How and When Did Kawaki Get His Karma Back?

How and When Did Kawaki Get His Karma Back

The Boruto series brought us many new features and concepts we never saw in Naruto. The new world under the peaceful ruling of the new generation of Kage brought us many perspectives of how young characters live and deal with the dangers that are quite present at this point of the story. Ōtsutsuki clan is definitely the biggest problem for our heroes, and young Boruto and his friends are opposing a group that can easily destroy the world. Kawaki is set up to oppose Boruto in the future. Still, the boy is struggling like his friend Boruto, who got tagged by the seal of Karma, a compressed Ōtsutsuki clan member’s biological data. This article will discuss how and when Kawaki got his Karma back.

After Kawaki lost his Karma Seal and Isshiki Ōtsutsuki died, Amado Sanzu, a scientist specializing in Scientific Ninja Tools research, implanted a new Karma Seal in Kawaki’s new hand. In chapter 59 of Boruto manga, Amado convinces reluctant Kawaki that he can regain his Karma seal and use it only as a weapon. Amado manipulates the young boy by telling him that Naruto is weak without Kurama and that combining his Karma with Boruto’s can protect the Seventh Hokage. Kawaki reluctantly agrees with the proposition and uses his Karma Seal for the first time in chapter 65.

We will discuss details around Kawaki getting his Karma Seal back, where is his new Karma located, and who’s Karma is this time. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article.

Does Kawaki get his Karma back?

We briefly mentioned new concepts in the Boruto series that, for some fans, can be a bit complicated, but after some time, one realizes that they aren’t that complex at all. That is the case with Karma Seal, which was introduced quite early in the Boruto series. Boruto gained his Karma Seal in the fight with Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, who planted the seal on Naruto’s son before he died.

How and When Did Kawaki Get His Karma Back?
Kawaki was Isshiki’s vessel.

Now, Boruto needs to live with the fact that one day, Momoshiki will take over his body. But before Boruto even realized what the Karma seal was, Kawaki was marked with Isshiki’s seal in his youth. Isshiki realized that Jigen’s body didn’t have the prowess or ability to hold Isshiki’s chakra – that’s why Ōtsutsuki transferred his Karma Seal into Kawaki’s left palm. We know that Kawaki is a capable and potentially powerful shinobi and that Isshiki’s Karma Seal gave him some great abilities.

However, with the death of Isshiki, forced resurrection through Jigen, and the fact that extraction of Isshiki’s data through Kawaki’s Karma failed, Kawaki lost the seal. After Isshiki comes to Konohagakure to finish what he started, Kawaki is protected by Naruto and Sasuke. However, the strongest ninjas in the village needed to fight an Ōtsutsuki, so Amado Sanzo, a scientist and an expert in Scientific Ninja Tools, decided to hide Kawaki in the underground facility. That moment is a prelude to Kawaki gaining Karma Seal back but with a different purpose this time.

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How does Kawaki get Karma after losing it?

Now that we know that Kawaki gets his Karma back after desperate attempts by Isshiki to seek his proper vessel after reincarnating himself through Jigen, Amado Sanzu has a huge role in the whole ordeal. His whole agenda was suspicious since the first time he appeared in Boruto, and his “helping” always came off wrong. After Amado hides Kawaki in the underground facility, the scientist explains to Kawaki that they shouldn’t let Isshiki mark Kawaki once again and wait until Jigen’s body dies out.

After expressing worry for his friend, Kawaki is furious with Amado and his whole calm demeanor in a dire situation. Amado explains to Kawaki that Boruto is invaluable to Isshiki and that he needs him to transform fully into Ōtsutsuki to ultimately sacrifice him to God Tree.

How and When Did Kawaki Get His Karma Back?
Amado manipulated Kawaki into getting a new arm.

Kawaki is rightfully furious, and Amado finds an opening and starts manipulating the stressed boy – he asks him if he feels useless not being able to protect anyone from his adoptive family.

Kawaki falls silent, and Amado pushes more and tells him that his prosthetic arm that runs on Naruto’s chakra is not as powerful as the one he can develop for him. At that moment, Kawaki feels that Naruto’s chakra is weakening due to fighting with Jigen/Isshiki.

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Amado offers Kawaki a newly restored arm he will use as his weapon, and Kawaki accepts, impacted by guilt and fear of being unable to protect the Uzumaki family.

Amado restores Kawaki’s real arm in the Code arc by cultivating it from the boy’s cell samples – Kawaki doesn’t know that Amado secretly applied a new Karma Seal on his body.

Amado was suspicious when he came to Konoha, but his meddling with Kawaki’s anatomy and actions made the scientist even more intriguing.

Where did Kawaki get his Karma mark?

We know that a scientist, Amado Sanzu restored Karma Seal to Kawaki’s body, but the question is where?

After Amado convinced scared Kawaki that his best chance of protecting the Seventh Hokage and the rest of Uzumakis lies in the newly restored left arm, the scientist planted a new Karma Seal without anyone knowing. Amado explained to Kawaki that he could use his left arm as before but only as a weapon because there was still Isshiki’s DNA in his body.

He never mentioned that Kawaki is in danger of being a vessel once again, and for that, Amado’s motivations in Konohagakure are turning slowly but surely suspicious.

How and When Did Kawaki Get His Karma Back?
Kawaki’s new Karma Seal arm is powerful, as shown in Boruto chapter 65.

Kawaki had already lost his arm before in the series, and from that point of the series, the young boy had a similar arm to Naruto, filled with Seventh Hokage chakra. However, Kawaki could replicate the same power he had with Isshiki’s Seal.

Amado used the vulnerable state of Konoha’s Seventh Hokage, his family, and young Kawaki for his gain and planted a new Karma Seal in Kawaki’s new left arm. Kawaki can use his new arm as a weapon, but he doesn’t know he has become a vessel to someone again.

Unbeknownst to Kawaki, Amado made the boy a vessel for someone, but who? Let’s find out!

Who is the Karma of Kawaki?

Before we speculate, we can “dish out” theories about who isn’t the holder of Kawaki’s Karma. Isshiki Ōtsutsuki isn’t the holder of the new Karma Seal since he died in the fight against Naruto. Isshiki lost all of his vessels when he resurrected Jigen’s damaged and weak body, and before he died, he applied White Karma to Code and transferred Ōtsutsuki Will to only the Inner of Kara left.

How and When Did Kawaki Get His Karma Back?
Amado wants to use the Karma Seal to resurrect his deceased daughter Akebi.

The only correct answer to this question is Amado Sanzu and his deceased daughter Akebi. Amado has quite a background; his whole life revolves around his daughter and her well-being. One day, Akebi contracted an incurable disease of unknown origin that no doctor could cure.

Amado is desperate and does everything in his power to save his daughter. Of course, desperate parents will do everything for their children, so Amado decided to create a clone of his daughter rather than waste time finding a cure.

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Meddling with someone’s health and life is never a good idea, and Amado learned the hard way – his daughter died nine months during clone development.

Amado was crushed but continued to find a way to clone his daughter. He preserved Akebi’s brain and implanted her memories in a new clone body, but it never worked out since the clone had the opposite personality from Akebi.

Amado failed multiple times and almost gave up until he met Jigen, who offered him resources for his experiments if he helped him to achieve his goal. Amado agreed to join Kara, and cloned bodies of his daughter became known as Delta. Eventually, Amado realizes Isshiki’s and Ōtsutsuki’s plan of destroying every living life on the planet and decides to work against him.

Of course, the scientist learns about the Ōtsutsuki vessels and Karma Seals and how one can resurrect through them. When Amado restored Kawaki’s left arm and Karma Seal, he implanted Akebi’s DNA data, so when Kawaki applied the Seal on the cloned body, Amado’s daughter would resurrect through it.

Ultimately, we can conclude that Amado Sanzu has a tragic story and, simultaneously, realize that Kawaki is just a pawn in the scientist’s path to his ultimate goal – to see his daughter Akebi alive once again.

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