Is Beerus Evil, or Is He Just Part of the Natural Order?

beerus destruction

Beerus was introduced as the God of Destruction that no one was strong enough to even hurt until Goku achieved Super Saiyan God. Since then, Beerus realized the potential of Goku and Vegeta, and that was why Whis began training them to become strong enough to defeat the God of Destruction in the future. Of course, Beerus’s very nature was to destroy, as that was the job given to him when he took his post as a God of Destruction. But does that mean that Beerus is evil?

Like all Gods of Destruction, Beerus is not inherently evil. He is simply part of the natural order of the universe in the sense that destruction is necessary for creation. This explains why the Gods of Destruction are the counterparts of the Supreme Kai (Creation Gods) and are linked to their lives.

Despite the ill temper that he carries and the scary title that he has, Beerus is never inherently evil. He may have been responsible for the deaths of millions of lives and thousands of planets all over Universe 7, but that was always a part of his job as a God of Destruction that forms part of the natural order of things in the universe. As such, let’s get to know more about Beerus.

Is Beerus Evil?

Ever since Beerus was introduced in the Dragon Ball Super anime, it was already clear that everyone was afraid of him. That’s because he is the God of Destruction and is the strongest entity in the universe other than his Angel attendant, Whis. As a God of Destruction, he carries enough power to destroy entire solar systems in a heartbeat, and that is the reason why everyone except Goku feared him when he was introduced. Even Vegeta couldn’t keep his usual composed self whenever Beerus was around.

Nevertheless, Beerus eventually showcased his true nature as a god with a bad temper in the sense that he tends to destroy things whenever he gets annoyed or angered. But, at the same time, he was easy to please, especially when food was involved. That was the case with the people of Earth when they offered him food to make sure that he kept his cool whenever he was around.

Still, as a God of Destruction, Beerus exists to destroy, and he has done so throughout the millions of years he has existed. That means that he uses his incredible power to destroy thousands of planets and kill millions or even billions of people all over the universe. So, if that’s the case, does that mean that Beerus is evil?

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Beerus may have a bad temper and tends to be quite whimsical with the way he approaches his job in the sense that he doesn’t always deal with universal threats. However, he was never inherently evil. This may seem odd because he does evil things (killing and destroying). But trust us when we say that he was never inherently evil.

The job of a God of Destruction is to destroy not because they want to destroy but because they need to destroy. This is simply the order of the universe in the sense that destruction is required whenever there is a need to destroy certain planets, systems, or races. In short, Beerus needs to destroy because that is his job.


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Beerus is not like Frieza, who kills, destroys, and enslaves people for his own selfish reasons as a tyrant. Instead, Beerus does everything that Frieza does (minus the enslavement part) simply because he has to do so. He has no innate desire to kill and destroy because it isn’t part of the nature of his personality to do so, even though it might be true that he has a rather short temper. On the other hand, someone like Frieza is innately evil because he simply desires to kill and destroy due to his very nature as a tyrannical entity.

Nevertheless, there were still instances when Beerus was a bit too whimsical in the way he approached his job. He once threatened to destroy Planet Vegeta because King Vegeta gave him the second softest pillow in the universe instead of the softest. Beerus also said that he destroyed the dinosaurs because he felt that they had become too arrogant. And he even imprisoned Old Kai in the Z Sword because they got into an argument.

With that said, Beerus may have had a really bad temper and was quite quick to destroy whenever he was annoyed, but he was never evil. He is simply a part of the natural order of things in the universe. It is his job to destroy, just like how it is the job of the Supreme Kai to create things and safeguard the universe. 

Why Is Beerus Necessary?

Beerus is like all of the other Gods of Destruction in the sense that he doesn’t want to destroy but simply needs to destroy. Nevertheless, some of them approach their jobs differently. It seems as if Beerus relishes his job of killing and destroying despite the fact that he isn’t inherently evil. 

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On the other hand, some Gods of Destructions take the opportunity to kill and destroy for the sake of justice, as is the case for Belmod and the Pride Troopers of Universe 11. It really depends on the personality of God of Destruction. But the fact of the matter is that they are necessary to the order of the universe, just as how Beerus’s existence is necessary to Universe 7. So, why are Beerus and the Gods of Destruction necessary?


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Beerus and the Gods of Destruction are necessary because destruction is necessary for a universe. There are some planets and races that need to be destroyed because they affect the entire balance of the universe, and that’s where the Gods of Destruction need to intervene.

Whenever they need to destroy, Beerus has to do so because it is important to keep things in order in a universe. That is why the Gods of Destruction are basically counterparts of the Supreme Kais, who are also called the Creation Gods. This also explains the life link between the Gods of Destruction and the Supreme Kais of their respective universe, as both beings are necessary for the existence of the other.

In that sense, creation and destruction go hand in hand. Whenever a Supreme Kai gets killed, the God of Destruction of that corresponding universe also ceases to exist as they are both two parts of the same whole. That is why Beerus is necessary to Universe 7. Of course, that also explains why he simply imprisoned the Old Kai in the Z Sword instead of killing him.

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