Is Dimple Dead in Mob Psycho 100? What Happened to Him?

is dimple dead

The Divine Tree arc had fans hooked, but it also brought a tragic twist of fate that many viewers didn’t see coming. Dimple has become a favorite for many anime lovers, and his character saw some massive developments up until this arc. However, the ending sequence had many fans in tears, wondering if Dimple is really dead in Mob Psycho 100.

Dimple sacrificed himself in order to save Mob, lifting the Divine Tree from the city with the last of his energy. He appears to be consumed by the Divine Tree in the process, losing his form. But, Dimple is expected to make a return later down the Mob Psycho 100 storyline, initially without having a physical form.

While Dimple’s disappearance left many Mob Psycho 100 fans believing he is gone for good, there may be hope for this classic ‘frenemy’ character in the future. Stick around to find out exactly what happened to Dimple in Mob Psycho 100, if he is actually dead, as well as if he will return to Mob Psycho 100 in future releases.

What Happened to Dimple in Mob Psycho 100?

Dimple has come a really long way from his world-dominating ways, now being one of Mob Psycho 100’s most integral and influential characters. His friendship with Shigeo saw some massive developments as well, especially considering that Shigeo was the one to first defeat him and put a stop to his sinister plans.

While Dimple has brought a whirlwind of humor and tons of comedic relief moments, he is still incredibly complex – all he ever truly wanted was a friend, which he confesses to Shigeo after their initial fight. He is capable of far more than he often lets on, although he is typically known for being the butt of the joke and taking on hilarious shapes or expressions for the sake of comedy.

dimple shigeo

However, Dimple begins developing a god complex at the beginning of the Divine Tree arc, starting to replicate his previous tendencies. He wanted to be a team with Mob and rule the world using the power of the Divine Tree (also known as the “broccoli tree” or “giant broccoli”), but Mob ignores his plans causing Dimple to feel rejected and isolated.

Instead, Dimple then begins gaining power on his own by collecting the Divine Tree’s energy and impersonating Shigeo in order to become a powerful figure. He successfully brainwashed the citizens and other Mob Psycho 100 characters, including Ritsu and Reigen. The entire situation goes back and forth, but it ultimately leads to Dimple trying to protect Mob from the Divine Tree.

Dimple & the Divine Tree

Mob Psycho 100’s Divine Tree arc flaunts a really complex conclusion, primarily focusing on Dimple. Dimple not only uses some huge character development, coming full circle, but he also manages to engage in possibly the best fighting scene in the entire Mob Psycho 100 series – at least, according to many fans.


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Dimple is quite badly beaten by the end of this intense battle, missing some of his body parts. Shigeo depletes all of his powers making him incapable of fighting, and it’s up to Dimple to finish off the new opponent. Dimple hypnotizes Mob in order to send him home while defeating the enemy and carrying it to the ocean using the last of his energy.

This entire scene is incredibly heart-wrenching, as it seems Dimple keeps his chosen fate to himself before being swallowed by the Divine Tree. To have a look at the moments leading up to Dimple’s ambiguous death, check out the video below by DioKujo.

He appears to be eaten alive by the divine tree, which is represented in the manga as well as seen below thanks to a Mob Psycho 100 fan on Quora, giving the impression that he is dead. Although, the tree is raised and carried to the ocean, implying that Dimple still had some level of control – at least, on a subconscious level.

dimple death

Mob does not appear to remember anything that happened the night before, but he seems to recall remnants of the previous night’s events while he and his brother watch the news. The news broadcast shows the tree flying through the sky, and he seems to feel a sense of deep loss and gratitude for his friend.

Is Dimple Dead in Mob Psycho 100?

With this type of scene and no concrete explanation, many fans have begun believing that Dimple is dead in Mob Psycho 100 – potentially a tragic end to the dorky green spirit that brought so much joy and life to the Mob Psycho 100 story. However, a quick look at Dimple’s nature and abilities can give us far more context in order to figure out if he is actually dead.

dimple eaten

The ending scene of Dimple waving goodbye is pretty ambiguous, and there are no final words exchanged between the two friends. It really gives the impression that Dimple has chosen to sacrifice himself, choosing to end his arc with heroism and bravery.

Much to many fans’ relief, Dimple may not actually be dead in Mob Psycho 100. Many fans believe that Dimple simply needed to fade away until he could regenerate enough power and energy to return to his original form.

When Will Dimple Come Back in Mob Psycho 100?

Dimple disappearing is definitely sad to see, especially considering how important he is to Mob Psycho 100 main characters as well as fans worldwide. However, this may provide a good change of pace for Mob and others, and there is still hope knowing that Dimple will likely return when the timing is just right.

That being said, it’s worth mentioning the differences between the Mob Psycho 100 manga and the anime series, here, as Dimple’s fate may differ in these two forms. While Dimple may appear to be dead in the Mob Psycho 100 anime series, he still lives on in the Mob Psycho 100 manga – returning a while after the events in the Psycho Helmet Cult arc.


Dimple makes a reappearance in Mob Psycho 100 chapter 100, at least confirming that he is still alive – although without his classic form. He briefly manifests in order to save Mob after he is injured in a car accident. At the same moment, Dimple keeps Mob alive until he can use his powers of healing in order to help him recover.

He is then unable to manifest once again for quite some time, only showing up later in the arc where he explains that he saved Mob. Dimple them manifests fully for the rest of the Mob Psycho 100 series, sticking by Mob’s side throughout all of his battles and adventures.

Given that there are often differences between anime series and manga formats, there may be varying details as the anime progresses. However, many Mob Psycho 100 fans believe that Dimple will return by the end of the Mob Psycho 100 ??? Arc. Still, there’s quite a lot to get through before Dimple’s full return hits our screens, so Shigeo and Reigen will be moving forward with Dimple in spirit form for the time being.

That’s everything there is to know about Dimple and his possible death in Mob Psycho 100, with images thanks to Anime Senpai. Although Mob Psycho 100 fans were heartbroken to see this beloved character fade away, we can all rest easy knowing that he is probably alive and safe out there somewhere, with the chance of returning to the Mob Psycho 100 storyline sometime in the future.

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