Is Daredevil Gay, Bisexual, or Straight? What Is Marvel’s Canon?

Daredevil is among the most popular superheroes gracing the pages of Marvel comics. And like any popular character, fans become invested in their personal lives and everything in-between. In today’s post, we’re going to be discussing Daredevil’s sexuality. And while there are a lot of LGBTQ+ characters in the Marvel Universe, we can assure you that Daredevil is not of them. Now, before we continue reviewing Daredevil’s relationships, let’s answer the main question, Is Daredevil gay bisexual, or straight? What is Marvel’s canon regarding Daredevil’s sexuality?

Daredevil is straight. All of his notable romantic interestest have been with women and that goes for all forms of media into which Daredevil has been adapted as well. His love life in the comics is rather complicated and his romantic involvements with women seldom end up well. Currently, Daredevil is married to Elektra.

Now that you know what sexual orientation Daredevil is, it’s time to review briefly his history of romantic involvements. If you’re interested in finding out more about Daredevil’s numerous exhausting relationships, keep reading!

Who does Daredevil fall in love with?

Daredevil fell in love with numerous women since his first appearance. Most of his relationships were either bad for him, bad for the women involved, are downright toxic and exhausting. His most notable love interest are Karen Page, Heather Glenn, Kirsten McDuffie, Candace Nelson, Black Widow, Typhoid Mary, Black Cat, Echo, and Elektra.

Daredevil and Karen Page

Karen Page was Daredevil’s first love interest. The relationship started while she was a secretary in his law firm. While the relationship started well it eventually hit a rough patch after Daredevil decided to reveal his secret identity to her. Karen had problems with accepting that other, crucial part of him and the two broke up.

Daredevil will eventually come to regret his revelation in more ways than one. Karen sold his identity to Kingpin. She was going through a lot of things being an actress in the adult film industry and a heroin addict, it was a desperate move made by a desperate woman.

Even after everything that transpired between the two of them, they managed to reconcile only for Karen to be killed by Bullseye.

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Daredevil and Heather Glenn

Daredevil clearly has a penchant for problematic troubled women. This is further supported by his relationship with Heather Glenn. Heather Glenn was the daughter of Maxwell Glenn. Her father committed suicide which resulted in a downward spiral for Heather as well. Heather follows a similar pattern of action to Karen.

She becomes an alcoholic and eventually gives up Daredevil’s identity. Heather commits suicide and that puts a definitive stop to any kind of involvement between her and Daredevil.

The next relationship that followed was much healthier for Daredevil, and that was probably why Daredevil decided to end it.

Daredevil and Kirsten McDuffie

We were used to seeing Daredevil going after women that need saving, well in his relationship with Kirsten McDuffie, he was the one that needed saving. Kirsten saved Daredevil from a murder conviction, but the two broke up because Daredevil decided to put her safety first. He realized that person like Kirsten, a cheerful positive woman shouldn’t be exposed to his other, secret life.

Daredevil dated Foggy’s sister

Daredevil’s friendship with Foggy Nelson is one of the healthiest relationships that he ever had, in a romantic sense though, it was the other Nelson sibling that daredevil set his sight on. Daredevil went on a few dates with Candance Nelson. Nothing came out of it, their involvement was a pure plot device and nothing more.

Daredevil and Black Widow used to date

Daredevil dated Black Widow at one point in time, and although she is a dangerous woman, and the relationship was unsustainable they managed to stay great friends. The couple is still remembered fondly by fans.

As you can see by just these few examples, Daredevil constantly went after women who were bad for him. That’s part of his character I guess, his tragic love past ties in well with his tragic past overall. And while everything looked bleak, Daredevil managed to settle down at last. At least for now that is.

Who does Daredevil marry?

Although he has been married before to Milla Donovan, currently, Daredevil is married to Elektra. Elektra is one of his most iconic and longest love interests. Of curse the relationship itself is unstable and Elektra is unpredictable and violent. Everything that Daredevil is not. Opposites attract I guess.
Daredevil and Elektra get married while trying to rebuild the Fist in Daredevil #4.

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And that’s about it. As you can see Marvel’s canon is that Daredevil is straight through and through. Most of his relationships have either been toxic, exhausting, and bad for him or bad for the person involved with him. That’s just the price of being a superhero I guess. Daredevil is currently Elektra (one of his most problematic love interests if you as me) we’ll see how it will turn out after the honeymoon phase is over.

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