Is Hinata Dead and How Did She Die?

Hinata dies

The death of a beloved character known to the fans from Naruto came as a shock to some. However, Naruto was never the most predictable story. There are many theories about her death, although her fate has been confirmed in Boruto.

Hinata dies in Boruto, while in Naturo she still lives. She dies while protecting her husband and son at the time of the destruction of Konoha. Naruto and Hinata both disappear while defending Boruto. She is not killed by Pain in Naruto due to the fact she was healed and resurrected.

This might come across as confusing, as Naruto often is due to the huge number of episodes. But no worries, because here you can find all you need to know in one place!

Is Hinata dead?

Without pain and misery, the lead character cannot survive, which is why characters such as Hinata, Sasuke, and Kakashi perish in Boruto. So why does Hinata die in Boruto? 

For starters, she has an emotional bond with her son Boruto, and she has always been there for him while Naruto was away, and she is cute and kind, which is why when Kawaki or anyone else kills her, it will undoubtedly cause his son’s fierce emotions. 

In episode 168, Pain did not kill her. Sakura would not have had to cure her if she had died. 

Hinata was only cured when she had been stabbed by Pain. Many people perished and were resurrected at the time.


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Kakashi, Shizune, and Fukasaku were reborn and did not need medical attention. As a result, Hinata never died. 

In Season 8 (episode 168), she confesses to Naruto that she has always loved him and will die to protect him. When Pain „kills“ her, Naruto turns into his Nine-Tails form. He beats Pain, and Pain resurrects all who died during his attack. Sakura took Hinata back and cured her and if she hadn’t, Hinata would probably die.

How did Hinata die?

Is Hinata Dead And How Did She Die?

Many fans believed that the Jougan was really Byakugan, who was transplanted from Hinata after her death.  Aside from this “theory”, there are other theories floating about, such as Hinata dying while defending Boruto during Naruto’s absence. 

While Hinata’s death can serve as a catalyst for Boruto’s development, nothing has been confirmed when the fans made their own theories. Boruto anime is only in its early stages. 

Kawaki, who lives with Boruto and Naruto, will be in charge of training him. Boruto’s creators seem to be setting the tone for a Boruto vs. Kawaki showdown, with Kawaki ultimately returning like Sasuke. 

Naruto is teaching Kawaki while also assisting him with everyday chores. But how does this apply to Hinata Hyuga?  To understand the relationship between Hinata and Kawaki, it is necessary you first understand the relationship between Kushina Uzumaki and Obito Uchiha. 


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Obito was a classmate of Minato Namikaze, and guess what, Obito was the one responsible for Kushina’s death, which happened after Naruto arrived in the country. Of course, somewhere down the way, Naruto was responsible for Kushina’s death because Obito was waiting for Kushina to get pregnant. 

Moving on, the same thing could happen with Naruto and Hinata, according to the forecast. Hinata would undoubtedly be in the village when Konoha is completely destroyed. Hinata will do everything she can to defend her husband and son Boruto. 

As a result, she will interfere in the war in the same way she did against Pain. But this time, both Naruto and Hinata can perish when defending Boruto. Boruto was found with a cut on his right eye and a Byakugan? As a result, we can conclude that the Byakugan belonged to Hinata. 

This was confirmed officially. As the series goes on, the storyline needs to have conflict and consequences. That is, after all, what makes a good story. As a result, certain characters will die, and others will have no plot at all. 

How did Pain kill Hinata?

Hinata was never killed by Pain. In Naruto Shippuden episode 166, Pain only severely injures Hinata when he uses his Universal Push. Hinata became unconscious as a result, but she recovered after Sakura used her medicinal Jutsu. 

Hinata should not perish in the Boruto manga or anime and is currently in good health. However, she will die later to protect her children while Naruto is away. 

Hinata got lucky because Nagato was so preoccupied with Naruto that he didn’t even look at her when he stabbed her, and therefore missed a key spot. That is, after all, the manga version. 

In the anime, his focus was blurred by the mud, his thoughts were on Naruto, and he didn’t even target for something significant. He just missed. It happens to the most powerful ones, right? Hinata, on the other side, would be dead if it weren’t for the medical interference. 

Is Hinata actually dead?

Is Hinata Dead And How Did She Die?

Hinata is a kunoichi and former Hyuga clan heiress. Her father disinherited her because he doubted she was capable of juggling the duties of running the clan, let alone life as a ninja. Nonetheless, Hinata persisted, and in Naruto Uzumaki, in particular, Hinata saw both as an example to imitate in order to be more assertive, as well as a person to admire.

Hinata, as a Hyga, owns the Byakugan, a Jutsu that gives her penetrative vision in a nearly 360° circle around herself. She will use it to aid the other members of Team 8 with their daily monitoring duties, scouting the area for their target(s); by aiming her eyes in a single direction, 

Hinata can see through large distances, reaching as far away as 20 kilometers by The Last: Naruto the Movie. Her Byakugan allows her attacks to be pinpoint accurate, something she can share with others to help them develop their own. Hinata’s Byakugan is revealed in the anime to have infrared vision. 

Boruto has a scar above his left eye in episode one. We don’t know how, but he presumably went through some dangerous and secret training, close to how Naruto spent two and a half years with Pervy Sage.  Another excuse was that he may have left Konoha was to meet Mitsuki, much as Naruto did with Sasuke. 

He couldn’t have only had the Byakugan because he’s more on Naruto’s side, while Himawari is more on Hinata’s side or the next Byakugan Princess’s side. As a result, Boruto is unable to procure the Byakugan. 

So, if he didn’t get it from Hinata, the only other person who might have given it to him would have to be Himawari, Hiashi, or Hanabi, and I doubt Hanabi, Hiashi, or Himawari would have been present when he lost his eye. 

However, unfortunately, it is stated that Hinata would certainly be in the village when Konoha is absolutely killed. Hinata will do everything she can to defend her husband and son Boruto. As a result, she will interfere in the war in the same way she did against Pain. 

But this time, both Naruto and Hinata can perish when defending Boruto. Boruto was seen with a cut on his right eye and a Byakugan remember? As a consequence, we can infer that the Byakugan belonged to Hinata. 

That said, the spin-off is off to a fast start, with a couple of unforgettable stories and some stellar animation, leaving fans to ask whether Boruto will possibly be better than the original. That is something you can decide for yourselves!