Is Denji Immortal & Can He Die in Chainsaw Man?

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One of Shounen Jump’s most recent and popular manga just got an anime adaptation that is also getting a lot of attention from fans and newcomers. Chainsaw Man is already a fan favorite for its many themes, interesting characters, and the amount of blood and gore it has. The Chainsaw Man himself ends up having a lot of his blood spilled through his many battles, leaving a lot of the audience asking if the main character Denji is immortal and can he die in Chainsaw Man?

Denji is an immortal character in Chainsaw Man. After he became a hybrid and turned himself into a half-demon he became immortal just like any other devil. However, he is killable since completely destroying his devil heart will eventually lead to his death. This will prove difficult because despite being killable, Denji is very strong and he is able to quickly recover from many fatal wounds.

At this point, Denji is a very strong character and has many capabilities and even more room to grow, but how exactly did he get this way and how immortal is he? Let’s dive a little deeper and see how is Denji immortal in Chainsaw Man.

Is Denji Really Immortal in Chainsaw Man?


In Chainsaw Man, Denji becomes a hybrid, meaning he is a demon and a human a the same time, thus giving him devil powers. In the series, hybrids are known to be immortal, as in they will live forever if capable, but can be killed. Denji is shown to have these abilities just as the other hybrids that appear in the series such as Quanxi and Reze. Even though they are killable, it is very hard and complicated to do so, making them almost invincible.

Denji became a hybrid in Chainsaw Man after dealing with the Zombie Devil that was hired by the gang Denji was working for. Denji and this devil had a fight, eventually leading to the death of Denji and his fellow pet demon Pochita, which resembled a chainsaw dog. After being dismembered, Denji’s body ends up dropping blood into Pochita’s mouth, connecting both of them and making it so Denji unconsciously made a pact with Pochita, turning him into a hybrid and the Chainsaw Devil, one of the strongest devils in the series.


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How Can Denji Die in Chainsaw Man?

Denji is half-demon in Chainsaw Man and practically immortal, but there are ways to kill him or incapacitate him. Here are some things that could possibly end the life of a human and devil hybrid.

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Cutting Their Head Off

In Chainsaw Man, someone could eventually cut a hybrid’s head off to seize all of his movements and erase their connection to their heart, thus ending their life. However, this method could be reversed since it has been proven in the manga that reigniting their devil part by activating its specific “trigger” can bring them back to life. In Denji’s case, it would be pulling the cord in his chest, or in Quanxi’s case, the arrow in her eye.

Destroy Their Power Source

This is not confirmed in the Chainsaw Man lore, but it is believed that a hybrid can be completely killed off if you take away what gives them their power and connection to the original devil. As an example, Denji’s power and life source is his heart, which is actually Pochita. Taking him away from Denji or completely destroying him could eventually kill Denji for good.

Entirely Disposing of The Hybrid’s Body

It is also possible in Chainsaw Man to find a way to completely destroy a body to ensure it is not coming back. As we see in the final battles of the manga, to make sure Makima does not come back as is gone and dead for good, Denji uses her body to make meat and eat it, thus disposing of her body in the way he thought would definitely work.


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Did Denji Die in Chainsaw Man?

In the Chainsaw Man manga, Denji never ended up dying, but got close to death numerous times, always getting up and coming back some way or another.


One time he even came so close to death, while Makima was going after Pochita, he needed Power to come back through the blood given by her to Denji and save him. This was possible because Power’s blood was resting in Denji and led her to have a conversation with Pochita, who gave a part of himself to Power to get powerful enough to protect Denji. To completely save Denji, Power also needed to have Denji make a pact with her own devil, the Blood Devil.

Even though Denji is basically invincible, it is important to be alert for him as there are lots of strong characters in Chainsaw Man that could pottencialy kill him. As we wait for new episodes of the anime while checking out some anime like Chainsaw Man, we should really hope for Denji to achieve his dreams and live the life he always wanted.

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