Is Makima Really Dead in Chainsaw Man? Who Killed Her & Will She Be Back?

makima chainsaw man

Alongside Denji and Power, Makima is the central character in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. She seemed to be a very odd protagonist, but she turned out to be a major antagonist in the series, whose story ended with Part 1 of the manga. Or did it? This article is going to focus on Makima as we are going to determine whether she is really dead in Chainsaw Man, i.e., whether the ending of Part 1 is truly the end of Makima’s tale and whether there is a chance that she might come back at one point.

As far as it is known now, Makima is permanently dead. Makima was actually the Control Devil this whole time and the ‘Makima’ persona died when Denji killed her. The Control Devil, of course, survived and came back in the form of Nayuta, who is now being raised by Denji to avoid another Makima-like character appearing in the series.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Makima’s fate after her final clash against Denji. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article is going to contain a lot of spoilers so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

Is Makima dead in Chainsaw Man?

In the last chapters of Manga Part 1, Makima and Denji faced off for the very last time. About twenty members of public security hover after her, chains forming and pulling away from their chests, attaching them to Makima. Makima wraps her damaged palm over Denji’s mouth and holds it there for a few seconds. Before he swiftly removes her head, Makima removes the cord from Denji’s breast and gives him a salute.

Makima resists the pull of blood ties as Denji strikes again. Makima blocks Denji’s attack and strikes him in the face, knocking him back while Denji swipes at her with his right arm. Denji then tries to hit her again with his left arm but misses when he does.

Another chained Public Security agent receives the wound, and as Makima heals, he is cut open. As Denji is injured, Makima launches a barrage of punches, striking him repeatedly in the chest until finally succeeding in removing hr head. Before Denji hits her in the chest, Makima kicks him in the jaw, forcing him back as her head returns again.

Chapter 71 Title Page

Denji’s left arm is destroyed as Makima’s head reattaches and strikes one of Denji’s arms, sending her right arm flying away. As a chainsaw comes from Denji’s leg and he kicks her, she is prepared to kick him once again. Makima turns around and punches a hole through Denji’s as her lower body and torso soon fuse together.

Before kicking him once again and ripping through him while ripping both of his arms off, she turns to him and grabs a bit of the gut that is oozing out of him. Makima pulls Pochita with her right arm while holding Denji maimed. She informs Denji that even though she only used her bare fists, she still defeated him and that he wasn’t a chainsaw guy as she carefully removes Pochita from his body.


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She questions how she managed to convince Chainsaw Man to entirely give up his life and how she will never be able to get him back. Makima informs Denji that Chainsaw Man didn’t spit in people’s faces after he spits in her face. She continues by saying that Chainsaw Man messed up whatever he did and neither wore clothes nor spoke.

Denji, she claims, was always selected to be the chainsaw man despite all of his ignorance, and he must perish while obstructing Makima from the Chainsaw Man. Denji drops to the ground as Makima stands over him, staring at Pochita. As Denji is bleeding she walks away.

Denji eventually emerges behind Makima and dons an oversized police outfit. When Makima notices him, he approaches her and strikes her with a chainsaw. While bleeding, Makima gasps in amazement and confusion and falls to his knees as Denji stands over her.

Denji informs Makima that he would take Pochita back and exclaims that she has finally let her defenses down. He says that what he just did was risky and that he has used up all of the blood Power granted him as part of their pact as he kneels down and picks up Pochita. Denji responds that Makima was fighting Pochita the entire time and that he had a vague recollection of how Pochita was able to stand up. Makima inquires as to how Denji was still alive.

Denji tells Makima that the chainsaw he used was made from Power’s blood, and he let it “run wild” within her. Denji responds by saying he didn’t think he could defeat her with such a crude item when Makima remarks, “It’s barely enough to…” Denji exclaims, joyfully, that Kishibe was coming to take them away as a van drives up behind him. He then apologizes to Makima before turning the chainsaw on her. He then kills Makima and, later, proceeds to eat her as to prevent her from resurrecting.

Who killed Makima?

As the previous section stated, Makima was ultimately killed by Denji. This was a very ironic thing from her perspective, as she had trained Denji to be her loyal pet from the moment they met. Still, Denji was shocked when Makima killed Power and also tried to fulfill her dream of joining the Chainsaw Devil, which is why he ultimately struck her down and ate her. It was, though, out of love, as Denji did not grow to hate Makima, even after everything that happened.

Will Makima be back in Chainsaw Man?

The future of the Chainsaw Man manga is currently unknown so we don’t have a definitive answer to this question. Namely, Makima is definitely dead and the Control Devil has resurrected in the form of Nayuta, a young girl. This would make Makima, as a character, quite redundant. But, it wouldn’t be strange for such an important character – as Makima really did play an important role in Denji’s life – to make a return, as it is something relatively common in the world of anime and manga.


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Still, we don’t know how much Chainsaw Man is going to follow shonen traditions, which is we cannot give you a definitive answer. As things stand now, Makima won’t be coming back, but we cannot rule it out (even if it’s just in the form of a flashback).

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