Where and in What Dimension Did Kawaki Send Naruto To in Chapter 77?

Where Did Kawaki Send Naruto To in Chapter 77?

The relationship between Kawaki and the Uzumaki family is a very interesting one. Kawaki was, namely, raised by Naruto as his own son and he developed a brotherly bond with Boruto; Kawaki will later unite with Boruto to solve the mystery of the Kāma, since both of them are vessels of that seal. Yet, in Chapter 66 of the Boruto manga, Kawaki fought with Boruto and punched a hole through his chest, leaving him – as it seems – for dead. Boruto survived but that realization enraged Kawaki so much that in Chapter 77, he vowed to kill Boruto because he is Momoshiki’s vessel. Naruto and Hinata said they would stop him but Kawaki then locked them inside a strange dimension. In this article, we are going to tell you what happened in Chapter 77 of Boruto.

In Chapter 77 of the Boruto manga, Kawaki revealed his plan to destroy the Ōtsutsuki, including Momoshiki, who is trapped inside Boruto, even if it meant that he had to kill Boruto. Naruto and Hinata, of course, said they would stop him, but Kawaki then used the Daikokuten to temporarily send and seal Naruto and Hinata in an unknown dimension.

The rest of this article is going to give you additional details on what happened in Chapter 77 of the Boruto manga, especially in relation to what Kawaki did to Naruto and Hinata. We now know what happened, so we can confirm that we are going to tell you more details about the circumstances surrounding the events that led to their sudden disappearance.

What happened in Boruto Chapter 77?

Although not directly, Boruto‘s Chapter 77 is a continuation of the shocking events from Chapter 66 of Boruto, in which Kawaki seemingly killed Boruto because Momoshiki was living inside of him. It was not clear then, but in Chapter 77, it was revealed why Kawaki did what he did and why the realization that Boruto survived actually depressed him so much. In this chapter, Kawaki outrightly clashed with Boruto, but he was actually provoking Momoshiki to come out. Since that never happened, he left but would return later.

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After telling the guards to let him go because he wants to talk to Naruto, Kawaki enters Uzumaki’s residence and surprises both Naruto and Hinata. He tells Naruto they need to talk seriously, and the Seventh Hokage agrees to talk to him. What happened next was a truly shocking turn of events and was actually an explanation of Kawaki’s behavior, although everything started quite normally, with Kawaki confessing to Naruto that he loves, respects, and will do anything in his power to protect him.


Naruto is concerned about Kawaki’s state of mind and questions where those words are coming from. Kawaki answers that his resolve is made and that he will do anything to protect his true father figure. The boy then adds that Naruto is too good for their world, so he will be the first to die. It doesn’t help that he is also a shinobi who lives by a code and will most likely sacrifice himself for others and won’t survive against the Ōtsutsuki.

Naruto is, understandably, overwhelmed by Kawaki’s words, but the boy keeps talking and reveals his true plan – he will hunt every single member of Ōtsutsuki and kill them with their own powers. Hinata and Naruto notice the word “every,” which suggests that Kawaki also intends to kill their son Boruto to prevent Momoshiki from taking over his body. Hinata slaps Kawaki, but Kawaki repeats what he decided – he will complete his goal and protect Naruto, even if it means his family will hate him for the rest of their lives.

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Naruto vows that he will have to go through him to kill his son, which prompts Kawaki to activate the Daikokuten and send Naruto and Hinata to another dimension. Although it was a shock, Kawaki revealed that he simply wanted to protect them without hurting them physically. Now that we know that happened, we can continue with our text.

How did Kawaki seal off Naruto and Hinata?

The technique that Kawaki used to seal off Naruto and Hinata is called Daikokuten and is actually a technique used by Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, and a technique that Kawaki can use thanks to his connection to Isshiki Ōtsutsuki (yes, the irony is quite obvious). In a dimension where time does not flow, the approach enables the user to store objects that they had previously shrunk in size using Sukunahikona. They are available for retrieval at any time, and the user can enlarge them for a variety of uses. Sasuke Uchiha utilizing the Sharingan, Naruto Uzumaki using Sage Mode of the Six Paths in conjunction with Kurama Mode, and Koji Kashin using Sage Mode were all caught off guard by the objects’ rapid release and expansion.

Isshiki and Kawaki’s most popular items appear to be a collection of black stakes that fire like projectiles and sizable black cubes that they can freely control and have the power to impair sensory capacities. The technique’s name is derived from Daikokuten, the earth god who is associated with farming, farmers, abundance, wealth, control over floods, and cooking. It has an Indian origin, and fortune is the virtue it is linked to. The Japanese word for Mahakala, one of Shiva’s names, is Daikokuten.

Where did Kawaki send Naruto and Hinata?

The answer to this question is not known at this moment. As we have explained, Kawaki has the ability to send anyone to a special dimension where time stands still. He can also summon them back thanks to that same ability, which he got from Isshiki Ōtsutsuki and his unnamed dōjutsu. As it seems now, Kawaki does not plan to keep Naruto and Hinata in there, he just moved them out of the way so he could kill Boruto, i.e., Momoshiki; it seems that he plans on calling them back later after his job is done. What the dimension looks like is currently unknown and we’ll probably have to wait for a later chapter to find out what Naruto’s and Hinata’s dimension looked like.

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