Alien survives his injuries in the comics. But what is unsure is whether or not he will survive in the animated series because Thaedus didn’t pull the plug on Allen’s stasis pod in the comics.

The animated series changed a few things to make the events more unpredictable. But because we do know that Allen the Alien has a huge role in the comics, he will likely survive his injuries and Thaedus’ attempt at killing him.

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