‘Invincible’: Here’s How the Immortal Is Still Alive in Season 2

the immortal

One of the characters who have remained constants in the storyline of ‘Invincible’ is the Immortal, who has been around since the first episode of the Amazon Prime series. Of course, we’ve seen Omni-Man “killing” the Immortal twice during the storyline of the first season, only for us to see him returning to action once more while still seemingly at peak shape. He even plays a big role in season 2 as the leader of the Guardians of the Globe. So, how is the Immortal still alive in season 2?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Immortal literally cannot die because his body will always find a way to regenerate whenever he suffers lethal wounds.
  • If the Immortal’s body parts are severed, they will heal themselves as long as they are reattached.
  • Even after Omni-Man decapitated the Immortal, his body recovered after his head was reattached.

The Immortal is literally immortal

There are only a handful of characters in ‘Invincible’ who are strong enough to actually hurt Omni-Man. While we do know that Mark Grayson is one of them due to the fact that he is Omni-Man’s son, we also know that there was someone who was already strong enough to give Omni-Man a good fight long before Invincible was born. In fact, before Omni-Man arrived on Earth, this character was the strongest being on the planet. We are talking about the Immortal.

immortal vs omni man

Due to his exposure to an unknown anomaly thousands of years ago, the Immortal’s body gained godlike powers that gave him superhuman physical abilities and the ability to fly. But the most impressive part about him is the fact that he is basically immortal, as his name suggests. At over 3,000 years old, the Immortal cannot die due to old age. His immortality carries over to his ability to heal from wounds.

Due to his healing factor, the Immortal can regenerate from any wounds regardless of their seriousness. He is also perfectly immune to any disease, viruses, pathogens, and parasites and can sustain himself without needing to eat or drink. The Immortal is quite literally immortal.


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Still, the most impressive part about the Immortal is his ability to resurrect. The Immortal’s body is so resilient that his atoms allow his body to repair itself whenever the Immortal suffers from wounds that are supposed to be fatal. He is capable of reattaching severed limbs as long as they are attached after they have been severed. On top of that, he doesn’t die or rot even after his head is severed.

The most important part of the Immortal’s immortality is his head because his body will never function without it. If the Immortal’s head is severed, he is placed in a catatonic state, but none of his body parts rot or decay. And as long as his head is reattached to his body after it is severed, he can be brought back to life.

the immortal decapitated

We saw in season 1 how the Mauler Twins took the Immortal’s head after Omni-Man killed him, they used their scientific genius to reattach it to his body, thus bringing the Immortal back to life. As such, it was clear that he could never actually die in the strict sense of the word because his body was still in a perfectly good state long after Omni-Man killed him.

As such, when Omni-Man killed the Immortal a second time during the final parts of season 1, the GDA may have realized that they could bring him back as his head was never severed from his body. And this was made clear when the Immortal returned in season 2 all alive and well, even after Omni-Man karate chopped the lower half of his body off at the end of season 1.


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The Immortal can still “die”

As mentioned, the immortal is quite literally immortal because his body cannot die. But the truth is that he can still actually “die” in the loose sense of the word. And that’s why he isn’t perfectly immortal despite the fact that he cannot die.

First off, the Immortal requires external factors for his resurrection to kick in. As mentioned, his body basically becomes useless if his head is decapitated. The Immortal will be placed in a death-like catatonic state that will render him essentially dead as long as his head stays detached from the rest of his body. And there’s even a trick to this.

In the series, it was never explained properly why the GDA didn’t try to put the Immortal’s head back on his body after Omni-Man killed him and the rest of the Guardians of the Globe. The Maulers hinted that Cecil and the scientists of GDA were simply idiots who didn’t understand how to properly reattach the Immortal’s head to his body to bring him back to life.

But they eventually found out how to fix the Immortal as he is now alive and well even after Omni-Man bisected him with a powerful chop right through his torso.

immoral second death

Another thing that needs to be considered is that he cannot be brought back to life if his head is destroyed. In the opening scene of season 2, we saw an alternate version of Invincible fighting an alternate version of the Immortal in another universe. After the Immortal’s head was severed from his body, Mark crushed his head with his bare hands and said, “Immortal your way out of this.”

So, while it is possible for the Immortal to return to life after his head is severed from his body, he would never return from his catatonic state if he had no head. Still, his body isn’t dead even after his head is crushed. It’s just that it will stay in a permanent catatonic state.


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There’s also the possibility of completely incinerating his entire body down to the last atom, especially if his body is thrown into the sun. After all, he can’t return to life if his body doesn’t even exist. As such, while he may be immortal, the Immortal’s immortality isn’t perfect.

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