What Clan Is Kawaki Actually From? Kawaki’s Family Revealed!

What Clan Is Kawaki Actually From? Kawaki's Family Revealed!

Kawaki is a young boy redeemed and raised by the leader of Kara, with the sole purpose of being the future receptacle of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, thus becoming the key to their project. After being brought to Konoha by Team 7, he is taken in by Naruto Uzumaki, who raises him as his own son, during which he develops a brotherly bond with Boruto Uzumaki to solve the mystery of Kama. In this article, we will talk about Kawaki and his family history, as we will tell you which clan Kawaki actually comes from.

Kawaki doesn’t seem to belong to any clan. His father, Kokatsu, was a random character and a bum, so it didn’t seem like he belonged to any clan. He was adopted by Isshiki into the Ōtsutsuki Clan and later by Naruto into the Uzumaki Clan, to which he currently belongs, but that is not through direct blood relation.

In the rest of this article, we will provide you with more details on Kawaki’s specific situation and, especially, his childhood, as that aspect of his story is relevant to understanding whether he belongs to any clan. This is going to be your ultimate guide to the Kawaki, and his personal history in the world of Naruto, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Kawaki’s father did not belong to any clan


The identity of Kawaki’s mother is unknown, but we know that his biological father is the abusive Kokatsu. In the anime, Kokatsu was apparently a former shinobi who was a hero of the Fourth Shinobi World War, but most people thought he was a liar due to his specific and difficult nature.

In the anime, Kokatsu was a shinobi recognized as a fighter who participated in the Fourth Shinobi World War. However, the war greatly affected Kokatsu’s mind, and he acquired the habit of drinking. Sometime later, he had a son, Kawaki, whom he constantly mistreated and made him sell firewood in the village where they lived to buy him alcohol. One day after Kawaki returned with his drink, Kokatsu forbade him to eat after discovering a pamphlet he had been given.


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The next day, Kawaki brought the shards of the broken liquor bottle, angering Kokatsu, who locked him in a room. Soon after, Jigen appeared, intending to buy him. A frightened Kawaki pleaded with his father that he would work harder to buy him alcohol. However, he was knocked out by Kokatsu, smashing an empty bottle on his head. Jigen told Kokatsu of his intention to buy Kawaki, stating that he would never see his son again once the deal was done. Kokatsu agreed to the condition and received a large sum for it.

Kawaki was adopted into both the Ōtsutsuki and Uzumaki Clans

After Jigen handed over the money and took custody of him, he told Kawaki to feel comfortable from now on. In the anime, while going through the tunnel to leave the village, they met the fish seller, who was revealed to be a slaver who wanted to take Kawaki away. Jigen asked Kawaki to wait outside the tunnel while they sorted things out.

After arriving at Kara’s base, Kawaki was taken to a laboratory, where he met Amado. Jigen told him that he would give him a valuable gift when they became father and son. Kawaki became one of the numerous children placed in bags connected by tubes to a vial of liquids as part of an experiment by Jigen and Amado to transfer Karma.

After thirteen failed attempts, Kawaki awoke to observe the procedure and went through it, losing consciousness, succeeding as one of the last attempts. After waking up, Kawaki got the Karma in his left hand. Over time, Jigen trained with Kawaki to learn how to use Karma, constantly berating him because he only saw him as his vessel and beating him whenever he questioned it.

During later training, Kawaki unsuccessfully tried to hide from Jigen, who reprimanded him using his bō. Eventually, Kawaki was turned into something other than human, using inorganic technology, with his blood vessels and nervous system being modified.

In the anime, while trying to escape from Kara’s hideout, Kawaki encountered Garō, who was surprised that he had his body intact. Garō offered to teach him about the organization. However, faced with Kawaki’s refusal and fear, he decided to discipline him. Frightened for the life of him, Kawaki activated Karma, attacking Garō directly with a blast of chakra. Kawaki’s match against Garō ended in the destruction of his jaw. He then ran away from the organization and ended up meeting Boruto and coming to Konohagakure.


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He was soon attacked by the police, which prompted Kawaki to run and struggle to get away. Naruto intervenes after learning from Sumire that Kawaki fears passing away. Kawaki was kept in check by Naruto until he passed out from tiredness. Kawaki found himself in Konoha Hospital and surrounded by Konoha shinobi when he awoke.

Kawaki tried to escape via the bedroom window after learning he was in Konoha, but Shikamaru Nara stopped him. Naruto then identified himself as the Hokage. Later, Kawaki would continue to live freely in Konoha under Naruto’s supervision when the five Kage reached an agreement. Kawaki refused to be used, so Naruto escorted him away from the village and to his house. Unexpectedly, Naruto approached him and blocked his path, forcing Kawaki to continue traveling toward the Hokage’s residence.

There, he attempted to run but failed after breaking a vase, prompting Naruto to demonstrate his might and terrify Kawaki into preventing him from making another attempt. After learning that Kawaki would move in with them, Boruto apologized and introduced himself grudgingly.

Later, when the angry lads had brawled among themselves, Kawaki tells him how he obtained his Kama and advises them to cooperate to remove their marks. After promising to replace the old one, Naruto took Boruto to acquire a new vase. He ran across Sarada Uchiha as they traveled. They also ran into her and Chocho outside a bakery in the anime.

Kawaki was given a snack there and marveled at the flavors he had never encountered before. Kakawi was soon sent to the Yamanaka Flowers. Kawaki met Ino Yamanaka there, to whom Naruto had assigned the duty of locating the adversaries pursuing him. But when Kawaki was reminded of his experiences with Jigen by the flower roots, he suffered a panic attack.

Kawaki was so traumatized that Naruto embraced him while reassuring him that everything was alright. In the anime, he insisted that sharing his experiences with others was a fantastic way to connect with others while inviting Kawaki to lunch. From that moment, Kawaki’s story became connected to that of Naruto and Boruto. This is how it all started, making it even more interesting that he ended up fighting Boruto in the end.

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