Is Kanjuro Dead, What Happened to Him & Who Killed Him?

Is Kanjuro Dead, What Happened to Him & Who Killed Him?

Kanjuro is a Wano Country samurai and a former friend of Kin’emon and Momonosuke. He was a servant of the Kozuki Family. He was captured by the Donquixote Doflamingo Pirates, before being freed during the Dressrosa Arc. He was also one of the Nine Red Scabbards, as was initially thought. However, it was all a lie. It will later be revealed that he is a spy working for Kurozumi Orochi, which enraged his former allies. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Kanjuro died in One Piece and what actually happened to him in the series.

After his betrayal had become public knowledge, Kanjuro stopped pretending and outwardly attacked his former allies, wounding and even causing the death of some of them. Ultimately, though, he faced his curtain during the fight with Kin’emon, one of the Nine Red Scabbards, who managed to strike down Kanjuro and kill him, as he was a much more skilled swordfighter than him.

In the rest of this article, we are going to give you more details about Kanjuro and his death at the hands of Kin’emon during the Wano Country Arc. You’re going to find out what exactly happened and also why it happened, as we are going to analyze Kanjuro’s character and story. Some spoilers will certainly be present so be careful how you approach the article.

Is Kanjuro dead in One Piece? What happened to him?

When the Fire Festival was about to begin, the Nine Red Scabbards, Kozuki Momonosuke, and Shinobu arrived at Udon Harbor only to see the place destroyed, empty, and in extremely stormy weather. Kanjuro then began to wonder where all of his allies were and what could have happened to them. Despite what happened, the Red Scabbards remained determined to continue the attack, since they knew they would not have another chance.

As they advanced on the boat, Kin’emon came to accept that there must be a traitor among them due to how easily the new plan had been discovered. Kanjuro then excitedly admitted his true identity. Before the disbelief of his companions, Kanjuro mocked his naivete, also showing himself openly before the ships of the Beasts Pirates that had arrived at the place.

Seeing that, Kin’emon cut it quickly, only to discover that the real Kanjuro was on the shore after holding Momomosuke and the cut thing was one of his paintings. At first, Kanjuro was happy about it, but he was surprised when the Straw Hat Pirates, the Heart Pirates, and the Kid Pirates showed up at the scene. Kanjuro was very surprised when Kyoshiro arrived and revealed himself as Denjiro. He was also stunned when Denjiro explained that the rebels gathered at Habu Port instead of Tokage Port.


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He later became enraged at Kin’emon when Denjiro assumed that he had said the wrong port to fool the spy. Despite all this Kanjuro focused on fleeing, flying with Momonosuke in a drawn crane after momentarily repelling Kawamatsu. After stating that he would kill Kozuki Hiyori and laughing at the futile attempts by his enemies and his leader, Kanjuro headed to Onigashima with the patriarch of the Kozuki family.

At some point, Momonosuke tried to escape, so Kanjuro brutally incapacitated him. He finally got to Orochi and Kaidou and handed over Momonosuke to them. He also informed them that the plan to stop Kozuki’s revolution had failed. Kanjuro created an army with his powers and confronted his former teammates at the rear entrance of Onigashima.

After taunting them and explaining Momonosuke’s failed escape attempt and how his execution was proceeding, Kanjuro confronted Kikunojo. He was ultimately defeated and left bleeding on the ground, and Kin’emon solemnly dropped her hat on his head as a show of respect. Despite his defeat, Kikunojo failed to kill him, so Kanjuro eventually regained consciousness despite being fatally wounded. With the remaining forces, he had he created an ink copy of Kozuki Oden, arriving with it at the Red Scabbards posing as the real one.

He initially got most of them to believe him but both Ashura Doji and Raizo claimed that he must be an impostor, leading to the chaos stabbing Ashura. Upon being discovered he claimed that he would kill Momonosuke as he made his way to him, using the Oden clone explosives that ended up engulfing Ashura as he was pushed out of the room.

Who killed Kanjuro?

Kanjuro arrived at the warehouse, where Momonosuke was with Shinobu, Kin’emon, and Kikunojo. Before entering, he wrapped himself in another Oden costume in an attempt to impersonate Oden again. Kikunojo became furious because of this and launched an attack on Kanjuro, who kept the role of Oden the whole time and finally made Kiku doubt her when he mentioned how Oden took her and Izou in when they were children.

This allowed Kanjuro to impale Kiku’s chest with his sword, and her Oden disguise then dissipated as he laughed triumphantly at having been able to settle the fatal wound she had caused him. As Kin’emon picked up Kiku and spoke to her, Kanjuro readied her brush to strike him, but Kin’emon drew his sword and hit Kanjuro with a deep diagonal cut across the chest.

As he fell to the ground with fatal wounds, Kanjuro laughed and commented how appropriate it was that the man who had been his closest companion “on stage” had been the one to bring him down.

Later, dying, he was talking to Orochi, who noticed his condition, congratulating him on his performance and telling him that his ancestors were not happy and that they needed him to paint something spectacular, asking him to paint the incandescent anger of the Kurozumi so that he could see his clan’s revenge, wiping out everyone and sending Onigashima to hell. Kanjuro accepted and painted a monstrous entity (called Kazenbo) saying that he would give the final performance to his clan. Shortly after creating the painting of him, Kanjuro reached his limit and ended up dying from his injuries.

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