Did Hinata Really Die in ‘Boruto’? Here Is What Happened to Her

Hinata dies

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This article will be all about Hinata Hyūga and her apparent death. After introducing you to the character, we will explain the controversial scene from Naruto: Shippuden, where she almost died, and explain her status in the Boruto series. We’ve prepared a lot of interesting info for you, so keep reading to the end!

  • Article breakdown:
  • Hinata does not die in Naruto: Shippuden; she is healed after being stabbed by Pain.
  • In Boruto, Hinata’s status is as of yet unknown. In the present, Hinata is still alive. Still, a scene from the future that showed Boruto fighting Kawaki suggested that a lot of old Naruto characters – including Naruto himself, Sasuke, and Hinata – are, in fact, dead, but that has not been confirmed nor denied in-universe.

Does Hinata die in Naruto: Shippuden?

Although we know that not all people like the character of Hinata Hyūga, she survived a potentially fatal stabbing wound in Naruto: Shippuden and is still present, although not heavily featured in the later stories. She gave birth to Boruto at one point, so it’s only natural that she has survived the events of Naruto: Shippuden; in any other case, she would not have been able to be Boruto’s mother, right?

So, why do people even ask this question? The answer lies within Hinata’s encounter with Pain that happened during the Pain’s Assault arc that aired from episodes 152 to 175, or – if you prefer the manga – happened between chapters 413 and 453.

When and why does Pain stab Hinata?

While Naruto fights Pain and faces defeat, Hinata comes to help him and protect him from the villain. In episode 166, titled “Confession,” Hinata decides to fight back against Pain using her Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists technique but is soon overpowered by Pain’s Deva Path technique.

Pain wonders why Hinata would go to such lengths to protect Naruto, more so since she knew she would be killed if she continued fighting. Hinata explains that she would never give up, as it is her nindo to which Pain reacts with an attack, sending Hinata in the air and pulling her down on the ground.

He then uses one of his blades and brutally stabs the already wounded Hinata in front of Naruto. Thinking she was dead, Naruto transformed into his Version 2 form and fought Pain, but he did not know that Hinata actually survived. She was later found and healed by Neji from Team Guy.


When Did Naruto Propose to Hinata? What Exactly Happened?

Does Hinata die in Boruto?

As of today, the answer to this question remains a mystery. Namely, in the present timeline, Hinata, Boruto’s mother, is still alive, as well as Naruto and Sasuke. So, the answer would be – no, she does not die in Boruto. But, writer and creator Masashi Kishimoto said in an interview that either Naruto or Hinata would be featured in Boruto, suggesting that one of them would die while the other would live.

This interview’s got fans speculating and forming theories ever since, with the most plausible one being that Hinata would be the one to die simply because Naruto was too important and powerful to be killed off so easily. Nevertheless, we do no know what Kishimoto has planned for his character, so this is just speculation.

The first scene from the Boruto anime, which gives us a glimpse into the future, is when an older Boruto Uzumaki faces an opponent named Kawaki during the destruction of his village. This future is dark, and it does seem that neither Naruto nor Sasuke are present during the fight. This also led people to believe that if Naruto was dead, Hinata would also be dead without a doubt.

But, as the ending of the first part of the manga revealed, Hinata and Naruto are not dead in Boruto. Namely, in the manga, Kawaki tried to kill Boruto once, but Momoshiki saved Boruto. Kawaki did not try to kill Boruto because he hated him but because he realized that the world had to be rid of the Otsutsuki, as they were incredibly dangerous. Since Boruto was a vessel for Momoshiki Otsutsuki, Kawaki decided to kill him.

When he found out Boruto had survived – as Momoshiki saved his life – he did not give up but changed his plan. After a while, he visited Naruto and Hinata in their home. He then told them that he loved them like his own parents and Boruto like a brother, but he explained that, due to being a vessel of Momoshiki, Boruto had to die and would do everything it took to kill him.

Naruto and Hinata, of course, objected and wanted to confront Kawaki. Still, he then used Daikokuten, which was, ironically, an Otsutsuki technique, to seal them away in a separate dimension, telling them that he would bring them back once his job was done, even if they ended up killing him afterward. So, as you can see, Naruto and Hinata are not dead – they have been taken to a different dimension, where they are in a state of slumber, so to speak. They are undoubtedly alive, and Kawaki, as it seems, has no intention of killing them; he only wishes to get them out of the way until he kills Boruto.


When Did Naruto Propose to Hinata? What Exactly Happened?

And while Kawaki’s plan is undoubtedly noble, his methods of execution are not, and we cannot really say anything to diminish his responsibility here, in this case. Naruto and Hinata will most certainly return to the series, although we cannot tell you when that is going to happen.

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