Will Vegeta Become a God of Destruction, & His Newest Form?

Vegeta ultra ego

Ever since Dragon Ball Super was released, it was clear that the Dragon Ball continuity was headed towards a direction that included gods and other divine entities in the conversation, especially with the debut of the God of Destruction Beerus and his Angel attendant Whis. Since then, Goku and Vegeta have been training under them so that they could become stronger than Beerus and possibly succeed him. Nevertheless, Vegeta has been the one who is closest to Beerus in terms of his destructive tendencies. So, will Vegeta become a God of Destruction?

It is possible that Vegeta will succeed Beerus as Universe 7’s God of Destruction because of the fact that he developed his own Ultra Ego transformation, which can only be achieved by those who received God of Destruction training. In this form, Vegeta is more reckless and destructive than ever.

The difference between Goku and Vegeta can be seen in how they both achieved different transformations after they mastered Super Saiyan Blue. Goku is closer to the Angels that focus more on technique, instinct, and evasion, while Vegeta is closer to the Gods of Destruction in how self-indulgent and brash he is in battle. As such, let’s look at how Vegeta can become a god.

Does Vegeta Become A God?

Since the very beginning of the Dragon Ball Super anime, it was clear that the Dragon Ball continuity was headed toward Goku and Vegeta earning godly powers when they had to contend against the God of Destruction named Beerus. Of course, the introduction of the Gods of Destruction, the Angels, and the god of all gods named Zeno made it clear that Goku and Vegeta had their work cut out for them as there were divine beings that were much more powerful than they were.

As such, Goku and Vegeta trained under the Angel Whis so that they could one day surpass Beerus and quite possibly take over his place as the new God of Destruction. After all, every God of Destruction was once a mortal that became so powerful that they were able to inherit the title from the previous one. And due to their training, Goku and Vegeta became strong enough to unlock Super Saiyan Blue, which is essentially the Super Saiyan version of Super Saiyan God.

Nevertheless, it was still clear that not even SSB was going to allow either Goku or Vegeta to surpass Beerus because they couldn’t even surpass Jiren, a mortal from Universe 11. That was when Goku was able to break through his limits and unlock Ultra Instinct, which is essentially the technique that the Angels use in battle so that they can react quickly to any attack. Goku achieving Ultra Instinct allowed him to reach godlike levels that could be more powerful than some of the Gods of Destruction in the Dragon Ball multiverse.


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While Goku has indeed become so powerful that he is basically capable of reaching godlike levels, Vegeta still continued his training but vowed to carve his own path without having to rely on whether or not he could unlock Ultra Instinct. And while Goku was more like Whis in the sense that they are both happy-go-lucky fellas that are instinctive fighters, Vegeta was more like Beerus in the sense that he is hot-headed and kind of brash. So, does that mean that Vegeta will become a god?

In terms of his powers, Vegeta has indeed become godlike, especially when you look at the manga. Vegeta could already defeat some of the Gods of Destruction of the other universes with his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form, especially when he was able to defeat Top, who was able to unlock his God of Destruction powers and became the next God of Destruction candidate of Universe 11.

vegeta top

So, as far as his powers are concerned, Vegeta was essentially at the level of a God of Destruction but not powerful enough to become a match for Beerus. The fact that Vegeta’s personality is closer to a destroyer than a fighter also makes him a good candidate for the God of Destruction post in Universe 7. 

While Vegeta loves fighting, it is his pride that fuels him to become a great fighter because he doesn’t want to come second to anyone, as opposed to Goku, who simply wants to fight because he loves doing it. In that regard, Vegeta is more likely to become a God of Destruction due to the fact that most Gods of Destruction are prideful beings that boast about their powers rather than their love for fighting.

Does Vegeta Get God Of Destruction Powers?

Of course, while Vegeta did indeed become strong enough to defeat a weaker God of Destruction when his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form was able to overpower Top’s destroyer form, that doesn’t mean that Vegeta received the powers of a God of Destruction. But then again, he has always been the closest Universe 7 mortal to the status of a God of Destruction. So, with that said, does Vegeta get God of Destruction powers?

As a matter of fact, during the Granolah the Survivor Saga in the manga, Vegeta was able to unlock his God of Destruction powers. This happened when Granolah, who became powerful due to the Dragon Balls, was able to surpass Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form. As such, Vegeta harnessed his emotions and used his God of Destruction training to unlock a form that gave him the powers of a destroyer god.

Vegeta kicks granolah

In that regard, Vegeta became strong enough to resemble a true God of Destruction. He eventually called this transformation Ultra Ego, which was a contrast to Goku’s Ultra Instinct. It is almost the complete opposite of Ultra Instinct in the sense that it relies more on its user’s passion and emotions rather than the user’s harmonious heart and emotionless state.


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While in this form, Vegeta was able to overpower Granolah until the latter was able to mutate his powers and match him. Nevertheless, it is believed that Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form is just about as powerful as Goku’s Ultra Instinct form but focuses more on the power of destruction and on the user’s destroyer mindset.

Which Episode Does Vegeta Become God Of Destruction?

In the anime, Vegeta is yet to achieve the powers of a God of Destruction because Dragon Ball Super has been on a very long hiatus that should allow the manga to have enough chapters for the anime to adapt in the future.

However, in the manga, Vegeta was able to achieve the powers of a God of Destruction when he unlocked Ultra Ego and became a powerful being that could rival a God of Destruction. This occurred in the battle against Granolah in chapter 74 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

In this chapter, Vegeta was already strong enough to display his destroyer powers when he was still in his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved state. But when he eventually realized that he needed to have the mindset of a destroyer, that was when he ultimately unlocked his Ultra Ego form and became a destroyer god in terms of his overall powers and abilities.

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